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Chapter 13: The End of the End

(Sesshomaru's POV)

"Oh, hehhehheh, don't run Kuma. It's only going to hurt a lot!"

"S-Stay back!"

Sesshomaru's face remains expressionless as he watches his little demon brother advance on the petrified tyrant. All fighting at this point has ceased since everyone's focus is on the hanyou and the bear. The demon lord is standing a mere ten yards from the scene with Kabu still at his feet. All he can think about is how Inuyasha has completely changed. Not only has his appearance been altered but so has his blood, his scent, his state of mind…everything that makes the hanyou his self. The Daiyoukai honestly has no idea how to feel about it…is this not how he would have preferred him? 'Inuyasha…'

"Where the hell do you think you're going?" Said hanyou barks out with such a blood craving and malice Kuma actually turns to run away. Inuyasha's eyes seem to glow a brighter vermillion color as he dashes in front of the fleeing bear with tremendous speed.

"Die!" In complete desperation Kuma swings his hooked dark blade and it digs right into the hanyou's side; near his ribs. With renewed confidence, he takes his chance and digs his blade deeper into Inuyasha until none of the three feet sword is visible.

"Inuyasha!" The small group of humans voice out the demon lord's inner concern as Inuyasha staggers slightly before grabbing onto the intruding sword for support. His fringe is casting a shadow over his face so there's no telling whether he's okay or not. From his peripheral vision, he could see how the wolf Ouji, Koga, had made a move to help but stopped suddenly when Inuyasha whipped his head up. There's a very disturbing and bone chilling sneer on the hanyou's face as blood spills past his fangs and stain his lips crimson.

"BWUAHAHAHAHAH! HEH HEH HEH HEH HEH!" Inuyasha's cackle echoes around the field as he grabs the blade and yanks it out (spilling a lot of his own blood in the process). 'That's right…when Inuyasha is like this he feels no fear…no pain. He'll keep fighting until he's dead.'

"Inuyasha please!" Kuma begins to plead again. He's on his knees in front of the bleeding hanyou with his hands pressed together as if in prayer for him to heed his pleas. "I'll do anything! Anything! Do you need somewhere to let out you anger? Do you wanna' get even? You can go attack my village! I swear I won't lift a finger against you. Rather, would you like some help? Just let me live!" At this the remaining bear youkais look at each other in utter shock. Sure they knew their lord was cruel and brash but they did not know the extent of his selfishness and wickedness.

Inuyasha just stares on at him with that devilish smile on his face. He looks absolutely ominous and hellish with all the blood and the wicked look in his eyes compared with the quickly darkening black sky. The only thing heard is his ferocious growls. After a nerve-wracking moment, Kuma decides to break the loud silence. "What do you say Inuy-AAH GAHCK!"

By the hanyou's quick response, you'd think he was practically waiting for the bear to speak again with false hopes. Inuyasha had grabbed the unsuspecting Kuma by his neck and sank his claws deep into throat. He pulls his arm up and his leer grows even wider as he watches Kuma kick his feet desperately. Inuyasha has him suspended to where his feet are a good four inches off the ground. Blood trickles down his arm as Kuma struggles with all his might. The bear youkai is actually drowning in his own blood as the Daihanyou sinks his claws deeper into his overflowing throat. No one dares intervene and only watch on in horror as he finally flings Kuma away, only to flash after him and stab his clawed hand into his stomach like a knife. Kuma coughs up more blood, if possible, and lands on the ground limply. Only horrendous gurgling noises can be heard from him. His reddish brown eyes are quickly draining of life and everyone knows that it's over. He'll die within minutes from either blood loss or drowning. But Inuyasha is not satisfied and not finished with him yet.

