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Roderich continued on the trail until the trail turned into a path, the path curved onto a road, and the road led to town. He wouldn't admit it to himself, but he did get lost a couple times, and it was really late before he got back. Of course Vash's house was, like, miles away from any sort of civilization. He'd be too close to people and have to socialize or something horrible like that. The brunette wondered how his friend stayed sane. Considering how trigger-happy Vash was it was a legitimate question.

Roderich, however, missed culture. He hated every second he was away on a hunt because that meant those were seconds he couldn't spend surrounded by the music and art that he so loved. Sure his hands were calloused, but he'd much rather use them to learn to play piano. Yeah he knew how to fire a gun, but he'd much rather spend his time at the symphony than at the range. So what if he knew how to survive in the wilderness on next to nothing? He'd much rather occupy his time slow dancing with a girl on the ballroom floor. Those were things he actually cared about; those were things he was actually good at. He wasn't opposed to killing vampires. It was just his job though. Nothing more.


A figure sprung from a dark alley between brick buildings and lunged at Roderich. Roderich didn't scream. That just wasn't in his personality. He did, however, gasp and immediately slap the assailant.

The figure was unnaturally pale, and its eyes shown like red orbs of blood. The figure smiled, however, to reveal no pointed teeth.

"Don't do that, Gilbert. I thought you were a vampire. Now I look like a fool."

"No. What makes you a fool was that you slapped the awesome person you thought was a vampire! Is that what you do when one attacks you? No wonder you're so terrible –unlike the awesome Me! I'm so awesome that the vampires run away and cower because they are so intimidated!"

"Humph." Roderich snorted, as he tried to walk away from his very pale friend's gloating, but Gilbert caught up to him.

"So did you give up? Is that why you're back? Or is the symphony playing and you just couldn't miss it!"

"I finished my job. I'm on my way to headquarters to log it as a matter of fact."

The brunette never had the courage to tell anyone about how he really completed most of his jobs, especially Gilbert. If he found out, he'd make it his personal goal to tell absolutely everyone. As if he wasn't already being threatened with being kicked out of the Hunter's Guild as it was…

"Kesesese! Hey, the awesome Me's gotta do some clean up on the east side. So I guess I'll have to cut off this awesome conversation therefor making it not awesome any longer!"

"Oh how terrible." Roderich muttered under his breath.

"So I'll see ya later then, ja?" The albino slapped the poor brunette on the back and stalked off. Maybe, if he was stealthy enough, he would come across some more people he could scare!

Gilbert cackled to himself thinking of all the high-pitched, contorted faces of all his unfortunate victims before they turned as red as a tomato and started freaking out at him.

He was glad Roderich didn't comment about the east side. There's nothing hunter-related over on the east side. He mentally slapped himself for slipping up, but he was sure he could talk Roderich into anything. Besides, every time Roderich saw Gilbert the brunette tried to get away as fast as possible. Gilbert knew he probably shouldn't tease him so much but it was too fun!

He marched down the street, keeping full alert for any passing pedestrians. Maybe it was just his Hunter instincts that were ingrained in him since the day he was born or maybe he was just the regular paranoid/observant type, but Gilbert probably would have been keeping an eye out for other people out on the prowl this late at night regardless.

Continuing his way east, he finally made it to the outskirts of town. Scanning the darkness of the woods, he watched for any movement.

Where was his client? He thought he was on time, but maybe he spent too much time tormenting Roderich? Or what if a vampire- no. He had to stop freaking himself out like this. However, fear still snaked its icy fingers around his heart. He had no idea how he would react if she was taken by one of them. He gripped the sword on his hip.

Suddenly, he brought the weapon from its sheath to block an attempted attack while his back was turned. The metal met metal with a clang and both parties jumped back into attack stances. Suddenly, relief flooded through Gibert as he lowered his sword.


The woman slapped him across the face, the opposite side that Roderich had just previously slapped.

"OUCH! What is with hitting the awesome Me's face tonight?!"

