The Meranary and the Little Girl Who Could.

A/N: Okay this is my new take on a story...Yeah I'm making another O.C. But I hope no idiotic flamers, don't flame me... Anyways, I hope you enjoy this version. This story is about when Jake Muler meets a girl named Ethel Betris Avington(Avery) in a rual part of Virgina. Where he is hired to hunt her down, by some rouge part of the Umberalla Corps. Anyways, apparently her father stole some sercets from them on a new virus called the S. Virus. Making her go on the run with her dog, Booner. Carrying the little Thumb drive only knowing certain details on the virus. Hoping that she can reach the BSAA. She also is put the test only a normal girl only knowing survial skills taught to her, by her paranoid Army father. Thinking that his children should be well "prepared" just incase of an attack. Her father also happened to work for the BSAA. The killed her Family and now she's the one paying for ther father's mistakes...

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Time this takes place: After Resident Evil Six in the Year 2014

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Chapter 1: On The Run.


Avery sighed and shivered in the brisk late September air. It was Fall and she could feel it in her bones. She just wished she would have wore something a little bit more appropiate for the weather. She didn't know how long she would have to wait til she was able to hunt down a rabbit or some little varmint for supper.

Avery sighed and heard the sound of a twig breaking, she took a deep breath and drew an arrow out of her quiver and attached it to her bow. She turned around and saw a rabbit, just 50 yards away from her. She pulled back on the string and fired, hitting the rabbit straight through the side and pirecing it's lung and hitting it in the heart. Avery waited till the rabbit quit moving to retrieve it. She had her blood hound, Booner, go it and bring it back.

"Booner, go get it!" she exclaimed, as her trusty hound raced to get their breakfast.

Avery sighed and stared at her dog.

It had been two months since she had been on the run. Two months; since they ransacked her house and killed her mother and little brother, Jack, because her father had found a file on a new virus; that Umbrella Corps made. Two months, since her father working for the BSAA mysteriously disappeared with out a trace. Two months, since she found a thumb drive that belonged to her father detailing about the virus. Two months; since she took to the woods like a mad woman. Two months, since the survival skills her father taught her as a child were being put to the test. Two months since; her dog Booner and she have been on the run; from whomever or whatever wanted the files. Two months since; she's been carrying the 'oh so important' piece of plastic and metal. Two months since; she has been taking odd-jobs to earn money for food and amo for the "unknowns", when they come and get her. Two months since; she's been hidding out in the fallout shelter/cabin thing. Two months since; she feels herself suddenly going insane. Two months since; she had no such luck contacting the BSAA(whomever they were.) Two months since; she had been using her father's cache of guns of all sorts that he had store underground... Two months since; she had became wiser, smarter and more intuned with nature and her inner-senses...

Two months ago; She would have still been going to college, to get her degree in marine biology. Two months ago; she would have been hanging out with friends and going to parties. Two months ago; she would have been hanging with her boyfriend Jon, making love in some random place. Two months ago; she would be coming home every weekend to spend time with her family. Two months ago; she would be participating in advents for her archery skills. Two months ago; she would be also doing track for long distance running. Two months ago; she would be spending every once a month, shooting guns and hunting with her father, Jim. Two months ago; her and Booner would go running in the mountain trail everyday, near her college. Two months ago; she was just a normal twentyone year-old college Junior with her future ahead of her...


Avery sighed and shook her head at her thoughts. She had done alot of growning up since she's been on the run, from ever who was after. Avery looked up and saw Booner run towards her. He had the rabbit, that was going to be breakfast and dinner, in his mouth as he trotted toward her. His tail was wagging in the air as if saying, "Look what i got.

"Drop it," she commanded, and her three year-old hound dog dropped the dead rabbit. She bent down and ruffled his fur making, the loose skin go over his face, like a unobrow, making her crack a smile. If it wasn't for Booner as her constant companion, Avery swore she would have gone nuts. She sighed and stared up at Booner as he let out a little howl.

"Come, Booner." She said as they made the mile and a half trekk back to the shelter. Thank God, she had only killed little pray. Could you imagine her 134 5'8" frame carrying back a deer that weighed the same, if not more then her. She had a fourwheeler and a dirt bike. But she didn't want to use them, on account of the noise. The both vehicle options could be pretty loud. Also the old 1964 voultswagon Thing that her father painted army green, was their just incase she had to run to town and get things.

The shelter was constructed with a normal 3 bedrom and one bathroom vacaction house uptop. The was the whole disguise about it. On the bottom was a huge underground fallout shelter, that her grandfather had dug back in the 1960's when the Cold War Nuke threats were going on.
The fallout shelter was a hug underground ground area with 3-5 rooms, all 30x40 feet. In one of the areas there was a survial cabinet stored with all sorts of food and caches of weapons know to be legal by owing a gun liscences. Avery swore some of them were not even legal. All stuff to keep you alive and from an home invasion. Avery guessed that she was lucky, that her family was so paranoid, she wouldn't have things to help her when she was on the run.

Before Avery settled into her new life, in a new town. She had an old friend of her dad, that was skilled with technology. delete her old files and make her a new Identy. Thank God Justin, her father's best friend from the Airforce. She had her named changed from Ethel Betris Avington; to Avery May Princeton. Age: 21. She had dyed her dark brown hair to a light reddish-brown and left her common brown eyes normal. Justin had advised her not to use credit cards and to pay in cash wherever she went. She was glad that he had helped her, but him helping her had ended up in his untimely death.

The guy who was sent to track her had a buzzed shaved hair and was talking with some strange ass accent. He almost would have had her, if not for her flight or fight response, making her run like scared rabbit into the woods.

