The Mercenary and The Little Girl That Could, Chapter 7: Decoy Mission Training Day One.

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Onward with story:

Avery sighed as she whipped the sweat from her brow; she was being thrown across the BSAA training area, like some rag doll. It help of course if you had some massive meat-head of a man training you!

"Block my advances this time, Avington!" Captain Redfield ordered.

Avery glowered at the bulky captain. "I'm trying to, it doesn't help when you—" she was cut off, by Captain Redfield charging her again. Avery dodge, by barley managing to land on her ass, not so gracefully.

He didn't let up his advances, charging at the stunned girl with brawl room methods. Avery managed to stumble into a standing position, only to be knocked down again.

"Come. On. Block." she heard him say in gruff tone.

Avery huffed and winced as she felt bruises building on her other bruises. Her sore thighs were screaming in protest, telling her to stay down.

Avery managed to stumble to standing stance, yet again. She huffed clouds of breath, forming in the chilled air. They sure kept the training base, colder then a witch's titty!

"Is that all you got?" asked Chris. He was hoping the taunting would work on the girl. She shot him a passive glance and was huffing again.

"Weak little girl," He grunted.

"Weak little girl" phrase, got Avery's motor running again; she hated being called weak and little! Her five foot eight frame stood up and she glowered at Chris.

"Say that again," she huffed grimacing at him.

"Weak. Little. Girl."

Avery felt her anger rise up, she charged at the bulk. Her left fist colliding with his jaw, surprising him. Yet, he didn't flinch one bit. Avery on the other hand, was soothing a sore left hook. 'What was his jaw made of, concrete?' she pondered bitterly.

She was a stealthy little girl, he'd give her that. She needed to use her stealth as a tactic, not as a weakness.

Aver took her stance once more, her legs shaking in the strain for her to stay up right. Puffs of air, almost like she was hyperventilating coming out of her lungs. She stared up at Captain Redfield and smirked.

"That all you got?" she mocked.

With a rush of movements he charged at her again, catching her by the throat, but she was ready this time. She turned his weight against him, or what she thought she did Avery once again, found herself landing ass first on the cold hard concrete. If they kept this up, she'd have a bruised tail bone!

Still that didn't keep her from getting back up.

"Stubborn, just like your brother and father. Stubbornness, can be a good thing; it also can be a bad thing. Learn to use your strengths well and learn to compensate for your weakness," He lectured.

"Like what, my father only trained me in submission holds and I only know a little bit of hand-to-hand combat. He trained my brothers more then he did me, in that sort of thing. He taught me more how to handle fire arms, because he always thought it wouldn't come to this." She explained with a sad sigh.

"So much for that," Chris muttered.

"What was that?" she asked, taking her stance again.

Chris cocked a grin. "You never learn do you?"

"Nope, I'm stubborn, remember," she teased as they went at it again.


As Avery dragged her wearily and battle training battered body into the showers. She almost collapsed on the bathrooms's floor in exhaustion. She had never been this tired before in her life, even when her life was normal—well normal for her. But since, her molestation things have taken a dark aspect in her life.

She did make it to the shower though, and one good thing was. She didn't have to wear bandages anymore. Though she would always have a bad scar on her chest, a reminder of her torture. She would never forgive that Ada woman for what she did She wanted nothing more then to ring that Asian woman's neck like a bell! Yet, she knew she needed more training.

She sighed and turned on the faucet and stepped into the steaming shower. Avery let out a little sigh of pleasure, as the hot spray of the shower soothed her aching muscles.

After she was throughly clean, she threw on a pair of sweats and long sleeved shirt. She sighed and padded into the livingroom area of her barracks and plopped down on the worn sofa.

She sighed and turned on the tv, she was about to doze off when she heard a knock on her door.

She groaned and dragged tired body out of her comfortable huddle and made her way to the door. The knocking didn't persist, it just got louder.