"Y-you're late! I told you to be here half an hour ago! What was I supposed to do when I saw a person with really pale skin standing there?! You know what you look like!"

She crossed her arms and looked away to try to hide her embarrassment as she realized the total hypocrisy of her own accusation.

"Like a knight in awesome shining armor? I knew you would pick up on it someday!"

"Ugh!" She raised her frying pan again, her strange weapon of choice.

Gilbert only half-jokingly raised his hands up to guard himself from another possible attack.

"Kesesese~" He snickered.

"Every time I hire you I question my sanity."
"After that you remember that I'm the awesome-est and come crawling back to me, ja?"

"You're the one that's gonna be crawling, Beilshmidt!"

"But! Would you hurt the awesome one bearing an almost-as-awesome gift?"

She lowered the frying pan slightly as her eyebrows rose. She wasn't sure if he was going to mess with her again. Slowly, his pale fingers brought a glass flask from his satchel (or, as Elizabeta called it, his "man-purse"). Inside it sloshed a red liquid.

"What are you doing?! Get rid of that!"

"But I worked so awesome-ly on it!"

Frantically, Elizabeta shoved him into the forest where the darkness could hide their forms and obscure their voices.

"I don't care!"

"Elizabeta, you know you need it." Gilbert's tone dropped to low and sober, while he held the bottle out to her. Everyone knew Gilbert was serious whenever he didn't somehow wedge the word "awesome" into a sentence.

"I don't know what your problem is, Gilbert, but I'm not a vampire no matter how much you insist upon it! I don't need it!" She snatched it from his hands and drew her arm back as if to throw it.

Gilbert rushed to intercept, holding the flask in one hand and her arm in another.

"Elizabeta! If you break this, it will attract every vampire within a kilometer!"

She ripped her arm away, panting. Gilbert's gaze softened, and his eyebrows angled up.

"I'm trying to help you." He said, pleading.

"You're helping me when you assist me in hunting vampires! That's all!"

Elizabeta huffed off into the forest, face paler than ever.

The albino knew the real reason why she kept hiring him to help her track and kill the vampires. She wasn't an official hunter, but she insisted on it anyway. She also insisted on going after the most dangerous vampires in the area -powerful vampires that required more than one person to take down. Nevertheless, the biggest reason no one helped her was that she was a vampire.

She didn't look it though. Her skin was rather tanned for a vampire's, but from Gilbert's observation and research, that was because she was female. He didn't quite understand why, but girl vampires looked more like humans than male vampires. One of the smarty-pants in the guild suggested it was because female vampires tended to hunt in the day while the males tended to hunt at night. Gilbert wasn't sure he believed him though.

Aside from all the conspiracy theories, Elizabeta continued to deny time after time that she was a vampire.

It took Gilbert much longer than any of the other hunters to figure out what she really was, but, by that time, they both realized just how awesome of a team they were –too awesome of a team to split up. He even had to remind himself every once in a while of how dangerous she was to him. But the albino boy was firm in his belief that she wasn't a threat to anyone as long as she was in her right mind.

That was Gilbert's nightmare. Beautiful, strong Elizabeta, one of the few people he would ever allow to share his title of "Awesome", sinking down to the level of a blood-lusting animal. He didn't know how he could live with himself if that nightmare became reality. That's why he became her source of blood. She never asked him, but he knew she never would. She would lie to herself till her last coherent thought. So he drained his own blood into glass flasks for her.

Ironically, they were matched in more ways than one. He was even sporting an awesome bruise on the side of his head from where he must have hit it after passing out from an especially big donation. It was worth it though.

He quickly caught up to her. He carried the bottle in his awesome satchel still, and Elizabeta wouldn't look at him. He decided he'd better drop the subject for now.

"So what's the target this time that is considered worthy prey of the Awesome Duo?"

"Well, he's a pretty big one. He has lots of names but most of the locals call him "Turkey"." She spat the name like it was the source of all evil in the world.

