Chapter Eight

Picking up a Stray

The world was an exceedingly cold place.

That was the first thing he learned when he had finally escaped from his tormentor, even though he had already known that lesson.

He had hoped that someone would help him, especially when his entire front was soaked in blood and the snow that covered his body.

It had started back when he lived with his parents and his friends were by his side. His sister had always been the one that nagged him or bugged him about his chores and schoolwork so he could keep up with all of his responsibilities. His friends gave him the courage to face the world and the determination to win against those who wished to destroy him. His parents were the best of them all though, their love and caring had taught him how to be kind and helpful towards others before he did anything for himself.

They had all been having fun and being happy, playing together, working, just being there for the others. He smiled softly as he remembered the last day he had with them. That day they had gone out to Nasty Burger to celebrate his retesting of CAT and getting a high score on it. Not as high as Jazz of course, but still pretty high.

He had studied relentlessly for that test so he could make his parents proud of him and he had succeeded in the end, though it had required a sacrifice in return.

He had to lose his family.

A ghost had attacked while they celebrated at Nasty Burger and Danny had taken care of it, but because the ghost, Skulker, had used a new attack and hit the Nasty Sauce container. He remembered what would happen if that had been hit by anything. He remembered his horror and fear. He could only watch though as the Sauce exploded and he was thrown out of the building due to his instincts activating his intangibility.

His family and friends had still been inside though.






They had all been inside the building when the container had been hit. They had all been inside when the container had exploded.

He could only stare at the burning building in horror and desperation after he had turned human from a piece of shrapnel cutting into his side. He was too weak to try and help anyone and could only watch as Fire trucks and police pulled up to the area with screaming sirens. Several ambulances pulled up only seconds later and one had come running towards him, yelling for help as he began to staunch the flow of blood with his hands.

He didn't care though. He didn't even notice that he had been bleeding. He only knew that his family had been inside of that building when it had exploded. That his sister was now laying in there a charred corpse and unable to help him in his responsibilities. His friends were ash now and unable to give him courage to continue on. His parents were gone and he would no longer get that love and caring they gave him in their hugs or kisses.

Tears ran down his face at the remembrance of the pain, of the horror, and the fear that came upon realization of what had happened.

Clockwork had lied to him.

His family and friends were dead in the Nasty Burger Explosion still.

The Master of Time had lied to him about his family being safe from that.

His family was dead.

Clockwork had lied.

His friends were dead.

Clockwork had lied.

His life was dead.

He remembered a little while later that he had been taken to the hospital and treated for his injuries there, but he didn't respond to anyone there. He had nothing left and the pain in his chest had told him that there was nothing he could do now.

He just lay in his bed and waited for his life to end because he thought Clockwork would come and finish him off before he turned into Him. If only he knew how wrong he had been before the devil incarnate had walked into the room.

He had stared at Vlad Masters for several moments in horror and confusion. He was unsure of why the man was there, mostly because he had expected for Clockwork to kill him off, but this was bad either way. Vlad had explained to him in a soft and understanding voice that he was taking care of all of the funeral arrangements, including the Foley's and the Manson's, and how he also had taken care of any and all Ghost attacks. He didn't respond to the man's tone of voice or the reassurances, he was just thinking of anyway to get out of there without having to turn to Vlad.

In the end it didn't matter. Vlad had complete guardianship over him, not to mention that when he had tried to go to Sam and Tucker's funerals, both parents had reacted to him badly. The Manson's had thrown rocks at him that he didn't even bother to dodge, the Foley's had stared at him with hatred and blamed him for everything. He left Amity Park the day his parents and sister was laid to rest.

He arrived at the mansion in Wisconsin in record time and ignored Vlad, retreating to the room he had during the Class Reunion so long ago, sequestering himself away and hiding from the world.

His safe haven didn't last though.

