A/N: So I had been wondering what my next story would be and I had no clue. The next thing I know is that this story popped in my head. I have no clue where I'm taking it or anything else. Throwing it out there to see id you readers like it and would like me to continue.

Olivia Benson leaned back in her chair and closed her eyes. The only thing she wanted more than the sleep her body so desperately needed was to catch the sick sadistic bastard that they were after. She glanced at her watch and realized that Elliot Stabler, her partner for the last five years, still had ten minutes of sleep left. She was thankful because that meant she would have a chance at thirty minutes when he was done. She leaned over to look the file over again when she heard the tell tale sound of heels clicking on the tile. She groaned to herself the last thing she wanted was to have to deal with Alex Cabot their ADA on as little sleep she had.

She had had what she called a school girl crush on the woman since she walked into their bull pen about six months ago. Every since that day her crush had slowly grown into a full blown infatuation. It had gotten to the point where Olivia was coming up with every excuse in the book to see the blonde hair attorney. Even going so far as to volunteering to get the warrants that, Munch and Fin, the other detectives in the squad, needed for their cases. Once Elliot asked how long was she going to dance around it and just ask her out Olivia did everything she could to avoid Alex.

Which was probably one of the smartest things that Olivia had ever done because no matter what she could never and would never act on her feelings. To begin with Alex was a co worker and she had learned not long after joining SVU when she slept with Brian Cassidy not to mix business with pleasure. Secondly Alex was straight as they came. That revelation was discovered the night her and Elliot had gone in search of her and found her out on a date with Trevor Langen of all people. Most importantly and quite possibly the deciding factor on why she wouldn't pursue her was the fact that she was the product of a rape and raised by an alcoholic mother while Alex from a very influential family and had more money than the Kennedys

Olivia wasn't talking about the money she made from being an attorney. Oh no. Alex was from old school money and had her eyes on the DA's chair and eventually the senate. She had made that clear when she started with the unit with the comment that she planned to stand on their shoulder and reach as many constituents as possible. For as long as Olivia could remember there had never been an openly gay DA in office another reason why she was out of her league. No one, especially Alex, should have to give up their dreams for her. Maybe if she was someone else yes but with her background she didn't deserve someone so good.

Alex stopped when she saw Olivia sitting at her desk. She could tell by the way her shoulders were slightly drooping that she was exhausted and willing to bet that she hadn't had any sleep since Monday when they caught the new case. She had originally joined SVU to help her political career along but once she got to know the detectives and how they handled the cases they were dealt she decided if she spent her whole career as their ADA she would be happy. To hell with the DA's chair and the senate, especially if it meant she could work side by side with detective Benson.

For a while there Olivia was coming to her office almost daily. If it wasn't for them to go over her testimony, as if she ever needed to, then it was for warrants. It was when Olivia started showing up for Fin's and Munch's warrants that she had confirmed her suspicions that Olivia was interested in her. Then as quickly as she started coming she stopped which had greatly disappointed her not that she would ever show it..

"Any new leads?" She asked as she approached Olivia's desk noticing how she straightened her shoulders as if she was preparing to battle. It was the same manner in which she now entered her office. She deeply missed the slightly relaxed Olivia that would come in from time to time.

"No nothing." Olivia bit out as she spun in her chair to face the attorney.

"I thought you guys could use some fuel." Alex almost whispered as she sat four cups of coffee on Olivia's desk along with a bag of food.

"Thank you" Olivia answered with a genuine smile as she reached for a cup that had her name on it.. She was silently praying that it wasn't solid black when she took a big swig and was amazed to find it just the way she likes it.

"Did they do it correct because if not I can go back and get you another cup."

"They did and even if they didn't I don't expect you to make a special trip" Olivia said as she stood "Thank you so much. Please have a seat I need to go wake Elliot."

"Thank you" Alex said as she took the seat that Olivia offered her admiring the view of Olivia as she quickly took the stairs two at a time. Amazed as always at the power and strength that was hidden beneath Olivia's frame.

"Hey El." Olivia said as she opened the door.

"Can't I have five more minutes?" He grumbled as he rolled over.

"Nope buddy its my turn for thirty and besides there's a present for you downstairs."

"If it's Kathy please cover for me while I jump out the window. She was pissed as hell when I called earlier and told her it would be another night before I could come possibly later."

"Nope its Alex and she brought coffee and food."

"Don't get me wrong Liv I love the thought of coffee and food." He said as he stood and realized it had been almost twenty four hours since their last meal "But isn't Alex being downstairs a present for you not me. I mean I am married and like Alex and everything but not in the way you do."

"I swear to god Elliot if you don't get out of here in the next few seconds you and Kathy will never have to worry about having children again."

"Alright alright" he growled as he slung the door open as she crawled into the bed for her nap.