Chapter thirty one

Harry was curled up asleep in his bed when suddenly he woke to sharp pains in his stomach and back.

'Oh fuck,' Harry glanced around but couldn't see Sev, he looked at his watch and realised Sev would be teaching class. He got slowly to his feet, pulled his oversized pants on, then shoes before he made his way out of his room. 'Fuck,' Harry doubled over in pain, he pulled his wand and sent his patronus off to Sev.

Severus Snape was in the middle of teaching his class when a stag patronus appeared before him.

'Get the fuck here now, I'm in labour,' Harry's voice shouted.

'Draco, take care of everything, you and Hermione met us up there,' Severus hurried from the classroom as fast as his stomach would let him. He found Harry slumped against the wall not far from their room, 'Baby,' Severus gently helped Harry to his feet, 'It's fine love, Poppy said you might go early.'

'It hurts Sev, fucking hurts.'

'I know, let's get you too Poppy and she can give you something for that,' Severus kept a tight hold of Harry and walked slowly towards the hospital. Draco and Hermione raced towards them, Draco putting his arm around Harry as well, then Harry doubled over again.

'Fuck,' Harry yelled, then started to pant heavily, 'Sev.'

'It's fine love, let's just get you up there,' Sev helped Harry straighten then started walking again. Hermione opened the doors and got Poppy Pomfrey's attention.

'Down in the room Severus, it will give him more privacy,' she called then started to gather up her potions and followed the group into the room. 'Help me undress him Severus, I need to check his ready.

Hermione's eyes widen and move to the top end of the bed and turned slightly so she couldn't see a naked Harry, then she noticed a blanket draped across his privates so she turned back. She watched as the matron bent down and examined Harry.

'It's not fully developed but I can do something about that,' she picked up a potion, 'Drink that Harry, then I'm going to make you numb, just for a minute.'

'Numb, what for?' Harry groaned in pain again before taking the potion.

'I have to cut you, make you bigger, just relax, you won't feel it,' Poppy pointed her wand at Harry's small opening, she cast one charm, then touched him, 'Can you feel me touching you?'

'No,' Harry shouted, 'just hurry, I can feel it, their coming.'

She moved her wand again cutting the small hole expanding it so it's wider, then she cleaned away all the blood before handing Harry another potion.

'When I tell you to, push, but not until I tell you, that potion will help with the pain.'

Harry nodded then looked at Sev, 'Sev,' he held out his hand and Severus squeezed it, 'Blimey it hurts.'

'The potion will help, now drink it,' Severus helped Harry tip the potion into his mouth, then took the bottle, 'Try and relax.'

'Relax, yeah, I don't bloody think so,' Harry groaned loudly as his body went to double over again, 'Fuck.'

'When Poppy?' Severus asked anxiously.

'Soon, not yet, maybe ten minutes, try and keep him calm,' she moved her wand over Harry's lower stomach, 'The babies are distressed, so Harry, you need to relax, calm down and take some deep breaths.'

'Are they okay?' Harry said through panting breaths.

'Yes, their fine, they are a little anxious to meet their parents.'

'I'm anxious to meet them,' Harry groaned again then started to take some slow, deep breaths, 'Sev, there almost here.'

'They are love.'

'How are you doing?'

'I'm fine, don't worry about me,' Severus bent down and placed a soft kiss on Harry's lips, 'We're about to see one of our sons and our daughter.'

Harry chuckled then groaned again, 'Yep, we are and these two are about to see their godchildren,' Harry bent over again, 'Fuck, that bloody hurt.'

'It's time Harry, now between each contraction, rest, but now I need you to push,' she watched Harry double over again then push, she glanced down, 'Keep going, keep going, okay, rest.'

Harry fell back on the bed panting heavily, 'Sev.'

'It's fine love, everything is going to be okay.'

Over the next hour as Harry's swearing and yelling got louder and Severus was having his hand crushed.

'The first one is almost out, I see the head, a lot of black hair,' Poppy gave the two father's a smile, 'One or two more pushes and the first one will be out, so I need a big one from you Harry, so push as hard as you can and hold it as long as you can.'

Harry slowly and tiredly pushed, screaming as he did, 'Oh bloody hell,' he fell back on the bed.

'I never mentioned this to you before Harry, but I delivered you when I was a young healer, I think Lily could give you a run for your money with the swearing and yelling.'