Vlad came in only after a few days, demanding he get up and move. "You can't continue this moping Daniel. This'll only hurt more if you let it control you." Vlad had said, his face creased in what had looked like worry at the time.

He hadn't really cared at the time, but he knew that if he tried to ignore Vlad at the time, then they'd only start fighting again. He didn't want to fight anymore, he just wanted to lie down and die.

Vlad wouldn't let him though and he knew that. So with a heavy heart and a weary sigh of discontent, he got up out of bed, ignoring the way that Vlad pushed him towards his bathroom to take a shower. He remembered that he had taken a cold one, only half-heartedly washing his body before getting out ignoring the wetness on his skin as he slipped on a pair of his baggy jeans and a long baggy black shirt that Sam had gotten him a long time ago.

Vlad had still been in his room at that point, so he had allowed the older man to lead him to a huge dining hall that had breakfast plates sat on it. It was overbearing with the food it had and he had hardly touched it at all during that time.

He wasn't sure what happened next, only that he had suddenly felt exceedingly tired and that his body had weighed a ton at the time. His mind belatedly told him that he had just been drugged, most likely the orange juice since he had just finished that, it was the only thing he finished.

He woke up strapped to a metal table, a cold feeling sweeping over his body as he was electrocuted. He knew what had happening in that instant of groggy wakefulness.

Vlad had just made him go ghost.

He began to scream and struggle against his restraints, only realizing that he had a ghost proof gag in his mouth when he tried to wail and get free. "Experiment 001 in progress. Resistance to Fire beginning." Vlad announced as he came into his sight, a medical mask over his face and a medical cap over his head to keep his hair from getting in the way. "Ah good you're awake. Don't want you missing out in this after all." The Frootloop had said and he feared for his life when he saw a mechanical arm lower from the ceiling, a torch lighting at the end of it. Vlad took a hold of it and lowered it to his side.

He knew no more than pain after that. It burned into his side and sizzled his skin, blood, and ectoplasm, whatever it could lay into.

It didn't end with fire though.

He remembered the drowning, the neck breaking, the lightning, and the crunching of bones, the feel of his own blood falling down his skin, how he couldn't breathe for several hours after Vlad had left the room and the air began to disappear.

He was a ghost.

He was only half ghost.

He was human.

He needed to breathe to survive.

He needed his blood to live.

He needed bones to keep his body up.

He needed food to survive.

He needed water to survive.

He couldn't remember the last time he even had food. He had no idea how long he had been down there or what had been done to him. He only knew that at Experiment 048 he had lost the will to fight. He was still chained to the table from his ankle, but he didn't bother fighting against the experiments anymore. He just sat at the table and took whatever came his way.

Eventually he was put under. He wasn't sure why he was knocked out for that experiment, only which Vlad didn't really want to take any more chances in doing this one. Apparently the shock could kill him if Vlad wasn't careful.

He woke up later in his bed. His actual bed in his room that he had lived in the first few days that he had been with Vlad. He had blinked several times to orient himself to where he was before he shot up in bed, ignoring the pain in his chest as he did so.

He was in his bed, not the medical table. He wasn't strapped down or chained or anything.

The only thought on his mind after that realization had been simple.


He ran fast to the closet where he hoped his belongings still were and a sigh of relief escaped when he saw that they were. He quickly grabbed his old backpack and threw in as many clothes as he could, jeans, shirts, underwear, all of that. He quickly grabbed a pair to throw on, ignoring the numerous bandages wrapped on his body as he did. Once his jeans and white shirt was on, he threw a red hoody over that and ran from the room, only just remembering to throw his shoes on after that.

He wasn't sure how he was able to get out of the mansion after that, only thinking that Vlad must've been at work at the time had helped him at all.

Running was all he could think of at that time though. He ignored everything else as he passed trees and took the route that he remembered from when he was with his family. He ran away from that damned mansion and towards the closest city, hiding in the shadows from there and out of sight from Vlad.