So Eve traveled from her home in New Hampshire to the Vacation cabin her father had somewhere in virgina. She dumped her 92 beat-up old Mustang on the side of the road abandoned. She took her only friend now, her dog Booner. She made a mad dash on foot trekking 5 miles in the woods to the her father's family cabin/fallout shelter.


That was how she got into the situation, that she was in now. Running for her life, like a scared rabbit from a cougar. She didn't know whom was chasing after her. All she knew was that he had to be an assassin or mercianry of some type. Whomever or whatever he was, he sure as hell wasn't going to get ahold of her. Even if she had to fight tooth and nail to stay alivel; she would. She had a promise that she made to herself, to deliver this stuff to the BSAA. And to put a stop to whatever was contained on this flashdrive, that she had in her possession.

Avery was half tempted to pitch the piece of crap into the nearest stream and be done with it. But what help would that do for her. She knew she had a stange and important mission, she didn't know what it was yet...

She sighed and trekked back with her dog to the cabin and unlocked the door. Avery set her bow and quiver of arrows on to the couch, in the living room. She sighed and plopped down on the chair, She left the rabbit outside, until she could skin it and use the meat. She would also use the fur to, well she didn't know yet. She'd probably give it to Booner for a chew toy.

All she lived off of now was, squirel, rabbit, fish and well the can goods that she had. She only went to town to work her job, as a waitress at a local cafe. She felt safe in her new identity, but not safe enough. She took Justin's warining to heart, only pay in cash and don't leave a paper and electronic trail. That meant, that she couldn't even have a face book or start up a bank account. She was using an old vintage cookie jar, as a savings tool. The funny thing was, that it was shaped like a pig.

She sighed and walked into the sparsley funished kitchen. All the pots and pans, looked like they were from the 60's so did the stove and fridge. The wall paper was a sickening yellow flower patterend. But, she didn't care. Atleas all of the things work. To her this was the new home.

Avery live about 10 miles from town, far enough from people. Yet close enough to have a place to hide, is she was found. The town was called MoorseVille. (Random name) Avery guessed the population was about 22,00 give or take. It was a pretty big town, it was sorta of a tourist attractions. With it boasting natuarl forest and great hiking trails. Also there was a group of natural springs. That the Indians beleived held 'mystical powers' or some bullshit like that. Avery didn't believe in that mystical crap. She just believed in hard luck.

Right now, her luck was running out on her!

Boomer let out a little whine, indicating that she forgot the rabbit that she was going to skin..

Avery looked up at her hound and sighed. "Okay, I'll go skin the rabbit so we can have some breakfast." Boomer looked up at her and barked in agreement.

She walked outside and saw that her rabbit was in the spot where she left. But something wasn't right, she felt a sudden chill go up her spine and she was sensing something not right. She paused for a second, her eyes searching the woods for a sign of an intruder. When she didn't hear, see or sense one. She shook her head and walked inside. Just must be her paranoia talking. 'Okay Avery, staying in the woods too long has driven you quite insane. Maybe a little trip to civilization will do you some good...' she reasured herself mentally. She walked to the rough scuffed up wooden table and began the grueling act of skinning, gutting and deboneing the rabbit for stew. Avery took the huge hunting knife that she carried on her thigh and began to cut the skin away from the rabbit. Booner was watching her with feined interest. He probably had food on his mind.


Avery hummed a PearlJam song as she tossed the meet in to the pan. She could hear the sound of the rabbit sizzleing. She added salt, pepper, garlic salt, onion powder and some olive oil into the pan to cook it. The smell of rabbit cooking filled the air. She added in a can of carrots and thing of beef stock and some celery out of the fridge. She put the lid on the soup and let it cook on simmer.

"Sorry boy, stew won't be ready for awhile. You know we could always heat up yesterday's left over hamburgers that I brought from work." she said with a shrug. Booner looked up at her and whined in agreement.

Avery pulled last night's diner leftovers and put them in the outdated microwave and began heating them up. She tooks a step back and leaned up against the kitchen counter.

When she heard the microwave beep, signaling that it was done. She took the left overs and devided it between her and Booner. She set his down on the floor and patted his head. She put hers on an plastic plate and walked over to the scarred up tabled and pulled a creaky chair out and sat down She really need to opt for better furniture. But this would work for now...


As Avery put her meal and the left guts and what not from the rabbit in the cheap black trash bags. She picked up Booners plate and put it in the sink, she would do dishes later. Right now she had to take the trash out and get ready for work. She was thankful that the cabin had running water and electricity. She didn't have to use a generator, unless she was under ground and training...

Avery sighed and called Booner to use the potty, while she put the trash in the barell to be burned. She didn't want to attract a bear and have to shoot it...

Avery tossed the trash into the burn barrel and walked into the make-shift shed that she built by hand, the first week that she moved here. She grabbed lighter fluid and matches and walked the 50 yard distance to the trash barrel. She light the fire and watched the trash go up and smoke.

"Booner!" she called and her dog came scrambling back to her. He was off marking his territory, warning other dogs that he owned this area. She stood there for thirty minutes watching the trash burn to hunk and when she was satifyed. She threw the water bucket, that she brought up from the local creek, near the cabin and tossed in the barrel. Avery watched as the fire burnt out.


Avery sighed and shrug on her ugly pea-green waitress dress, that she had to wear. It had "Walter's Diner" lablebed on the front and on the back. She sighed and shrugged her blue tennis shoes on and tossed her coat over her shoulde. She also pinned back her reddish brown hair. She grabbed her purse and keys and headed off.

She walked to her Thing and checked the back seat, for strangers and tossed the survial bag that she also had brought with her into the back. She headed WestBound to work.

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