"Coming, don't get your knickers in a twist!" she yelled opening the door. She came face-to-face with a brunette woman about an inch or two shorter then her.

"Oh, Hi, you must be the girl, Chris was talking about," she stated.

Avery nodded and looked up at her. "Yup, my name's Avery Avington."

"Nice too meet you, Avery," she said extending her hand and Avery shook it.

"Like wise, what's your name?" she asked.

"I'm Jill Valentine, Chris wanted me to talk to you," she explained.

"'Bout what?" The young reddish brunette inquired.

"About what really happened," She said.

Avery groaned, she really didn't feel like talking about it, at the moment. But she had to, so they'd leave her alone.

"Sure, I'll talk about it, I just don't want the sores to open up again, you know," she explained and Jill nodded.

"Want to talk about it over a beer or something?" Jill asked.

Avery shrugged, she really didn't care for beer but she'd drink it though. "Sure, that sounds nice, only if you buy,"

"Sure, I don't mind," Jill said with a nod..

"So where's the bar at?" she asked.

"Just a little town South of the base," she explained.

"Give me a second to change, and I'll be down," she said.

Avery changed into the maroon jacket and white lacy top and black jeans and boots. (Not all her style.) She sighed and slid out the door and Jill was still there.

"Sorry, about that I just didn't want to go out in sweats," she said sheepishly.

"It's okay, let's go," Jill said.

Avery nodded and followed her out.


Avery sighed and stared into her glass of Budweiser Lite and sipped the bitter flavor. She really didn't like the taste of beer, but the way her fate had been dealing her, she needed it. She glance at Jill and saw her talking to Chris.

'So much for talk,' Avery said taking a chug of her beer.

"So you're allowed to drink?" she heard a familiar voice say. She looked up and saw Piers standing at the bar dressed in casual wear.

"Duh, I'm twenty-one, you know," she said with a sigh. She looked up at him and noted that he looked pretty cute in civilian gear. She sighed at her thoughts, she was starting to like the guy, even though he was a pain in her ass.

"Can I get you a drink, Avington?" he asked.

She nodded. "Sure, but please call me Avery."


Avery sighed as he ordered her a beer and took a seat next to her.

"So what was it like growing up with Big Jim and James?" he asked.

"Big Jim?" she questioned confused.

"Yeah, that's your father's nickname, on account he talks like he's big and bad." he said.

She nodded. "It was needless to say—interesting," she said pausing to sip of her beer, relishing in the bitter flavor of the brew.

"Being the only girl, I got picked on a lot when I was little; that was until I learned to defend myself. I wasn't your typical girl, I liked to go hunting and I despise anything lacy and pink when I was younger and—"

"You also use to tell Mom and Dad when I snuck a girl in, little nark."

She turned and saw James come in and a few of the blond bimboes rushed towards him. He took one on each arm, Avery resisted the urge to snort.

"Love you too, James," she said.

"This your girlfriend, she's not your usual—"

"Gross, we're siblings!" Aver and James grimaced in union.

"Oh, she needs a make over," one said.

"I think she's adorable the way she is, the little country bumpkin," Piers offered and Avery sneered at him.

"Yeah, I'll be on the porch churning my butter." she muttered sarcastically turning back to her beer. She scanned the bar for Jill, she was no where to be seen and neither was Captain Redfield. Avery arched a brow curiously and sighed. She wondered if those two had something besides, "friendship" going on.

"Hey babe, wanna be with a real stud," some drunk slurred.

"No thanks, but I'll let you know if I see one," she muttered.

The guy looked at her and sneered again and started to cough. She glanced at him and rolled her eyes. She felt him place his hand on her as and grope her.

"Nice and firm, just like I like em'" he leered groping her rear end.

"I suggest you take your hand off of my ass," she said prying it off.

"Or what, sweetheart," he taunted.

"I'll shove your teeth down your throat," she threatened bravely.

On the inside, her mind was replaying her ordeal, like an old horror film reel. She shivered inwardly. She was not going to let him to this to her.