There were several close calls of course, like the vultures almost coming up behind him, but he had slipped into the crowd and disappeared from sight before they even realized who he was.

Skulker had been bad though. That one had tracked him all over the place and towards the west coast of America. He had to constantly dive into garbage cans to avoid the hunter, but had succeeded several times without fail.

He hadn't tried to go ghost though, that is until he had gotten off of the bus at some random place. It had been when Skulker and The Fright Knight had finally caught up to him, cornering him to the side of a building.

He had been scared and panicked, when he had been cornered, unsure if he even should go ghost since that had been a possible way for Vlad to track him in the first place.

Even though he was scared, he didn't want to get caught by these two idiots and so had tried to go ghost. He was unprepared for the electrical shock that had gone through his entire body.

He screamed in pain as electricity ran through his body, zapping any and all strength he had from his body. He heard the panicked yells from Skulker and Fright Knight, but he didn't care.

He hurt.

He screamed.

He yelled.

He clawed.

And finally he fell to the ground.

He blacked out after that, unsure of what happened between passing out and waking up.

The only thing he realized when he woke up was that there was a new figure in front of him, staring down at him calmly with his hands clasped behind his back.

At first he thought it was Vlad because the man held the same stance and posture, but quickly threw that away when he saw the mask that the male wore and he saw no cape. The man stomped his foot onto his back to keep him down, it was obvious that the man didn't want him to move.

He just looked up at the other in a haze and grogginess that he realized came with blood loss. He gulped as he glanced down at the ground he was laying on, noticing the snow around him, but also the red blotch that had stained the snow crimson.

The world was an exceedingly cold place.

That was the first thing he learned when he had finally escaped from his tormentor, even though he had already known that lesson.

He had hoped that someone would help him, especially when his entire front was soaked in blood and the snow that covered his body.

He had gotten his wish though, someone had come to help, but it was still seemingly unanswered on if he really would help him.

Or if he would be left to die.

"Do you want to live?"

He looked up at the man in surprise, unsure of what to say to that especially since he had wanted to die only what seemed a day ago.

Did he really want to live?

He let his head fall to the ground as he thought about it. The world was cold and he had felt the bitterness in it from firsthand experience.

Did he really want to keep living?

Or did he want to lie down and die like the dog he was.

He gulped in sudden fear at that thought and the thought of Vlad winning caused tears to fall down his face as he remembered how Vlad had used him. The man had explained that he was nothing more than a lab rat for the millionaire to use as he wish and dispose of as he pleased. So the truth…

He didn't want to die.

He shook his head back and forth, his nose burning from being rubbed into the snow, but he didn't care. He could live with a little cold burn.

"I see." The man above him said and took his foot off of his back. "Get up then." He looked up at the man, eyes fogged with tiredness and his vision beginning to be taken over with darkness. "If you want to live, then show me! Get up!" He felt a kick to his side and he gasped in surprise.

It took him several moments and more than just a few kicks from the man to stand up, but he did. The man seemed happy with this and nodded his head as he turned to walk away.

He tried to follow, he really did, but he had lost a lot of blood already, so when he tried to take that first step, he fell back down. He didn't give up though. He continued standing up and trying to walk, only to fall down.

He was unsure if the man was still there, his vision becoming spotted with darkness as his mind and body began to revolt against him.

He didn't care though.

He wanted to live.

He wanted to prove Vlad wrong.

He wouldn't die on the other's terms.

He would die on his own terms.

He stood again and took several steps this time before his legs buckled and he fell to the ground again, gasping in pain as his chest hit the ground. He groaned as he felt pain spasm through his body in annoyance at his stubbornness to keep moving.

He moved to stand again, only to feel hands slide under his armpits and pick him up and somehow get him on a back. He knew it was the man from before, but he was in a lot of pain. He groaned as he felt the other move swiftly through the town, the jarring stops from jumping and the motions of running.