'Inuyasha that's enough.' Sesshomaru's aurelian eyes narrow as he watches his Otouto rip off Kuma's arm right at the shoulder blade and toss it somewhere behind him. 'Anything beyond this point is superfluous.' Inuyasha's gang is completely at a loss for words. They watch on as if in a trance as he tears off his other arm then his leg…then his other leg all the while snickering and snarling. Shippo's squeal can be heard over the growls as Kuma's bloody decapitated head is tossed over the hanyou's shoulder and rolls to a stop right at Sesshomaru's feet. The Daiyoukai simply looks down blankly at the bloody fear twisted face of his previous rival before looking back to his brother in revulsion. 'I've made up my mind…'

Koga, having his great sense of danger, whistles to his pack to retreat before Inuyasha can even turn around. Within seconds the wolves are all gone. When Inuyasha turns around Sango, Kohaku, and Shippo gasp in terror. Miroku simply grips his staff tighter and Kirara snarls in anticipation. Their hanyou friend is practically bathed in Kuma's blood. Even his silver locks are stained by the crimson substance. His ruby eyes scan the vicinity in hunger and suddenly connect with Sesshomaru's scrutinizing gaze. He's obviously the biggest challenge in the area but Inuyasha's beta blood forces him to look away from his alpha and instead land on the remaining bear demons.

Nothing but screams fill the area as Inuyasha slices through the bears with ease and ruthless cruelty. 'I've definitely made up my mind…'

"Miroku hurry!" Sango is the first one to snap out of her stupor and pulls the monk with her to her growling feline. The two quickly swing their leg around and join Kohaku and Shippo on Kirara. "Let's go Kirara!"

They take to the air but the sudden movement attracts the hanyou's attention and he drops the soldier he was currently tearing to pieces and soars towards them with claws and fangs bared. The younger part of the group scream expecting to be mauled instantly but Sesshomaru acts quickly. 'I don't like him this way!' He meets Inuyasha in the air and punches him hard across the face. The Daihanyou is knocked into the earth by the sheer force and even leaves a small crater in the ground where he landed. Sesshomaru falls to the ground gracefully in front of his fore loin little brother. However Inuyasha jumps up swiftly and growls threateningly at the demon lord. No, I don't like it.' Sesshomaru grimaces as blood trickles down the Inu-hanyou's vicious face. All he can think about is Inuyasha's true smiling face. His true enraged face, which may seem threatening to others, but comes off as a cute pout to the superior Inu-youkai. Images of his blushing face and embarrassed scowl flood his mind as he stares at this stranger.

'Now that I think about it…you were never meant to be a full-fledged demon Inuyasha. You were destined to be a hanyou. It suites you and that's how it should always remain. Never human and never demon…just you.' A rare gnarl escapes the demon lord's throat as said hanyou tries to pounce on him. Sesshomaru holds up Bakusaiga to push him back but is surprised when Inuyasha actually forces him to tumble backwards and hit the floor; landing on his back. Inuyasha is on top of him trying desperately to injure the Daiyoukai. The only thing between them is Sesshomaru's sword. He tries to push his little brother back but he uses his brute strength to keep the demon lord pinned in place.

"Lord Sesshomaru!" Sango glances to the right of Kirara to find Jaken clinging onto the feline's fur. When the green imp got there? She has no idea. "Oh how can this be?! Inuyasha has the upper hand on Sesshomaru-sama! We're all going to die at the hands of that hanyou! What are you stupid humans doing? Let's get out of here!"

"No way!" Sango shouts back stubbornly. "What if Sesshomaru tries to kill Inuyasha? Or in your case what if Inuyasha tries to kill Sesshomaru? I don't know about you but we are completely loyal and no matter how scared we may be we will never just abandon Inuyasha like that!" Miroku calmly nods his agreement and shippo gives a nervous head shake in scared determination.

"Nee-san…" Kohaku just smiles at his older sister in admiration.

"Loyalty…? How dare you question my loyalty?! You have no idea all the pain and suffering I've been through with Sesshomaru-sama. I never once left him and I don't plan to now. LET'S GO SESSHOMARU-SAMA! WHAT ARE YOU DOING? STOP MESSING AROUND AND STOP THAT DERANGED HANYOU! OR IS HE TOO STRONG FOR YOU!? SHOULD I FOLLOW HIM INSTEAD?" The gang's eyes bug out of their heads at the imp's boldness but to their surprise his taunting encouragement actually has an effect on the demon lord.

He visibly frowns as a swirl of demonic power surrounds them and blows their silver hair around them like dangerous whips. His golden eyes flash to red and for a second the two brothers look completely identical. But as suddenly as it started…it stopped. Sesshomaru didn't transform and his eyes returned to their unnatural halcyon color.

"What happened?" Kohaku asks curiously.

"I…don't know. Why can't Sesshomaru transform?" Miroku responds with a question of his own.

