The Unforgettable

It is a delicate issue to cross but the philosophy dictates that all warriors are equal in stature. Glory presents itself and a true warrior seizes the moment to enshrine himself or herself in song and story. What a linier existence we would live in if this were true. It rarely is.

So it was with Krak, captain of the Ko Vo Tek. A lifetime of distant meandering and too much blood wine had emaciated his once stoic ego into the sloth of obscurity and as companion to this disconsolation his crew of minor warriors and misfits who also shared his fumbling reach to the empty vacuum of space.

If only they knew what a minor incident of salvage was about to bring to light.

The Ko Vo Tek approached a plasma anomaly similar to those found in the Badlands close to Cardassian space.

"30,000 kellicams from the plasma, Sir," Bobat, the first officer, announced.

Krak glanced over and waved as he had done a thousand times before to indicate the activation of the view screen.

The swirling firestorms of plasma filled the screen and Krak smiled to enjoy this vicarious display of natural violence.

"We go in" Krak gruffed.

"I recommend we drop sonic markers to guide out way back. Sensors will be poor to non existent in this storm." Bobat suggested.

Krak grunted his permission and Bobat turned to his console and began keying in the orders and co-ordinates.

The Ko Vo Tek began to lurch and groan lightly as the first waves of the storm began to impact the hull.

Two hours passed and the rocking and weaving of the ship was slowly becoming monotonously regular when suddenly the Sensor's Officer erupted in voice.

"Another ship, to port, 500 kellicams"

Krak startled in his seat as if awoken by the outburst. "Come about, battle stations".

The screen showed a small ship circling and twisting helplessly about a plasma tornado funnel.

"Identify," Krak ordered.

"Unknown configuration, Not in the system."

"Ahh, a new enemy, ready the disruptors."

"On your orders Sir"

Krak grinned widely but the grin began to fade as the alien vessel simply continued its disjointed tumble about the plasma funnel.

"Hmmmmm" Krak shook his head. There was no honour in destroying what was obviously an abandoned ship. "Space junkā€¦.Worthless garbage."

"There may be weapons on board. Maybe other trophies worthy of salvage for the empire."

"Or worthless junk."


"We will need to get within 50 metres of the vessel for transporters to work in this storm."

With a reluctant nod, Krak gave the order.

The first team materialised in a dark room that appeared to be the bridge of the ship. One warrior glanced at his triquarter and nodded to the other and they removed their helmets.

"Foul air." Another warrior mumbled as he switched on a portable light to examine the surrounds.

Moving from room to room they began to build up a small swag of oddities. One warrior was walking along a hallway past an open door when suddenly the skull of an alien was thrust before his eyes. He recoiled and went for his d'k tahg when another warrior appeared from inside the door holding the skull in his hand and laughing.

"Morak you patach"

Morak laughed again. "Come, I found a locked room."

He led the crew to a door which was locked. On warrior poked randomly at the dead panel at the side of the door which they assumed was the control to open it. He then growled and fired his disrupter at it which showered the others with sparks and small debris.

The door partially opened then jammed again.

"A lever." Morak called out as others began to scour about looking for something to pry the door further open.

A moment later a warrior returned with a metal bar and they all began to heave open the door. At first it barely moved but as the aggression level of the warriors increased the door began to give.

Morak put his head through the door and looked about. The room had a single small panel on a wall which blinked in and out of power at random intervals and a tall glass cabinet which was lit from the floor. Morak could see there was the shape of a humanoid inside the cabinet.

"Someone is in there."

Two warriors drew weapons as the others continued to open the door.

The door now wide enough they stormed into the room weapons to the ready. Morak walked up to the cabinet and gave it a brisk wipe to reveal the face of a Klingon warrior inside.

They stood there in stunned silence for a moment then Morak spoke.

"Bring it"