He did notice though how the other was as careful as he could be though, gentle hands holding him up on the other's back as he held onto him the best he could with his weakened arms and abused body. He could only do what he could when he felt himself beginning to slump on the other's back from the pain in his body. "Go ahead and sleep."

He blinked at that sleepily before groggily passing out on the strong shoulder.

He woke up with a start when he felt a hand on his chest.

He reacted on instinct, grabbing hold of the wrist and twisting in such a way that made pain spasm in his body, but he ignored it. He focused on tossing the person away from him and leaving himself on one side of the bed while his attacker was on the other. That was what was supposed to happen.

He was surprised though when he felt the hand twist in his hold and grab a hold of his forearm, twisting it so that it was behind his back, his chest pinned down against the bed and pain lancing through his whole body.

"It seems you have quite the instincts." He froze at the voice, unsure of what to do now that the memories from earlier came to his mind, racing across his eyes as he thought about the man that had carried him to who knows where. His breath began to come in huffs and his chest tightened in both fear and panic. He was unsure of what to do.

"Calm down." The weight of the elder man leaned over his back forced him to steady himself or he risked passing out, not to mention the gasp of absolute pain made him realize how bad his chest hurt. "Yes, just like that, relax and take in deep breathes." The man continued to instruct and soon he realized that he was slipping back into the darkness.

He was unsure of how much time had passed since he last woke, but this time he felt a little off somehow. It was hot and he normally didn't feel the heat as much as he did when he was fully human. His body was naturally colder due to his being half dead. Even his heart beat was normally slower but at the moment it was beating so fast that he was afraid that it would burst out of his chest.

"Ah, you're awake." He looked to the side slowly, his head pounding, and saw the man from earlier. He wasn't able to see his face but he thought he saw a mask from earlier covering that. He'd have to think about it later when he could actually focus better. "It seems you have caught a fever and your wound has become infected. I'm unsure of what caused it." The man announced as he moved towards him slowly, his hands held at his sides where he could see them.

He watched with glazed eyes as the man came closer to him and looked down at him, knowing that if the man really wanted to kill him at that moment, he could and there'd be nothing he could do about it.

"I've looked through all the information I can, but I am unable to find information on you. You must not be a very important person if there's absolutely no record of you, not even in any hospitals or school records." His eyes widened at this as he realized a very important detail.

Vlad had erased him from the face of the planet.

He felt tears fill his eyes and fall over at that thought. He hadn't had much left in the world but for the records in his school and the people who remembered him there. To have everything he had worked for, even if it was just a little, erased and destroyed was heartbreaking. He had absolutely nothing left in the world now, not even his chance at going to school. He looked away from the man that had saved him from peril, not wanting such a man see him spill such useless tears. He felt ashamed and pathetic, but he couldn't help it.

"I seem to have hit a nerve." The man said as he took a step back to give him space. "I would not have thought that such a thing would affect you as such, but apparently there is more to you than what I first thought." He wanted to snort and give a sarcastic reply, but knew it would be useless due to the fact that his throat felt raw and inflamed at the moment.

He clenched his eyes shut as he fought against the sorrow tearing through his body, telling him that he should just give up and die.

The only thing keeping him going at this point was the will to show Vlad that he wasn't a lab rat to toss aside and allow to die after all the tests possible had been ran. He was going to live and make it through this no matter what.

"I assume that you must be hungry, even if you are still sick. I will not waste precious resources just for you to die from sickness." The man stated as he disappeared for several moments before reappearing with a tray with a bowl on it.

He tried to sit on his own, but the weakness in his arms and the pain ripping in his chest told him that he would be doing no such thing. He growled in annoyance as he tried again, only to have a set of hands slip under his armpits once again and help him sit up against several pillows at his back. "I told you, I will not allow my resources to be wasted because you decided to be sick." The man growled again.

