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From the Ashes

Background Info


Gigantic, insulated mobile cities wherein the remnants of humanity live and survive the harsh world that is now the Earth. After centuries of abuse, the Earth succumbed to the massive amounts of pollution and negligence by humanity, causing an apocalyptic end to the world as most people knew it. Billions died as oceans, rivers, and seas dried up, plants of all kinds and animals of all species began to die off at alarming rates. As resources became ever scarcer, warfare between peoples and states became the only option for survival. This only served to hasten the death of not only the planet, but of humanity.

At the end of it all, the Earth became a barren wasteland. The atmosphere became extremely toxic and polluted, forcing the surviving humans into what is now known as Regios. Self-contained, insulated mobile cities that protected them from the harsh environment of their once beautiful and bountiful world. It allowed them to continue on living and eventually surviving and thriving. Dozens of Regios were created, all of them roaming the vast wasteland.

Each Regios became what was essentially a city-state. Self-governing and independent from any others, though to prevent the outbreak of war at the very beginning there were treaties signed. Rules and regulations put into place to ensure the survival of humanity.

Now running a Regios was highly complicated, which required sophisticated computers to run them - and in fact these computers were extremely advanced for they had artificial intelligence. The Regios themselves, their primary systems run by their AI, were named after them. And these AI were dubbed "Electronic Fairies." The only upkeep that was required by them was that they needed Selenium to continue operating. This has made Selenium mines therefore extremely valuable and sought after.

Whenever two Regios come together, treaties dictate that the Electronic Fairies have directed a competition between them. The competition being fighting to capture the flag located at the very center and top of each Regios. The winner of which gains one Selenium mine from the loser, thus providing the winners with greater chances of continued survival in their new harsh world. These competitions not only provide a Selenium mine to the winner, but also honor and prestige.

There two different types of Regios, and according to the treaties only Regios of the same type may fight each other. These two types are: Academy cities and General cities. Academy cities are places of learning where people from all different backgrounds and cities are welcome to come and become students. These cities are largely run by the students themselves. General cities are where the majority of the surviving population live and are thus far bigger and in most cases stronger than Academy cities.

While the Electronic Fairies had a degree of autonomy, for the most part running their respective Regios was of paramount importance to them. When a Regios was lost or destroyed, these Electronic Fairies went mad with a loss of purpose, and unless destroyed they went on a rampage to either harm other Regios or to find a host whom they can imbue with their immense power; if their host however is too weak, they will be corrupted by the power and become mindless, chaotic and violent shells of themselves.

A polluted and toxic world and competition between Regios is not the greatest concern for humanity at this age, however. There is a far bigger danger to the survival of mankind: the Contaminoids. These are creatures that have mutated rapidly due to the pollutants in the atmosphere and have become enormous, violent, and hungry beasts. They are for the most part insect-like and feed on three things: the pollutants in the environment, people, and each other if neither of the first two is available.

Because of their mutations, they are big, strong, and in some cases fast. Whenever a Regios encounters Contaminoids, they are attacked and thus each city must have a means to protect itself - usually those who participate in the competitions fight to protect their city from these creatures. Contaminoids have different stages, growing bigger and stronger as time goes on and becoming increasingly difficult to kill.

It is unknown whether it was out of a need to survive or because of the pollutants in the air, or perhaps because of both, but some humans have an extra organ in their bodies. This organ, known as Organ-K, produces a type of energy called Kei with which warriors known as Martial Artists can use to fight. These Kei users are the ones who compete and fight against other Regios and defend their cities from Contaminoids.

Each person has a different level of Kei production and thus strength. And there are different types of Kei too: External Kei, Internal Kei, and Psychokinetic Kei. Everyone with an Organ-K can learn to wield both External and Internal types, but in order to have the Psychokinetic type one must be born with the ability. Those with Psychokinetic Kei are called Nen-I users and have the ability to not only sense everything in their environment but to also provide telepathic communications between different people - they are excellent support units that provide not only battlefield intelligence but communications capabilities as well.

While it is possible to use Kei energy without any focusing tool or weapon, to effectively use one's abilities as a Kei wielder one must use what is called a DITE. DITEs are small transformable devices when unused, similar in shape to a tape recorder. They are able to turn into a weapon when the user activates it by saying "Restoration" and focusing their Kei energy.

DITEs can take the shape of any weapon, including swords, spears, rifles, staves, katanas, and many others. Some DITEs are even capable of switching to many different types of weapons, the data of each weapon type being stored in the DITE and the user having to concentrate and call out which version of their weapon they want to use.

There are very special DITEs called Heaven's Blades, of which there are twelve. All of them are located in the grand city of Glendan and are under the control of the Royal Family. The users of these Heaven's Blades are extremely powerful Kei users and are essentially the strongest among all Regios, especially with their weapons. They know highly advanced Martial Arts techniques that allow them to harness their extreme amounts of Kei. Nobody other than another Heaven's Blade can defeat a Heaven's Blade.

This is all the background information you need to know. Now on with the story!

Author's notes: Another anime that I liked and that I want to write about. I'm surprised that there are very very few stories on here with this anime. Anyways, enjoy!