Warning: gay sex scenes, spanking and explicit language.

I do not own Harry Potter, that belongs to the wonderful and talented JK. I just like to play around with her characters.

Chapter one

Harry Potter couldn't wait to settle into his home in Godric's Hollow. It took months to get permission to repair his parent's home then a few more months before it was finally finished. The only thing he was going to do inside the house was get rid of his old mattress in the cot and gave the furniture to Mrs. Weasley to use for her grandkids when she got them and they visited the Burrow. Harry decided he wasn't going to use his parent's furniture in their bedroom but he would use the room as it was large and the view from the large windows was beautiful, so he was going to put the furniture into the spare room and buy himself a new bedroom suite.

During the time he was at the Burrow he relaxed, for the first time in years. One thing he liked about the first few months after the battle of Hogwarts was that if he didn't want to go anywhere or do anything, he didn't have to, his life was finally his own. So a few weeks after the fighting, when Ginny had spoken to him about resuming their relationship, he said they wouldn't be. He wasn't interested in anything serious, in his love life or anything else. Mrs. Weasley was also trying to get Harry to resume his relationship with her daughter and it didn't matter how many times Harry said no, she always brought it up, much to Harry's frustrations. He explained to Mr. Weasley in the hope he could explain to his wife that Harry just wanted time to himself for the first time in his life. That was when he knew he had to get his own place but it wasn't the only reason but he couldn't tell anyone how he dealt with his past or his depression which he was doing a good job at hiding. Mr. Weasley did tell his wife what Harry had said, but it seemed Mrs. Weasley didn't want to listen.

So just to avoid any more intense talks on relationships or arguments, Harry would get up early and leave the Burrow. Sometimes he went to see Teddy and spend some time with him, other times he would go to Godric's Hollow and watch the workmen restoring his parent's home. At one time he did think about staying at Hogwarts or getting a room at one of the pubs, but he couldn't deny how much he loved staying at the Burrow, but also staying close to Ron and Hermione. For nine months they hadn't been apart except for those few weeks when Ron left. Harry was so used to having them close and even though he wanted his space, he still liked spending time with his friends. Before the workmen had started to repair the house, Harry had to force himself to step through the front door the first time, then he covered all the furniture to keep it protected because he wanted to keep his parents furniture. Apart from being very nice and by the look of it, pricy, it was his parents and it gave him a small glance at what they were like. One room he didn't want anyone to go into was his father's office and library. Harry thought it was a beautiful room, with a large antique desk, book shelves that lined the walls, filled with a wide assortment of books. He knew there would be things in this room that would give me a small glimpse of his parents, so he wanted to make sure no one went in there. Harry never told Hermione and Ron that the elder wand never got put in with Dumbledore, for some reason that Harry couldn't explain, he decided to keep it, just not use it. But when he decided to seal the room he used that wand because he knew it would give him more power than his normal wand.

Harry was in the back garden cleaning up and getting rid of the weeds when one of the work men walked out to him.

'Mr. Potter, I just wanted to let you know that we've finished. Would you like to come in and see?' he gave Harry a smile.

Harry grinned, 'Yeah, I would,' Harry dusted himself off and followed the man upstairs and into one of the spare rooms. That roof had been damaged the night his parents died and now it looked great. After that he went into his old bedroom and again it was all fixed, 'It looks good, you blokes have done a great job.'

'Thank you and you know Mr. Potter, when we were first told about this job, all of us were a little intimidated to come in here, knowing what had taken place. But we're all glad that we did, we got to help you put your family home right. What are you going to do with the house now it's fixed?'

'I'm going to live here, I always wanted to if Voldemort was ever gone. Well I should see about paying you blokes, let's go downstairs,' Harry grinned again as he walked down the stairs then paid his bill before shaking all the workmen's hands, 'Thanks.' Harry waited until they left before he started to uncover all the furniture and started on cleaning charms. After washing up, Harry headed down into Godric's Hollow to the furniture store. He found a beautiful mahogany bedroom suite, the bed had four intricate carved posts and the same carvings on the bedhead. He knew it suited a man and not a woman but as Harry was planning on being alone for a long time, even if he might date, this was what he wanted. He got his room sorted then again headed down into the town to buy food, washing products and bathroom products. He knew there might be more he'd need to buy, but he thought he'd work that all out eventually. After sorting out his bathroom, laundry and kitchen, Harry headed back to the Burrow to let everyone know he was moving into his home.

Harry stepped into the kitchen and saw Arthur and Molly Weasley sitting with Ginny, Hermione, Ron and Charlie who still hadn't gone home yet.

'Where have you been all day?' Hermione asked smiling up at Harry.

'First I went to see Teddy, then to the house. It's all finished, so I just bought a bedroom suite, bathroom and laundry products, then food. So I'm just getting my stuff so I can finally move in properly. Do you and Ron want to stay the night, I've fixed up the spare rooms to take guests?'

'I would like to Harry, I've been hoping to see your family's home,' Hermione smiled again then looked at Ron.

'Yeah, I wouldn't mind. But the three of us aren't really good cooks.'

'I'm going to shout dinner, there's a great restaurant in Godric's Hollow I've been too a few times.'

'There's no hurry to leave Harry, you know you can stay here and I think you're a bit young to be living alone,' Molly said.

'I'm an adult Mrs. Weasley and I want to be alone, I like my space. I love being here, but it's time for me to start my adult life now. I'll just go pack my stuff,' Harry hurried up the stairs so Mrs. Weasley couldn't see his frustration and to also get away from her because he knew she would start on him again, either about Ginny or moving out. She treats all her kids as kids and none of them are anymore, even Ginny is now an adult but she just can't seem to accept that or see them like that. Harry grabbed his old ruck sack, put an undetectable expansion charm on it and packed all his clothes along with his shoes and cloak. He put his photo album into then threw it over his shoulder just as Ron stepped into the room.

'Mum's not happy with you or us.'

'No, so are you still coming or did she put her foot down?'

'We're coming, I said since I'm an adult, she couldn't stop me. I thought I was in for one of her shouting tirades, but dad gave her a look and it seemed to say a lot. I'll just grab some clothes for tomorrow and my pyjamas, Hermione's getting her stuff now.'

'Good, I'm glad you're coming,' Harry sat on his old bed and waited until Ron grabbed his things then Hermione stepped into the room, 'Are we ready then?'

'Yep, take us to the Potter home,' Hermione smiled.

Harry chuckled then the three friends headed downstairs, 'Um, thanks for everything Mr. and Mrs. Weasley, I do appreciate you always letting me stay.'

'You're welcome Harry and remember, come visit anytime, you're always welcome,' Arthur stood up and shook Harry's hand then hugged him, 'Be happy in your home.'

'I plan to Mr. Weasley and you can all come visit anytime as well,' Harry let Mr. Weasley go then faced Mrs. Weasley who pulled him into one of her rib cracking hugs, 'I'll miss you Mrs. Weasley, but I will visit.'

'It's like my son is leaving home,' she sniffed then stepped back, 'Make sure you do visit.'

'I will,' Harry gave her a smile then looked at his friends and they headed outside where they apparated to Godric's Hollow.