Meanwhile said Daiyoukai is mentally cursing his self for his inner weakness. Of course he can, in fact, transform but once the thought of truly harming his mate flooded his mind he automatically halted the process. 'Dammit Otosan this is exactly why I choose to protect no one! Do I really care so much about Inuyasha?' He questions his self as he has to turn his head away to avoid the hanyou's constant nipping at his face. 'No it must be my alpha blood that won't allow me to actually hurt my mate.' He ignores his subconscious that tells him it's also the fact that he's grown attached to his Otouto and he only wants to see him returned to normal. 'This is ridiculous!' A familiar scowl takes over his face as he head-butts the Daihanyou in a very Inuyasha-esque fashion.

Inuyasha is finally thrown off of him but as soon as the demon lords stands, the blood thirsty hanyou is back on the offense. Sesshomaru side steps out of the way and hits him in the back with the handle of his sword. Inuyasha falls to the floor but lands on all fours and jumps back up in a flash with another attack. Sesshomaru anticipates it and moves but he follows with the same level of speed and manages to scratch the lord across his right cheek. 'Oh hell no, the foolishness ends now.' "Enough is enough. Inuyasha," He has to duck to avoid another vicious slash to the face and Inuyasha instead ends up slicing off about an inch or two of the Daiyoukai's silky hair. "Inuyasha!" The hanyou follows up, not missing a beat, with a knee to the face. Sesshomaru back flips and narrowly avoids breaking his chin. Inuyasha takes the advantage and catches him mid flip with a punch to the stomach.

Sesshomaru barely reacts to the painful strike and flashes to his feet before falling. Inuyasha follows him with no intent on even pausing for a moment in their fight. His clawed hands reach out to maul but Sesshomaru captures his wrist inches before they reach his face. The force of his momentum makes his black boots slid across the barren earth for a few inches. "Inuyasha YAMERO!" The hanyou only snarls and pulls desperately to free his wrists but Sesshomaru tightens his hold to the point that it feels as if the wild Inu-hanyou's wrists were going to break off. "Stop it!" His voice suddenly seems deeper and more bloodcurdling than usual. "Now! I am you alpha and mate. Stop this. Now!"

"Raaaaaargggh! Aaaaaaargh Ngggggrrrhg!"





"Do it now!" Sesshomaru watches as Inuyasha's demon beta blood takes over and the hanyou's body goes limp. He bows his head before falling to his knees and only then does the Daiyoukai release his wrist. He falls to the ground with his forehead against the dirt in a very submissive bow. After a brief moment of staring he looks up to the sky where the relieved group is suspended. "Bring Tessaiga." Eager to obey his previous master, Kohaku commands Kirara to go back down and hops off to go fetch the prized fang. When he comes within three feet of the Inu-brothers the demon lord holds up his hand, palm out, to stop him. "That's enough. Just throw it next to him."

"Hai." With excellent aim, the sword lands right next to the still bowing hanyou. As a precaution (and out of a secret pent up irritation at the whole mess) Sesshomaru uses the handle of his sword to strike the Inu-hanyou in the back of the head. Inuyasha goes completely limp and immediately slips into unconsciousness. All is quiet for a moment before he sheathes his sword and slings Inuyasha's bloody form on to his shoulder. "Let's go." His eyes are closed but the bear demons know that he is addressing them with this next statement. "Get out of my sight less you want to suffer the same fate as your Master. Don't forget what you have seen here and stay out of This Sesshomaru's territory."

"H-Hai!" Hasty footsteps fade into nothing as the bears disappear to the trees.

"The rest of you may come to my village to rest and heal any wounds you may have before making the journey back home. You shall be looked on with praise for assisting in this battle." With that he turns to make the relatively short walk back his palace ad Jaken jumps with a start and starts pulling a limping A'un in an effort to not get left behind, per usual.

"Wait Sesshomaru-sama." Kohaku speaks out and the demon man pauses but doesn't turn around. "What about the one named Kabu?"

"What of him."

"Aren't you going to help him?"

"He's dead." He retorts bluntly and indifferently.

"Yes but can't you use your sword to revive him? Sango, Shippo, and Miroku look at the young teen in admiration for his boldness as Jaken finally appears at his lord's side. "Inuyasha seemed really sad that he died and he's already lost a lot of people…Kikyo, Kaede, Kagome…" 'Kagome, was that not the girl that resembled the dead priestess? Is that why she has not been around, she's dead? From what I've observed he really loved her…' "I think one more lost may be too much and I bet doing this would make him happy." 'Happy hn?'