"You don't scare me swee—Ow!" He cried as Avery twisted his hand behind his back.

"Don't grab my ass or another girl's again, you drunken inbred hick! Women don't appreciate being handled like produce as the market." she growled, twisting his wrists even harder makingh him squeal.

"Crazy bitch!" he yelled, Avery increased the pressure on his wrists even more making him squeal more.

"Say your sorry!" she fumed twisting it to the point of snapping as she heard the bones began to pop.

"Okay, Okay, I'm SORRY, now let go of me, please!" he cried.

"Good, now, get out of here," she said, letting go of his wrist and as he stood up she booted him in the ass.

"No, Johnny—"

"No, she's right, I get tired of you coming in here, Hank grabbing these women like you have a right. And starting shit with their boyfriends for no reason. You're just mad 'cause a girl put you in your place.

"Yer' ma would be 'shamed of you, so you're barred from the bar," he added as Hank stormed out of the doors.

Johnny turned back to Avery and sighed. "Sorry about that,"

"It's okay, I'm use to asses like that, I use to work at Hooters." she explained and got an amused chuckle out of the bartender.

"You okay?" she heard James and Piers ask.

"Yup, just fine, what I'd like now is a shot of whiskey," she said and ordered a shot.

"I'll cover it, consider it on the house, for playing 'bouncer'," Johnny laughed and received a smile from Avery.

"That's mighty kind of you," she said as she downed the shot.

Piers whispered in her ear. "Just don't get too drunk, you have training tomorrow,"

She nodded and downed her second shot, feeling pretty tipsy at the moment...

Avery lost count of the shots she drank that night after the second one. All she remembered was being carried home by Piers.

Piers sighed as he carried a very intoxicated Avery back to his jeep, tossing her gently in the back.

"Thank you valiant sir, my king thanks you!" she cried, making him chuckle. James just groaned and shook his head at his only sisters antics. He couldn't believe she had gotten drunk, when she knew she had training. Typical twenty-one year old girl, always thinking about partying. If he remembered right her old boyfriends bragged that she was hell in the sack, when she was intoxicated.

"You know you're awfully cute, Prince Charming," she said leering at Piers.

"Thank you, and you're an adorable Cinderella," he joked back.

She giggled like a little girl. "No, I'm not Cinderella, I'm Snow Blower White!"

James just groaned at his little sister. "Ethel Betris Avington, enough is enough or I'll send you to be with out dessert!"

Avery whined and pouted, plopping drunkenly in the back seat. As they pulled up to the barracks, she could barley stand.

"I don't feeeel ssooooo gooood," she said, almost tumbling over.

James sighed and started to pick up his little sister but Piers stopped him.

"I'll take care of her, you have an early day. Besides, you can trust me." he stated.

James looked at him and sighed. "Sure, just make sure she makes it to her barracks in one piece, also don't fall for the strip."


"Never mind, just take her to the her room."

"'Kay," Piers stating hefting her up.

"Thank you gallant knight!" she said, snuggling into his chest. She was so trusting when she was drunk, he just shook his head and carried her to her room.


Avery woke up to an loud obnoxious bang on he door. She groaned and placed a hand on her forehead and glanced at the door angry. She had one hell of a hangover. She always felt this way when she drank whiskey. Why had she in the first place?

"WAKE UP!" she heard someone yell.

"I'm UP!" she grumbled slugging her body up out of bed and padding to the bathroom. She looked like hell, her hair was a wreck and she was somehow in her pajamas.

"Avington!" she heard Captain Redfield yell.

"I'm COMING, don't get your panties in a twist!" she growled.

"You've got 15 minutes to be ready and down at the training area!" he fired.

Avery grunted and threw on her training clothes. As she opened the door she saw Chris standing there.

"Are you ready?" he asked.

"Yeah, I am!" she growled, still combating her hangover from hell.

"Good, today we're going to work on your hand-to-hand.



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