"Turkey? That's the most un-awesome name for a vampire I've ever heard! Kesesese!" He started to laugh to try to lighten the suffocating mood.

"Gilbert! This is serious! He's terrorizing cities in the east! He's almost certainly a den leader, and he's turned whole towns into vampires! Well, at least the ones with a B+ blood type."

"Wait. B+?"

"Yeah. What of it?"

"We can't kill a B+ because that's my –I mean- our awesome blood type! Did you hire someone else?"

Blood can be kept for periods of time in storage, but it needs to be kept cool. Considering how much trouble that was when hunters went on jobs for weeks on end, it was customary to contract a partner of a different blood type, typically an A with a B or etc., to help them.

"You know the others don't trust me. Besides, we'll figure something out. As much as I hate to admit it, we're a good team. I'm not worried."

Gilbert was frozen in shock. She had…no plan. At all. What was going on?!

Elizabeta noticed the look come over his pale face and frowned.

"Hey, if you don't want to come, you don't have to! Just forget about me paying you then!"

"No, no. I-I'm coming. Just…we need to be extra careful on this one. That's all."

"Glad you figured that one out, Sherlock. Don't worry. He won't turn us." She said, as they began to see the sun peak over the horizon.

Gilbert didn't smile. What was Elizabeta thinking?! This was insane! Elizabeta liked to do crazy things, but it was mostly in a sort of ultra-awesome crazy. This…this was suicide!

Vampires also traveled in pairs or groups. Blood type was like a gang sign in the vampire world. If you were a rival type then you fought so it was usually was to your advantage to have a buddy with you. If you were the same type, you could hunt together because you were after the same blood type as food –also the power of numbers came in pretty handy there too. If the group was large enough, it was called a Den.

If Turkey was a Den leader, he was certain to have minions, and he was certain to want to expand his Den too. They weren't just going to be going after Gilbert to turn him into a vampire, they were going to rip Elizabeta to pieces if she refused to go with them! Them both to pieces! They would be competition.

Gilbert had always done his best to protect Elizabeta while they fought the vampires, but, now, it seemed like that would be his only focus this time around. He had no interest in fighting the vampires. He just wanted to keep Elizabeta safe.

Suddenly, Gilbert heard the rhythmic snapping of twigs that meant someone was walking through the forest with them.

"Get down!" Gilbert hissed, as he grabbed Elizabeta's arm to pull her behind some thick brush.

"Feliks, I swear I heard something! Please keep your voice down!" The frantic whisperer called.

"Like, if it's a vampire, we can totally take care of it! Like, why should we be cautious and stuff?"

"Have you considered the fact that the reason we're alive to "take care" of the vampires is because we've been so cautious?"

"Bo-ring! Like, totally and completely!"

"Well, at least you're "totally and completely" alive to feel boredom. Also "totally and completely" human too."

"Yeah. Can you imagine trying to, like, suck someone's blood? That's totes disgusting! So gross!"

Gilbert thanked whatever awesome star he happened to wish on that granted him exactly what they needed right now. He stood up from their hiding spot only to have to quickly duck down as an arrow buried itself in the tree just behind him.

"Hey! Careful of the awesome Me! I'm not a vampire!" He said, as he put his hands up in surrender and, much more slowly, stood up.

He was faced by two boys, fairly young for hunters, but not uncommon. Truth be told they were only a few years shy of Gilbert's own age.

The blonde one flipped his hair with his hand then put it on his hip, his opposite hand tracing the pommel of the sword on his waist. His brunette counterpart held an arrow strung to fire but not drawn back yet. They both wore a look of experienced mistrust. They were young, but they weren't just gonna fall for anything.

Elizabeta stood up slowly as well. This caused the two to take more defensive stances and step back a little back. Their eyes danced to the rest of the forest expecting an ambush now.

Gilbert moved his hands in front of him in a calming manner.

"Settle down, guys. We're the only ones. We're hunters too." Elizabeta said, as she flipped her light brunette hair behind her.

After a few more moments of nothing, the two boys took their alert from code red back to code yellow.

"Hunters, hu?" The brunette with the arrows said, still cautious.

"Ja. I'm Gilbert. This is Elizabeta." He then showed them the Hunter's logo that was patched onto the inside of his jacket.

"Second class. Impressive." The brunette fully relaxed, "I'm Toris. This is Feliks. We're fourth class, but still we're pretty good."

"Like, why do you look like a vampire?"

"Feliks!" Toris gaped, appalled.

"I'm NOT a vampire!" Elizabeta fumed.

"Like, chill. I was totally talking to the other guy, what's-his-face, 'kay?"

Toris shoved Feliks and demanded he apologize while muttering something about him being a dumb blonde.

"What-ever. Like, I was just asking!"

There was an awkward silence before Gilbert just cut to the chase.

"So what're your blood types?"

"Our blood types? I'm an A+ and Feliks is O-."

"Really? An O-'s a hunter? That must be difficult knowing that any vampire that bit you can turn you."

"There's always that, but he's not really a primary target because even though every vampire can feed off him, they say O- blood tastes really bland." Toris said, defensively.

Feliks just flipped and played with his blonde locks with a look of sheer boredom.

"So can either of you two help us on our awesome quest? You see, we're both B+ and so is our target. We're in kind of an un-awesome pickle here."

"Um, well, we're kinda on a job right now, actually."

"Really? That's not awesome at all!"

"I guess we'll just be off then." Elizabeta said, as she started to walk away.

"Sorry we can't help! It was nice meeting you!" Toris called, as the two strange hunters stalked off into the distance.

"They were lame-os. I'm glad we couldn't go with them. Besides! I, like, want to get my nails painted a cute pink when we're done with this one!"

"Feliks, if you comment about your nails one more time, I'm feeding you to the next vampire we come across." The brunette said, as they continued making their way across the forest.

"Like, you totally wouldn't do that to me, Tori! Besides! You totally need my help and stuff!"

As much as Toris would love to deny it, he couldn't. Feliks was really good with his fencing. It saved both their necks countless times. Although, Toris had complete claim on being the brains of their operation.

"Yeah, yeah. Let's go."

They had only walked a short while before Toris heard a sound on the wind.

"Feliks, do you hear someone laughing?"


Toris heard the noise again and felt a chill run up his spine. Something wasn't right about it. He was getting a horrible feeling that gripped his chest.


"There it is again!"

"Like, I didn't hear anything!"


The two boys yelped and jumped about three feet in the air as they whipped around to see a boy, a few years older than them, standing there smiling at them. A tattered scarf was wrapped around his neck, and he produced the sound that was only slightly comparable to laughing.

"Vampire!" Toris shouted, as he noticed the boy's eyes open to purple irises.

Toris strung his bow, and Feliks drew his sword.

The vampire's eyes opened to surprise at the display of weapons only to crease back into a happy squint.

"I think it's funny how you humans think those are such powerful weapons. It is good that you know how to defend yourselves. You will be useful when you become one with my Den, da?"

Fear shuttered down Toris's spine, but he didn't know why. He just had an unexplainable fear of this boy in the scarf.

"Yeah right. We're never, like, ever going to become a gross thing like you!" That was about as intimidating as Feliks ever got considering his need to add "like" into every sentence like he was some sort of preteen girl.

"Hey, you're not our target. I'd prefer we didn't have to kill anyone who's not on our hit list so let's just avoid unnecessary bloodshed and walk away peacefully, okay?"

The scarfed boy opened his eyes, but kept smiling.

"I'm sorry, but that's not possible. You see, I need to become stronger, da? I think you'll like living with me." With that, he pulled a broken water pipe from behind his back.

Toris needed no more provocation. He was already scared out of his wits. He let loose the arrow he had strung. It was a warning shot so he purposefully stuck the arrow in front of the vampire-boy.

"This will be fun. Kolkolkolkolkol~"

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