"Foolish human boy Sesshomaru-sama could care less about such a trivial—"The imp falls silent when said demon man turns and walks over to the bloody, pale bear. Before picking up Inuyasha he had yanked Bakusaiga out of the young bear-youkai. He draws Tenseiga roughly and squints at the pall-bearers that take the souls of the dead. In one swipe they are destroyed and within seconds Kabu's blank lifeless azure eyes refocus in the world of the living. He looks around disoriented at first before glancing up at his stone faced savior. "L-Lord Sesshomaru?" He only re-sheathes his sword and uses his last amount of energy to emit his golden dust cloud and flies off with Inuyasha still in his possession.

(Inuyasha's POV)

'Uuugh, nothing but pain! I feel like I've been hit by one of those car things that were in Kagome's world. Shit where am I? Wherever it is…it's warm, and smells nice, and feels good. Ugh Kuso eyes open.' After what felt like the hardest thing he ever had to do in his life, he wills his heavy eyelids to open. He's met with blinding white light and almost closes them but soon his eyes refocus and he's staring at a ceiling. He looks to the right, then the left and realizes he's back at Sesshomaru's palace. His heads numbs with pain as he tries to recall what happened to him. After a couple of minutes he manages to recall up to where he transformed and everything else is blank.

His breathe hitches in his throat as images of him killing Miroku and the other's plague his mind. 'Oh Kami, please tell me they're okay!' He tries to sit up and that's when he realizes that he is not alone. He looks down to find arms wrapped around his waist and he follows the arms with his eyes and finds Sesshomaru fast asleep behind him. They are on the Daiyoukai's futon and Inuyasha is in between his legs in what can only be an embrace. 'What the hell…are we cuddling?! What the hell is this!?' He has every mind to wake his aniki up but stops when notices his soft peaceful face. He's never seen the stoic lord so relaxed and definitely never seen him sleep. 'Where'd he get that gash? Feh, I guess I can wait…no I have to find out if the others are alright! But—'

"Inuyasha will you stop staring at my face so intently?" His heart almost jumps out of his chest when the Inu-youkai suddenly opens his eyes and stares at him.

"What the hell?! Weren't you asleep?"

"Yes I was."

"Whatever it's good that you're up. What happened? Is everyone okay?" Sesshomaru sighs tiredly before explaining in detail what transpired after Kabu's death. "I did all that huh…wait you said you used Tenseiga on Kabu?"

"That is what I said."

"Why I thought you didn't care about him?"

"I most certainly do not but you do…and This Sesshomaru thought that it would make you happy…was I wrong?"

"Uh No! Arigatou!" 'Wow he did that for me? Even after I tried to kill him?' "I'm really grateful for that and…sorry for attacking you."

"Hn." He couldn't miss the bitterness in his tone and had to repress a guilty laugh. Staring at the scar on his face gave him an idea though. Without warning he leaned forward and licked the entire length of the wound. He noticed Sesshomaru remain stock still and did it two more times. When he pulled back he almost died of embarrassment at his older brother's unhidden shocked expression. "Inuyasha?"

"What?!" He barks back feeling completely ridiculous now.


"You said that it was a basic youkai healing technique!"

At that he blinks and openly smiles at the red hanyou. "You really listen and remember every single thing I say to you, Hn?"

"Well…I-I wouldn't say all of that…I mean I'm just—" He's silenced when the Daiyoukai caresses his face with surprising gentleness before placing and equally gentle kiss upon his soft lips.

"And if I remember correctly, this is a sign of affection between lovers and family members, no?" Inuyasha feels silly as he nods his yes like a young pup instead of voicing it out. KNOCK! KNOCK! KNOCK! "What is it?"

"It's Jaken my lord—"

"Of course it is." Inuyasha raises his eyebrows at his aniki's irritated mumble.

"I know you said that you needed to rest but the humans have just had breakfast and are preparing to depart. They want to know if Inuyasha-sama is alright."

"We will be out shortly."

"Yes my lord." Inuyasha can practically see the low bow from behind the solid door as the imp runs to inform the others.