He scowled at him with a glare worthy of Him, he was sure, but the man wasn't affected and instead took a seat at his bed and picked up the bowl and spoon. He blanched in horror as he realized what this man intended to do and he let him know that he despised even the thought of it.

"Try lifting your arms." The man directed at him and he growled as he tried to do as ordered. He blinked in surprise when he realized that his arms felt like lead. He frowned and looked at his right hand, knowing that this would be harder than he realized. He concentrated on one of them first before he even gave into the thought of giving in. He concentrated for what seemed like hours, but were indeed only minutes, trying to even twitch a finger.

"Your nerves were affected by some sort of shock." The man said as he watched him patiently, knowing that the boy's will would not permit such a shameful act as being fed would do. "I'm unsure of what those beings did, but apparently they sent quite the amount of electricity through your body."

He realized that he wasn't going to be able to lift his arms and glowered at his lap in disdain, but he knew that if he wanted to eat, then he'd need help. He glared at his lap as the man finally began to feed him the soup that he had brought, knowing that this would be his first full meal in what seemed ages. He had eaten only what he could still easily or what others could afford, nothing more.

He could only finish half the bowl before he could no longer eat any more, turning his head away from his savior to signal he couldn't eat anymore. The man seemed to under this and elegantly sat the bowl back down and stared at him.

"My name is Slade." He blinked at that and looked at Slade with wary eyes, already knowing that this man could possibly be worse than Vlad. "I bet your wondering why exactly I saved you and what my intentions are towards you."

He nodded his head slowly at that, wanting answers, ignoring the pain that was growing in his chest and his tiredness. Slade nodded at that and stood up with his hands going to behind his back from habit. "I want an apprentice." He stated calmly.

He stiffened immediately at that word, his eyes going wide in fear and horror. He didn't want to be anyone's apprentice, especially some fruitcake he had just met on the street, even if said fruitcake had saved his life.

He quickly shook his head, Slade's one visible eye narrowing at the movement. "You haven't even heard my proposal yet and you dare to refuse me?" Slade asked calmly, but the tint of anger was evident in his voice.

His breathing picked up as his panic began to set in. "No." He whispered at first before forcefully moving his body, his arms still hanging at his side uselessly even as he pushed with his legs so he was leaning against the wall instead of the pillows. "No no no no no no! NO!" He yelled out the last no forcefully, hating the thought of having to become someone else's 'apprentice'.

Slade watched him, he was sure of it, as he had his panic attack. "I refuse! I will not become someone's apprentice! All that is, is pain!" He screamed at the masked man, knowing that he was revealing a lot in his panic, but he couldn't help it. "I won't go back to that! I'm not a lab rat!" He screamed again and tried to summon his ghost side to escape.

He screamed in pain as what felt like electricity whipped through him, causing all sorts of pain. He screamed and screamed and screamed and that's all he seemed able to do, scream.

He was in total bliss when he fell back into the darkness.

When he woke next he felt like screaming again. His body was screaming in pain and itching from a crawling sensation over his body. He felt tears falling down his face from the extent of the two feelings, it hurt so bad. He wanted it to stop.

"I see you've awoken again." Slade. He wasn't sure why the man had bothered keeping him after seeing that, but he knew that he was useless now. He couldn't excess his powers and his body was frail from whatever Vlad had done to him.

"I want to know why you react to 'Apprentice' so badly." It was a blunt statement, but he still froze at that word, already knowing that it had been part of his hell.

"No." He managed to whisper out, turning his head away from Slade.

Slade growled at that as the sound of steps came towards him. He wanted to get away, but his body was refusing to move again, even his legs. His chin was grabbed roughly and his head turned so he could look at Slade. "I do not take insubordination well." Slade stated as he glared down at him. "You will tell me why you dislike that word so much and give me your name boy."

He glared at him back; knowing that if he was going to be tortured he wasn't goin got give in again. "Go ahead and hit me then." He whispered, his voice hoarse but still useable. "Wouldn't be the first time I'd be someone's whipping boy." He stated and then spat at Slade with what little saliva he had.

