Chap 18

With everyone back on board the ship, L'tara was able to bring the impulse engines online and the ship began its accent out of the planets atmosphere. Within the hour they were within transporter range of the Ferengi freighter. Kahless was mostly recovered when Alexander came into his room. "We need to board the Ferengi freighter. There may be more Orion men on board."

"Excellent. How do we get there?"

"By transporter."

"The visiting the gods machine." Kahless spoke with hesitancy.

"I am not afraid." Alexander said.

"Neither am i."

"Good, lets go."

Kahless groaned under his breathe and followed Alexander to the transporter room.

They beamed over to the Ferengi freighter and began moving about the corridors. The ship seemed abandoned, there was nobody on the bridge, the mess hall and cargo holds were all empty of people. Alexander was pleased to see the stasis cabinet that Kahless had been held in. He connected a com badge to it and called for L'tara to beam it across. Shortly after he found three tricobolt devices with Orion markings on them. "They may come in handy." Alexander thought.

Kahless entered another corridor with a few doors leading to a series of rooms. One room had a force field covering the door. Inside was a Ferengi, laying still on his side.

"Alexander," Kahless called out, "Is this live food being transported by these people?"

Alexander quickly joined Kahless and looked into the room. "No, that's a ferengi…We don't eat them."

Alexander pulled apart the panel at the side of the door and soon deactivated the force field. With a few minor shakes the Ferengi came to. He recoiled for a few moments believing he was about to be attacked again but Alexander reassured him by waving a handful of gemstones in front of him. "They came on board. I had no choice. I am a business man not a gangster. The Ferengi do not…"

"Who are you?

"I am Glom, daemon of this ship."

"Where is the rest of your crew?" Alexander interrupted.

"I don't know..dead maybe..they were criminals."

They all went back to the cargo hold and using some guess work, found the remaining Ferengi crew locked up in a large crate. The oxygen had almost run out.

"Ferenginar has a low pressure atmosphere. It is luck for us or they would all be dead."

Alexander handed over the gemstones with Glom's gratitude and he and Kahless returned to the Vulcan ship.

"Now what?" Kahless asked while standing before the stasis cabinet.

"Now we take the energy signature and any other details we can find on this thing and use them to search the galaxy." Alexander answered.

"Good, good….How?" Kahless asked again.

Alexander paused to think. "Blood hunters." Alexander erupted.

"Targs, trained to seach."

"Yes, similar to that but with lots of blinking lights and voices in the wall."

Kahless groaned. "Tis truly a time a strange magics. Well, back to the boat with you."

Alexander hung his head then laughed.

Bor'tath sat before the computer in his room. "Record Log, 212th day of Chancellor Martok. My esteemed High Priest Koreth, I hope you have received the ceremonial dagger from the time of Kahless. It is but the beginning of this epic journey and I feel now more alive that ever before in my past. We have engaged in pitched battle with over 40 warriors who came to stand in the way of this great voyage. If I had not been there to bear witness, I would have held grave doubts to the authenticity of the deeds. It was the spirit of Kahless that looked over us that day. I must confess that I was.."

Bor'teth paused a moment gazing up to the roof of his quarters hunting for the words.

"…unsure of my faith. It knew these things to be true in my head but now, I know these things to be true in my heart. Our lord watches over us more keenly that we have ever imagined. He knows what we have become and knows where we have all been. I have no hesitation now in reaffirming his title that we have long known. Fearless hero, great emancipator, a warrior without equal. Kahless the Unforgettable. Hoping this communication finds you with a chimney smoking and a cup that is full. Your lowly novice, Bor'teth."