"Come, let us go."

"Right." Inuyasha noticed he was in a new hakama that was imperial purple rather than his usual crème one. And he also noticed that instead of the robe of the fire rat there was a sunshine yellow kimono with purple lilies and dark blue vines waiting for him on the edge of the futon. "Where are my clothes?!"

"Inuyasha they were completely soiled, your favorite servant Hana left this for you saying something about it complementing your looks." 'Favorite my ass! Kuso, fine!' After following the hanyou's example in getting dressed quickly the demon lord turns to face him and kind of tilts his head to the side. "Hmm, she was right. Let us go." The Inu-youkai walks past him leaving red and dazed for a moment before he snaps out of it and follows after the unpredictable demon lord.

In the dining hall they find Kazuna, Jaken, Kohaku, Sango, Miroku, Kirara, Shippo, Momo, Sora, and Kabu all awaiting their arrival. Shippo and Momo are laughing and playing while Sora watches Kohaku tell him tales of his heroic battles in awe. Kabu is petting Kirara adoringly and also listening to Kohaku, technically his savior, while Miroku was smiling about his latest slap to the face for ogling Sesshomaru's mother. All action stops however when the two arrive and they are instantly bombarded by the group.

"Oh my dear boy!" Sesshomaru grimaces as his mother rubs her cheek against his own. "I'm so glad you're okay. Oh you had your mother worried sick." This statement is followed by blubbering agreements from Jaken.

Sango smiles at her hanyou friend when he looks at them all in relief and Miroku puts a hand on his shoulder. Momo and Shippo jump into his arms and nearly get squished by Kabu who throws his self into Inuyasha for a hug. "Whoa dammit' I was the one worried about you guys!"

"Inuyasha I'm sorry I got in the way and caused all of this, I know I promised and—"

Inuyasha interrupts his bear friend by shaking his head. "What kind of monster would I be associated with that could just watch their brother be killed before their very eyes? If you didn't do anything then you'd be no worse than that bastard Kuma."

Kabu's smile droops a bit at the mention of the former Lord of the Southern Valleys and his not so caring older brother but it quickly returns. "You are right! And now we can pave a new future together, ne?"

"Keh, I wouldn't have it any other way."

"Inuyasha," Shippo cuts in. "We've been waiting forever! Are you ready to go now?"

"Go where?"

"Home baka! Remember? This whole mess is over so now you can forget about Sesshomaru and being his mate and all that." At this Kazuna and Sesshomaru stop talking and everyone falls silent and stares at the little fox demon that had jumped out of the hanyou's arms. "What? That's what you wanted remember? We talked about how Sesshomaru wouldn't really want anything to do with you."


"INU-KUN NO! You can't leave Momo-chan again. You belong here!" Momo screams indignantly before Sora can cover her mouth.

"Inuyasha…" 'Oh shit.' Cold sweat breaks out on his forehead when he recognizes his brother's monotone voice. When he doesn't respond he hears slow footsteps and in no time the Inu-youkai is right in front of him; smothering him with his intense gaze. "Inuyasha is this true? Were you planning on leaving?"

"W-Well…yes…I know you didn't want me here and this was just…to achieve a goal and give you political power and…I mean you can't possibly really want me here and…the villagers can't possibly like this—"When he sees Sesshomaru's hand raise he tenses up in anticipation of a slap but instead the demon lord places a finger at his lips to silence him.

"Inuyasha I was never planning on throwing you away after we finished doing what we had to do." Inuyasha's (and Shippo's) eyes grow wide and the Taijiya and Monk smile knowingly. When Inuyasha looked down, Sesshomaru's hand moved under his chin to tilt his head up. "Before Otosan died he asked me 'do you have someone to protect?'. Other than protecting someone out of "fatherly" instinct," They all knew he was speaking about Rin. "I now know what it's like to want to protect someone. Not only from danger but to also protect who they are. I don't ever want to see you the way I saw you yesterday. I want you to stay like this, with this embarrassed flustered look. With your angry pout and your ridiculous arrogant grin. I want to protect the person you are; the hanyou Inuyasha."

"Oh my…" Kazuna's mutter is barely audible as she fans her blushing face with a regal fan. She can't help but think that in the end her son, that was so much like herself if not crueler, has turned out just like his father. Kohaku and Sora blush at being present in such an intimate moment and Kabu has to suppress the girlish giggles threatening to slide past his lips.