Slade easily evaded the spit and it fell back onto the bed harmlessly, but the look in Slade's eyes told him that he was now contemplating something. "I would not be your first master then." Slade finally spoke after several minutes.

He snarled at that word, master, hating it even more than Apprentice. "I'm not ones toy!" He snarled. "I refuse to be a slave; I refuse to be a damned Lab Rat!" He yelled out the last part, his legs lashing out in his anger.

Slade merely glanced at them before returning his stare back at him, but he didn't care, he just wanted this man dead so he could leave! "I see." Slade said again as he stepped back, surprising him slightly and causing him to fall silent and still. "If that is how you were treated before, than I see why you hate that word so fiercely."

He stared at him again, his eyes wary but more open this time, especially since Slade's tone had changed slightly. Most would not have noticed but due to his having worked with Clockwork and dealing with Vlad, he noticed. "What do you want from me?" He finally asked, his voice rough from his earlier yelling.

Slade stared at him silently for several moments before chuckling. "I only wish for an apprentice to teach the ways of my styles." Slade ignored his snarl at the word and continued on. "I want an apprentice that will listen to me and for me to guide." Slade's eye narrowed onto him and he leaned forward slightly so he could see the intent on his face. "I want an Apprentice to make strong enough to defeat anyone they so wish."

He stared at the elder man for several moments before glaring. "That's what he said too! He'd make me strong and we'd rule the world together! I was nothing more than a rat to him! Something to use and then dispose of when he pleased! How do I know you're not going to do the same thing!?"

"You don't." He froze at that as he stared at him in astonishment. "You'll have to trust me." Slade stated as he disappeared into the shadows, leaving him to think.

He was unsure of how long it was before Slade returned, staring at him silently and waiting. "Phantom." He finally said to the man.

Slade raised an eyebrow at him as if to ask what he meant. "My name. Phantom, Danny Phantom." He looked up at the man with soft glowing green eyes and a determined frown on his face. "You said you'd make me strong, strong enough to beat anyone." He didn't ask but stated it.

Slade nodded anyways to that as he walked towards him and stopped at his bed. "I did say that." He confirmed.

"Then make me strong so I can kill him." Danny said with determination.

Danny wasn't able to see it but he felt the smirk that fell onto Slade's face as the man chuckled. "Alright then, your training begins now. You'll have to feed yourself this time."

Months passed before Danny was able to stand on his own again, his legs wobbly underneath him, but he didn't care. He worked hours upon hours, days upon days to be able to move on his own again. He found out the hard way as well what Vlad had done to him.

Slade had never seen someone go into a rage like Danny had that day he learned that he had been cut open. He had destroyed a good portion of the hideout before he passed out in pain.

Slade later told him that he had screamed and a piercing wail had come out instead, but this attack had cost him dearly. He spent several more months to learn to walk again. He wasn't happy when he learned that his powers were blocked off from him for some reason, he was furious, but he held back another wail and learned to use his powers sparingly.

Slade taught him everything that Danny knew, forcing him to work ten times harder every day to get the power and energy back from when he had been hunting ghosts. He learned to tactics and maneuvers and tricks every day. His body toughened and became strong. He grew a couple of inches that first year with Slade as well.

He was still unsure of Slade for a while, but he learned to call the man Master, even if he hated it at first. Later in the coming year he would be happy to call the man Master due to the way that the man treated him and taught him. He gladly called himself the Apprentice for once, especially after he had been able to pull off a heist for his Master on the first try. The Titans had no idea it had been him that stole the computer chip.

The first year passed and his memories of his time with Vlad faded and his memories of his friends and family also began to fade. The pain in his chest disappeared as the wound had completely healed, leaving him whole for the first time in a year.

He continued to train and train until there was only so much he could learn from Slade, he'd have to start learning from experience soon if he wished to be any more help to his Master.