'I was born here?' Harry panted.

'No, at your home, Lily and James wanted you born at home, in your room actually. Okay, one more and the first one will be out, so Harry, as hard as you can, now push.'

Harry again pushed, screaming through it then he saw the matron stand with a baby in her arms, moving her wand over him before placing him in Hermione's arms.

'You're son.'

'Albus,' Harry said softly as he glanced at Hermione who had bent down so Harry and Severus could see their son.

'Albus,' Hermione smiled.

'Albus James Potter Snape,' Severus said softly as he stared at his son then heard Harry groan again, 'Our daughter next Harry.'

Harry nodded, panted then groaned loudly as he started pushing again, but like before he screamed loudly.

'That's good Harry, she's almost here, now rest,' Poppy smiled then went about her job as she checked on Harry and Severus' daughter, 'Okay, another big push,' she watched Harry push, hear him groan, then scream again, 'She's out,' Poppy moved her wand over the baby girl before placing her in Severus' arm then went back to Harry, 'Drink this potion Harry, it will start to change you back.'

Harry drank the potion then looked at his daughter, 'Lily Hermione Potter Snape,' he panted.

'Her middle name is after me?'

'Who else Hermione,' Harry smiled, 'Fuck, I'm tired, but can I hold him Hermione?'

'Of course,' she placed Albus in Harry's arms, 'He's beautiful and it's a bit hard to tell who's hair he has since you both of black hair.'

'Harry's, it's messy,' Severus grinned then placed his daughter into Draco's arms, 'Say hello to Lily.

Draco grinned as he looked down at the baby girl, 'She's so tiny, the way Harry screamed, I thought he was pushing out something the size of a hippogriff,' he smirked.

Harry gave a tired laugh, 'Felt like it too.'

'Okay Harry, you've closed up again,' Poppy smiled, 'You will be sore for a while even if it is closed. So you still need to take it easy for a few days. Now I had everything in here ready for you, the bag you brought up with their clothes are here along with their formula.'

'I'll do that now, I'm sure they'll want feeding soon, then we can get them bathed,' Severus smiled then went about fixing two bottles before placing two lots of baby clothes on a small padded cupboard, then warmed the water in the small bath, 'Let's do Albus first since he was out first,' Severus went back to Harry who was gazing down at his son, lifting his little hand, kissing it then kissing his head, 'Harry, love.'

'Our kids Sev,' Harry said softly not taking his eyes off his son.

Severus wiped a tear from Harry's face, realising how truly happy he was, seeing his children for the first time. As he watched Harry and their son, he felt it.

'Um, Poppy, I think I'm going into labour as well,' Severus grimaced and grabbed his stomach.

'Okay,' she quickly conjured another bed as Draco placed his goddaughter into Hermione's arms and helped the matron undress his godfather, ready for another baby to be born. She went about her examination, 'You're ready Severus, so just take the potion for the pain and I'll tell you when.'

Severus drank the potion, and felt it again, the tightening and gripping pain in his lower stomach and ever further down. But unlike Harry, when he started to push, their son was out fairly fast.

'Brian, Draco Potter Snape,' Severus said staring down at his other son, 'All born the same day.'

'For now, rest Severus, I'll make the third bottle and bathe your children with the help of their godparents,' Poppy smiled then made up the other bottle, looked at Hermione who brought over the first of the Potter Snape children. After washing one, she continued until all three children were washed, then between the two father's and godmother, the three children were fed. Poppy smiled again then left the family alone and found Minerva and Kingsley standing outside the door, 'Their all fine, Harry had Albus James Potter Snape first, then lily Hermione Potter Snape, Severus went into labour as well and Brian Draco Potter Snape arrived not long ago. Now the three babies are having a feed, so you can go in if you wish.'

'I'll quickly sent a memo to Witch Weekly, everyone will want to know if Harry and Severus have had their children,' Kingsley grinned then practically ran from the hospital to laugher from Minerva and Poppy who both went back in to see Harry and Severus feeding two of their children and Hermione the other.

The wizarding world is about to have their second biggest celebration and again it's for Harry Potter, but this time there not celebrating the end of a war, but the beginning of three new lives, Harry Potter and Severus Snape's children, their hero and his love.

The end: