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One Year Later (Inuyasha's POV)

'Damn…damn…damn, damn, damn. Please for Kami's sake just hurry the hell up with this. I'm about to lose my freaking mind.' The young Daihanyou jumps involuntarily when a hand suddenly encloses his own under the table he's currently seated at. When golden eyes flash to his mate at his side he's not surprised to find his stoic face unchanged and perfectly composed. The hanyou quickly brings his attention back to the youkai council as the geezer before them continues to voice out his "concerns".

"But, with all due respect Lord Sesshomaru, you two are being absolutely unreasonable in thinking that this arrangement is in the best interest of our people. How can Rin-sama," Inuyasha nearly growls at the way the demon man's tone switches from outrage to disdain at the mention of Rin's name. "Be the heir to your land and kingdom? She is a human girl and even if that fact is not disgusting enough to sway you otherwise, the reality is that both of you will long outlive her short human lifespan before she even gets the chance to rule." This declaration is followed by an uproar of agreements and crude comments from the council members and jury seated above them in the courthouse.

'I can't take it anymore! I've been biting my tongue this whole time and they keep pushing the limit.' His impulsive nature takes over and before he can compose himself he's already standing up and leaning over in the elder's face. "Oh so Rin is disgusting now? You dare speak ill of the noble family? I can have you ki—"He falls silent at the sudden tug on his hand and he looks to his side to find Sesshomaru unfazed and staring straight at the elder. But he knew what he meant by that tug. Gritting his teeth painfully, he forces himself to take his seat. 'Damn I probably already fucked up. This is why Sesshomaru already has a hard time trusting me in these types of situations.'

"See ladies and gentlemen of the jury? There is nothing else to be said. With three hours of deliberation behind us, our lords have provided us with decisively no answers. I think it is safe to assume that this session is clo…sed…" It's almost scary how quickly the large room succumbs to quiet stillness when Sesshomaru rises from his seat with deliberate languidness. All previous murmuring instantly comes to an end and even the old man sinks to his chair mutely to heed his words.

"…Rin is…who I have chosen and there is nothing else to be said on the matter." This statement is immediately followed by a burst of protests but Inuyasha is surprised at how quick it's silenced by Sesshomaru simply raising his hand. "Do you all recall the fact that Kuma had a son…?" 'Kuma's son?' Multiple gasps echo around the room but he ignores it and continues. "Yes the one he sent away and locked up. As we speak there is a convoy, composed of Inu-youkai and bear-youkai, who are diligently searching for him. Eventually he and Rin shall procreate and their half-breed offspring shall rule in Rin's place."

"T-T-This is outrageous! You want us to accept a human heiress and also a BEAR HANYOU as our lord? Lord Sesshomaru you cannot be—"

"I do believe, councilman, that this court meeting was to discuss information on Rin being my heir. We have adequately discussed that. For further discussion you will have to file a request, once again, and await the appeal process. That is all. Come Inuyasha."

Inuyasha smirks at the man's offended expression as he follows his mate out of the large stuffy courthouse onto a nature path that leads back to the castle. "Gaaaaaaaaaah!" His yawn is obnoxious as he stretches his arms towards the bright blue sky. He closes his eyes for a moment to feel the warm rays from the brilliant sun lick at his eyelids. He is beyond relieved that when he inhales his nostrils are no longer filled with parchment and ink and instead with the earthy smells of nature. When he opens his eyes, he catches Sesshomaru glancing at him over his shoulder before the youkai lord turns his head. He stops his smile and jogs forward to walk in time with his aniki. "Oiy."


"I didn't know you had all this going on. I didn't know that Kuma had a son, how come you didn't tell me any of this?"

"Well I had to take your excessive impulsive nature into account."

"What was that?" He doesn't miss a beat with his snappy response and he can see the traces of his brother's barely there smile threating to reveal itself.

"I knew that you would not have been able to wait for a perfect time and sit still with that bit of information, so I decided not to tell you until now. You were not able to keep your composure even with not knowing anything at all."

"…Don't do that anymore! If you know something concerning us then well…you should tell me so we can discuss it…bakayero." His voice comes out a lot softer than he had intended and he did not know he was staring at his feet until Sesshomaru suddenly tilted his chin up to look at him.

"This Sesshomaru did not mean to offend you. I did not withhold that information because I felt I could not trust you. I simply thought it was for the best. Next time I will be sure not to make the same blunder."

"…You're forgiven...I guess." He mumbles recognizing the proud lord's subtle way of apologizing. He feels a blush creep across his face when he realizes that Sesshomaru is not letting go and instead leans in with his head tilted to the side. He allows his eyes to close as his lips lock onto his like two destined puzzle pieces. His hands move to rest on his shoulders as the demon lords wraps his arms around him to pull him closer. The thought of someone possibly spotting them quickly leaves his mind as soon as it had come when he feels his tongue slip past his lips. When the kiss breaks they remain close for a while until Inuyasha can't take staring into his intense gaze much longer and steps away to continue on back to the palace. He scowls back at him when he hears his snickers but then fleas to the place he now calls home. A guard opens the door for him and bows lowly.

"My lord."

"Yeah." He fans him away and looks around expectantly. Within seconds his favorite servant, Hana, makes her appearance.

"Greetings my lord, I hope everything has fared well. Is there anything I can do for you?"

"No I just want to know if you've gotten word from Jaken."

"Jaken-sama sent word via soldier stating that he, Lord Kabu, Lord Sora, and Hime Momo await your arrival a few miles north of the Musashi province. He also took Rin-sama along with him. They shall wait for you and Lord Sesshomaru before continuing on."


"Anything else I can do for you my lordship?"

"Would you bring me my Robe of the Fire Rat?"

"But of course…" She gripes through clenched teeth. She hates the Robe of the Fire Rat with a passion. She even goes out her way to have intricate ensembles made for him but the hanyou almost always falls back on his gaudy red outfit as she puts it. "But might I add that you look much lovelier in what you are wearing now, my lordship." She mumbles referring to the soft gold kimono he's currently in—lined with ruby red edging and designs.

"Nah, you can't add." He scoffs before sticking his tongue out at her. Her eyes narrow briefly before she scurries off to do as told. The door opens again as Sesshomaru steps in to the foyer. "Sesshomaru they are waiting for us already. As soon as I change we can go right?"


He skips the stairs by jumping up, a habit that Sesshomaru and Hana have expressed is very inappropriate, and heads into his quarters to find his precious armor already laid out for him. He's been waiting for this day all week. For the past two months he has not been able to leave the youkai village and this "vacation" is definitely something he needs. He still does not know how he convinced Sesshomaru to allow them to take a break and take a trip to his old human village when they truly are so busy. He must know the hanyou is at his limit. And of course he had to invite Kabu or else he would never hear the end of his bitching and moaning when he found out he took a trip without him. When he goes back downstairs Sesshomaru is ready and they depart, deciding to fly as to not keep them waiting any longer.

It does not take long before they arrive at the clearing Hana mentioned and sure enough they spot the group relaxing in the field. Momo and Rin are giggling and picking flowers while Jaken watches over them. Sora looks as if he's failing at another attempt to scold his mate. Kabu's previously dull blue eyes light up as they land and he pushes Sora to the side in excitement. "SESSHOMARU-SAMA, INUYASHA-KUN! It's been so long!"

"Kabu…it has only been about a month since you've last been to visit us."

"But that was on business, it does not count." He fans away distastefully before forcing a hug on the hanyou. Sesshomaru's narrow gaze is enough of a warning to inform the bear youkai not to try the same on him.

"Yo Sora." Inuyasha nods a greeting to his old friend who smiles brightly at him and offers a wave.

"How are you Master Inuyasha? Have you settled everything at home with…well you know with Rin-Hime?" He adds in a whisper.

"Eh, something like that."

"I see—"

"INU-KUUUUUUUUUUUUUN!" The group flinches at the girl's unbelievably loud screech. Inuyasha is only able to catch a blur of pink before the girl is snuggled into his arms.

"Heh, what's up brat?"

"Inu-kun, Momo's so happy to see you! Does Momo really get to spend all day with Rin-chan and Inu-kun?" Inuyasha can't even hide his grin as the girl peers up at him with big peach colored eyes and the brightest smile he's seen in his life.

"Of course."


"Enough Momo." Sora picks his sister from the hanyou's arms before setting her down and patting her head. "Were you not playing with Rin-Hime?"

"Oh yeah!"

By this time Rin had come on her own due to all the commotion and the Inu-hanyou didn't notice that she was talking to Sesshomaru the whole time. "…Are you sure Sesshomaru-sama?" 'What is she so worried about? I haven't seen her frown like that before.'

"Rin do not concern yourself with matters you needn't worry about."

"…Hai…Konbawa Inuyasha-sama…" She gives a small smile at the hanyou before grabbing Momo's hand and heading back towards the flowers. 'There's definitely something wrong…'

"What was that about?" Inuyasha questions as soon as she is out of ear shot.

"She is…worried about what the village thinks of her. She believes that we should find someone more suited to be our heir."

"Really?" He can't help but feel a bit skeptical of that. When they had told Rin that she was going to be their heir she was ecstatic. She mentioned some crazy notion about them being like a real family which Inuyasha blushed at and Sesshomaru ignored.

Sesshomaru's golden eyes narrow ever so slightly in anger as he offers a response. "My assumption is that the elders of the village have been running their mouths much too loudly for my liking. Rin must have heard things she should not have."

"Those bastards!" He growls out. "I've bit my tongue long enough Sesshomaru! This is ridiculous. Now they're even pestering Rin?! No way, we—"

"Inuyasha calm down, we can't do—"

"No Sesshomaru!" He cuts off crossly. 'How can he be so calm at a time like this? I may be able to handle all the crap the villagers, especially the council, give me but Rin is just an innocent little girl!' "I know how bad all the shit they give can be and quite frankly I don't think Rin can handle too much of that."

"I understand however-…wait Inuyasha what do you mean by that?" Sesshomaru's lifeless voice takes on a sudden serious tone and he takes his attention away from the girls to actually stare at him.

"…" 'Woops.'

"Inuyasha have the villagers been saying things to you?"

"Uh no um…not really the villagers no."

"The council elders?"

"Yes…" 'In all honesty they are constantly saying all types of outrages things to me. Like go home you disgusting half breed, and how dare you be so close to our Sesshomaru-sama you really think you're good enough? They have even got to some of the villagers; slowly turning them against me. But I just keep all of it to myself. Sesshomaru has enough to worry about…and really what do I look like running to Sesshomaru for getting picked on?'

"Why didn't you tell me before? This is completely unacceptable. This will be dealt with as soon as we return."

"Sesshomaru forget about me—"

"Rin's situation will be dealt with also." He cuts off calming down the hanyou before he can get riled up again. "Do not worry so much Inuyasha, trust me." A familiar shudder runs down his spine when his older brother takes on his gentle timbre. Something about that voice and how gentle he can be makes the Inu-hanyou's body so warm. When the demon lord said trust me he had leaned in and whispered in his ear which twitched eagerly.

"Hm I did not know this would be a romantic vacation." Kabu's whisper pulls him back to his senses and he backs away from Sesshomaru feeling ridiculously flustered.

"Shut the hell up will yah'?"

"Erm Sesshomaru-sama, Kabu-sama, Master Inuyasha…" They all turn at the sound of Sora's quiet mumble to find an Inu-soldier accompanied by bear-soldier who must have just arrived.

"State your business." Sesshomaru calls out as all falls silent.

They both bow in respect and the bear youkai steps up to speak. "Lord Kabu, Lord Sora, Lord Sesshomaru, and Lord Inuyasha it is my pleasure to announce that we were successful in our mission to locate Shun-sama."

"Oh?" Kabu looks surprised whereas Inuyasha is just confused. "Very well, where is he?"

"He is currently residing in Kumgenki. From what we could observe he seems injured but we were unable to retrieve him because only those of the royal family blood can break the barrier around it my lord."

"I see. Very well done, you are dismissed so go get some rest."

"Yes my lord." The soldier bows once more before taking his leave.

"You are free to do the same." Sesshomaru adds prompting the Inu soldier to also take his leave.

"So who is Shun-kun?" Inuyasha voices out before any conversation can commence.

"Oh Master Inuyasha do you not know?" Sora speaks up when the other two lords still proceed to murmur among themselves. "Shun-kun is the late Kuma-sama's son. He is to be betrothed to Rin-hime."

"Oh yeah I was just informed of that." He scoffs distastefully.

"Kabu-sama is a bit worried though. From what I have been told when Shun-kun was born, naturally, everyone was delighted but as he got older they realized that he was a danger to the village. One day when he was still a cub, he was training and it is said that Kuma realized just how dangerous the little boy was so he was going to kill him but his mother stood up for him and pleaded that they just seal him away in a territory they own. So he relented and they did but the following year his mother died due to an incurable illness and Kuma cut all ties with the boy. Kabu himself has not seen the boy since he was merely a cub. He is supposed to have some unnatural and malicious power locked inside of him."


"He's worried that he could be a danger to us." 'That sounds pretty serious but knowing what a spineless prick Kuma was the brat is mostly likely another innocent victim of his wickedness. He probably didn't want another possible heir to the throne.'

"Inuyasha." The two younger demons turn around as their mates approach with suddenly stern expressions on their faces—well Sesshomaru looks as usual. "Jaken is going to take the girls on over to the village while we advance and retrieve Shun."

"No worries though." Kabu adds sensing the hanyou's disappointment at the prospect of engaging in more stuffy business affairs. "This will be a great opportunity for Rin-chan to get acquainted with her intended so we will be joining them shortly."

"And for us to judge whether he is truly 'dangerous' and if so, eliminate him appropriately." Sesshomaru mentions in that uncaring stoic way of his enticing a sigh from the younger sibling.

"Right…that too…" 'Sora is right. Kabu does seem worried about this whole thing and as a result his bright cheery demeanor has changed.'

"Well shall we go then gentlemen?" On Sora's subtle cue, Kabu jumps ahead soaring towards the tree tops. Inuyasha and Sora quickly follow his example while Sesshomaru tags along on the ground at his own pace.

In time the bright blue allure which previously held they sky fades into a more bluish purple signifying the minutes quickly turning into hours as the day drags on. Much to the hanyou's disdain he realizes that his day away from everything is quickly coming to an end. 'Tch at this rate we'll have to head right back home after this.'

"Master Inuyasha?" The concern lined in Sora's voice confuses him enough for him to glance over at the pink haired demon.


"Are you alright?"

"Yeah why?"

"I called your name three times before you realized it. You seem to be deep in thought."

"Nah', I'm fine." He shrugs off, stepping lightly on a branch before pushing off in mock flight towards another to repeat the process.

"Sorry if we ruined your plans." He pants out while avoiding tumbling to the ground after a miss-step. The strain of keeping up must be getting to the admittedly weak demon. "If we did not tag along then this business would have never come about and you could enjoy some time together with Sessho—"

"Sssh sh! Don't be an idiot! We did not come way out here for that. I just wanted to get away and pay my friends a visit. This has nothing to do with Sesshomaru. And anyway it's not your fault. That soldier would have just found us anyway and then we'd have to go through the trouble of finding you and Kabu and then setting out to retrieve him so it worked out for the best."

"I suppose you are right…"

"Anyway how is everything with you?"

"What do you mean Inuyasha-sama?"

"You know…" His friend is so stuck in his ways of servitude he can't even see himself as equal to others. "You are a lord too so you don't have to call me 'Sama'."

"Oh well…" The bright pink blush that dusts his high cheekbones is hardly missed when the youkai looks away. "Sorry I forget sometimes."

"Do you still call your mate Lord Kabu?"


"Hm, what I meant with my previous question is: how is life in the bear youkai territory? How are things with you and Momo and the villagers?"

"Well truth-be told…I cannot say that everything is all peachy. Ever since Kuma died, Kabu has had a hard time gaining his people's trust and bringing peace to the village. Crime is still pretty prevalent besides Kabu-sama's best efforts in instilling and enforcing new laws. And of course…the villagers and council have a real hard time in accepting the fact that they now have an enemy they have been fighting for decades as a mate. But I am not really concerned with myself, I am just praying that they do not make an attempt at hurting Momo."

"Would they be so bold?"

"I would not put it past them. They are very crude and much more barbaric than our own race, if I'm just being honest."

"Sora you need to toughen up because if something happens to Momo I'm coming to kick their ass but afterwards I'm whooping yours too for letting it happen in the first place."

"Hah…" Judging by the look on the Inu-youkai's face, he's sure that he knows his hanyou friend was by no means joking.

"Hey!" They look to see Kabu stopping, seemingly at random, between two large trees. "We're here." He gives them a second to catch up and they wait another moment for Sesshomaru to join them. "Ok everyone's here. KAIHO!"

The trio watch on interest as the bear daiyoukai places his palm and something they cannot see and are not very surprised when the air dissolves like a pebble being thrown into water. A second later the two trees are gone to reveal a huge clearing with a pond and a small mountain with cave in the background. "I'm guessing he would be in there." He sighs pointing at the opening in the mountain. "How do you think we should approa—WATCH OUT!" Inuyasha jumps out of the way as a whizzing sounds flies past him, heading straight for Sora. With unknown speed, Kabu grabs his mate and yanks him towards his chest just in time to miss the attack. All eyes go towards the projectile to see it is a poisoned dipped throwing knife which ended up embed into a tree. Just as quickly their eyes move to the woods Northeast of them to see a shadowy figure standing near a tree. "Show yourself!" Kabu shouts out and for a while his command is met by silence. Sora is still pressed against his chest and Inuyasha is already in his fighting stance, with his hand on Tetsaiga's hilt. Sesshomaru is standing near him stoically and looks as calm as when they first arrived there. He is neither in a defensive or offensive stance. "Show yourself. NOW!" Kabu repeats one more time and everyone can hear the uncharacteristic malice in his usually cheery voice.

The hanyou's halcyon eyes squint against the sun as the figure slowly steps in the clearing. The shadow slowly disperses to first reveal brown moccasin boots followed by tan legs and a long brown fur-like loin cloth with a big reddish-brown busy tail wrapped around the waist like a make shift belt. The shorter youkai also has a tanned stomach and chest and when the shadow completely disappears they can see his face. Despite his relatively young age he has sharp features and a stern handsome face instead of a chubby one. His eyes are a deep dark pool of blue, matching his uncle, and his hair is like a wild auburn lion's mane which flows down to his waist. If Inuyasha had to place his age in human years, he would say he looks a bit older than Kohaku.

"State your business here." The voice that speaks out is devoid of all childishness and almost mirrors Sesshomaru's monotone timbre perfectly.

"We are not here to fight so drop your weapon." Kabu warns stepping forward to calm the situation.

Shun hesitates for a moment before putting the throwing knives he had clutched between each finger, into his pelt. "Who are you people and what is it that you want?" Inuyasha takes notice at how the kid leans against the tree for support but shows the expression of pain on his face. 'Oh right, the soldiers did mention that he was injured.'

"My name is Kabu, I am the Lord of the Southern Valleys and Bear youkai tribe…" Shun looks uninterested as Kabu takes a moment to take a deep breathe. "And I am also your uncle Shun."

"…" His eyes widen slightly before they narrow into a scrutinizing glare. "So what."

"So, erm…As the Lord of the Bear-youkai tribe, and since you are indeed a part of that tribe and the noble family, I am summoning you back to our territory."

"And If I refuse?"

"Then we will take you by force." Sesshomaru cuts in before Kabu can think of a nicer way to say it.

"I'd like to see you try."

"Perfect." The Inu-lord does not bother pulling out his sword but Inuyasha knows he's switched his position to offensive.


"No Inuyasha wait." He's surprised by his protests being stopped by Kabu. "Part of this is that we need to know how much of a liability he is. If he is actually a danger to us then it would be pointless to try to convince him to go with us."

"But he's already injured!" 'I don't like this.'

"I'm sure Lord Sesshomaru will go easy on him." 'Don't hold your breathe on that.'

Shun has one arm behind his while the other is in front of his face in a defensive position. Sesshomaru humors him by attacking first and flashes in front of him in less than two seconds, catching him off guard. However, the kid recovers quickly and jumps out of the range of his poison claw. He rebounds off a tree doing a 360 in the air as he flies towards Sesshomaru with knives in hand. The Daiyoukai intercepts the obvious attack by simply grabbing the youngster's wrist but the bear youkai thinks incredibly fast on his feet and uses his surprising flexibility to do a back flip off of the Lord's chest to escape his grip. In the middle of fleeing to the trees, Sesshomaru's mokomoko grabs his ankle and slams him to the ground, landing flat on his back.

"Urk!" His eyes scrunch up in pain and he seems paralyzed for the moment. 'His injury must be on his back.' Sesshomaru walks over in his calm way and grabs the kid by the throat, sinking his nails in a bit, before lifting him up to eye level. "Ughk, Nnghk!" The young bear is trying in vain to claw his hand from around his neck but he matter as well be petting the powerful Lord.

"Hm, not a threat." Sesshomaru announces after a moment of watching the young youkai struggle. He tosses him towards Kabu where he slides in the dirt ground before coming to a stop in front of his uncle's feet.

Kabu stares down at his aching form for a second before crouching down and stroking his red-brown hair. "Listen nephew your father, the one who banished you, is dead."

His eyes fly open at that statement and he looks up at Kabu in surprise.

"These Inu-youkais," He continues, motioning towards the brothers. "Helped defeat him. They are mates and have taken on a human child as their heir and need you to wed her to produce a future heir."


"And we." This time he reaches for Sora's hand and pulls him to his side. "Also need your help. This my mate and by wedding their princess you would contribute to our plans to help bring peace to our world."

"…" For some reason the bear cub looks away and stares at the Inu-brothers with an unreadable expression.

"Now I am not saying you have to make a decision right now but, I would like you to come with us to at least meet her and our clan. And also the Inu-youkai people because if you accept those will also be your clan. What do you say?" He questions with the signature smile the hanyou's used to seeing. "Will you at least give us a chance? We can't do it without you." Kabu reaches down a hand and after a moment of hesitation he takes the offered hand which helps him to his feet.

"I'll check it out…"

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