"I…" Inuyasha doesn't know what to say to that! He knows he feels the same way so he should just say it! He wants to stay here with him despite what anyone else might think. He wants to be his mate for as long as time will permit. There's no place for him back in Musashi but here his place is right at Sesshomaru's side and…he likes the thought of that. "I want to protect you too and I-I want to stay here with you." Sesshomaru's barely noticeable smile seems like a brilliant beam to Inuyasha and he catches the hanyou off guard with a sudden kiss in such a public place. All is silent when he pulls away but Kabu finally breaks it with a:

"Aaaaaaawwww, how heartwarmingly cute!"

"Urasai Kabu!" The bear merely laughs as he avoids the hanyou's halfhearted attack. While Inuyasha is distracted Miroku takes his chance to speak to Sesshomaru.

"Sesshomaru why don't you join us on our journey back home?"


"Yes." Sango chimes in. "I know a certain little girl that is dying to see her Lord safe and sound with her own big brown eyes. Plus it'll give Inuyasha a chance to bid his proper farewells to the villagers."

"…Very well."

"I wanna' come." Kabu declares as he ducks under Inuyasha's swinging arm and approaches the small group. "It'll be like another vacation." Sesshomaru's eyes simply narrow but he does not object. "Then I can go home and officially take over and get to all that boring crap as the new Lord of the Southern Valleys."

"Momo wants come too! I don't wanna' be left behind anymore!" The little pink haired girl pouts adorably and Inuyasha can't help but pat her head.

"Alright kid."

"Wait a minute Master Inuyasha." Sora gives his sister a scolding look. "Momo don't impose yourself on others—"

"Oh leave her be Sora." Kabu beats the Inuyasha to the chase and rests his forearm on the too strict Inu-youkai. "You are such a stick in the mud."

"B-But Kabu—"

"Besides if she goes that means you'll go and that means we can bond."

"Bond?" Him and Inuyasha voice out in confusion.

"Yes! The first act in of the "Create Peace Between Bear-youkais and Inu-youkais and Make the Feudal World a Better Place" crusade will be the mating of myself with an Inu-youkai."

"How clever." Kazuna muses her approval.

"And I choose Sora-Kun~"

"N-Nani?!" Sora stares at him bug-eyed and Inuyasha just chooses to walks away from the whole situation.

"Done." Kazuna states with a wave of her hand.

"B-But Kabu why me? Wouldn't you prefer someone of higher ranking? I am just a weak servant!"

"Oh poo," Kabu scoffs as he pulls the nervous Inu-youkai closer to him by his waist. "A beta doesn't need to be strong and besides you're smart, and mature which I need to rein me in, we get along, and of course you're so freaking cute. Pink is my favorite color after all." Sora's mouth hangs open as the bear teen throws him a wink before letting go and picking up Momo. "And here is our little pretty heiress. So we need to go so mommy and daddy can bond and you can make friends with the heiress of the Inu-youkai tribe; Hime Rin."

"Ooooh Momo-chan gets to be friends with a princess, yay!"

"Certainly my dare, after all you are now a Hime yourself. You're my precious little Hime daughter."

"Yay Princess Momo-chan!"

"W-who's…the…mommy?" Sora's question goes unanswered as Kabu follows the departing group hand in hand with his new object of affection. Sora sighs and simply follows after them with his head hung low. How can he say no? At least Kabu is a nice guy…

Inuyasha squints against the sunlight as the gang walks by the palace gates. To his surprise, as they walk through the village, demon villagers not only shout Sesshomaru's name in praise but also his own. 'Wow…I guess it doesn't actually take much to change things. Just some patience…oh and being a "hero" of course always helps. This paving a new path thing might not be so bad after all. Well having a human princess, hanyou princess, hanyou lord, and a bear youkai mate an Inu-youkai is certainly a big start.' As they leave the village Inuyasha looks up at the demon man at his side in interest. 'He said he wanted to protect me…I guess being protected really isn't such a bad thing…It can actually feel kind of nice…he told me what the old man said…So I'm his 'someone to protect' huh?' Without even looking over at the hanyou Sesshomaru murmurs quietly. "I'm glad that I heeded our father's words."

"Yeah?" 'I am too.'

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