He grew to trust Slade also, not even second guessing the man as he took him out on several nighttime travels, mostly a game between them to see who could stay hidden and not be seen.

He had been chased by the Titans more than Slade had been, but he still was able to disappear before they even had a chance of catching him.

He told Master of his lost powers and the man quickly went to work to create something that he could use like his old abilities had permitted. Danny soon had several blasters that fit in the palm of his hand and a belt that allowed him to go invisible, not to mention all of the other beads and marbles that Master had at his disposal.

All he wanted to do at this point was to make his Master proud of him, so when Slade had told him to face the Titans on his terms, he was excited. This was his chance to show his Master that he had grown over the last two years. To prove he was a capable apprentice that was worth every bit of his time.

He smiled at the suit that Slade had given him before he left to do the mission. It was the final piece that told him that he was permanently his Master's apprentice. There was no going back after he put the suit on.

He didn't bat an eye when he left the lair wearing the suit.


The boy screamed in pain as his body began to emit a freezing cold wind, blasting the five Titans near him, away and into a wall. His body changed as the white halo around his body split from his middle to change his form.

He was still wearing the suit that Slade had given him to make him his apprentice, but his skin turned a shade paler than what it already was, his eyes turned into a blazing emerald with sapphire outlining his pupils, his hair turning a shocking white but the sides of his head and the back stayed black, and finally a white glow surrounded his body.

Slade watched in horror as powerful winds swept around the boy and rammed into him, slamming him into the wall next to a panicked Plasmius. "What the hell have you done!" Slade roared at the man as he pushed up against the winds and came to be kneeling on the wall, the winds holding him there.

"The power the boy has is much more than I expected!" Vlad yelled back as he looked away from Slade and towards something else. "I used what was in his system to change his molecule structure! To regain his powers and use him as a weapon I needed to change his base from human!" Vlad yelled over the wind as he began to move towards whatever he wanted slowly. "I just activated the nano bots I had injected him with just now. I hadn't expected for him to lose all control like this."

Slade growled as he looked over Vlad and stared at the remote the other was heading for, his eyes narrowing in concentration as he crouched against the wall and then leapt over Plasmius, quickly coming to the remote. "If I hit this button, it'll shut those bots down correct?" Slade asked as he turned to look at Vlad.

Vlad snarled at him and shook his head. "No, it'll destroy him." Vlad went to try to snatch the remote away but was unable to due to the fact that he was pinned to the wall.

Slade's eyes widened for only a split second before he crushed the remote in his hand. Vlad stared in horror at the wrecked remote before screaming in rage. "I will not allow you to destroy my apprentice." Slade announced as he shot his fist forward and knocked the Elder Halfa out. Vlad quickly returned to his human form and was left against the wall.

Slade looked towards his screaming apprentice in determination before jumping from the wall and slamming to the floor instead. He quickly pulled out an extra staff and slammed it into the ground so he could stay there while he looked at his bracelet that Phantom had made for him. "I hope this works." He muttered to himself as he pressed a button and the bracelet fizzled for a second before a large green dome surrounded him.

Slade smirked as he slowly made his way to Phantom, knowing that he only had one shot at this. The winds were strong at point blank, even with the shield it was pushing him back, so he had to hurry to do this. "Sorry about this Phantom." Slade finally said as he swung his staff, hitting the boy into the side of the head, knocking him out instantly.

The winds died down and the room warmed up.

"You're going to pay for that." Slade's eyes widened as he turned around in surprise, the bracelet fizzing as it held against the lightning bolt that had hit the shield. "I won't allow you to take my Apprentice away again." Vlad stated as another lightning bolt appeared in his hands.

Slade snarled at that as he glared at the other man. "He's not your apprentice." Here Slade smirked as he glanced at the passed out boy. "He's mine." Slade said and turned back just in time to see the lightning bolt smash through his shield.


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