The Seldom Seen

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01: Training Incident

Seras Victoria walks calmly down the brightly lit hallway towards the main training room for the human troops under Hellsing's command. Walter had left a note on her table – next to her untouched blood packet – to meet him there as soon as she awoke for the night.

Pushing open the door, she leaps to the left instinctively as a body flies into the space she had previously occupied. Blinking rapidly, she straightens from her half crouch and scans the room's occupants for the familiar figure of the butler.

"Ah, Miss Victoria. Just in time. We need your assistance in using a pouncing vampire's momentum against them. This method, of course, does not work as well for the more experienced midians…" Walter's smooth voice lectures to the gathered troops. "But FREAKS will hardly be as capable of controlling their form as the real thing."

A spattering of nervous chuckles fill the room as some of the newer recruits eye the blue eyed blonde skeptically.

Seras wasn't quite sure to feel insulted that she was being used as a FREAK substitute, or grateful that her Master wasn't here to see this odd little session.

'I'd say 'both', Police Girl, but I think I'll sit and watch this one for my own amusement.'

Great, just great, her Master was eavesdropping on her thoughts again, and now he was going to watch this humiliation just for spite.

"Miss Victoria, if you will?" Walter's voice cuts through her internal grumbling and she blinks, canting her head to the side briefly as she sizes up the butler before nodding and springing forward abruptly – causing more than a few gasps from the newbies – only to see the elderly man duck to the side and feel a hand on her ankle before the world spins and she hits the padded wall with a thump.

Wicked laughter reverberates inside her head as she peels herself out of the Seras sized dent in the wall. Peering at the Angel of Death over her shoulder, and seeing the slight dip of his head, she spins in place and uses the vertical surface as a springboard to increase her speed.

Walter ducks and she flies over his head, landing with inhuman ease on all fours. Biting back the urge to growl at the badly muffled chuckles of the troops, she does an about face and lunges again, this time with her hands outstretched to grab her prey in mid air.

Again she is deflected, this time with a hand clamping over her elbow to swing her violently into the less padded floor.

That one actually hurt.

"Now, as we have demonstrated, there are various ways to avoid a lunge for your throat, but Miss Victoria is, of course, going easy on us. Who would like to try their luck?" Walter asks, almost-purple eyes gleaming wickedly as he surveys the suddenly silent infantrymen.

After a minute of awkward silence, one of the more experienced men steps forward obligingly, "I'll give it a go, Sir."

Straightening to her fully unimpressive height, Seras tracks the man with her body; pouncing as he clears the crowd.

He yelps and jumps back, only to realize that he fell into her trap, hitting the floor with a thud and a leering vampire situated on his chest.

Slow, rather sarcastic clapping fills the room as Alucard leans out of the wall with a wolfish grin on his face.

"Ah, Alucard, I was wondering if you'd make an appearance." Walter remarks blandly.

"I decided to offer my … services." The sadistic elder vampire replies with a smirk, "Come on, Police Girl, let's see if you can catch me."

The madness glowing in his eyes intimidates her a bit, but she swallows her fear and clambers off the solider with a salute, "Sir, yes Sir, my Master."

At his arched brow, she lunges… and hits the wall.

'If you can't even touch me, Police Girl, you will be punished for your incompetence.' His voice hiss into her head with a casual air of menace.

All hesitation drains out of her as she spins with unnatural speed, pushing off the wall to shoot forward, but to the left, to land next to her Master, and attempt to sweep his feet out from under him. He laughs and simply lifts his left foot in the air, aiming a playful kick at the girl to send her scurrying backwards like a crab.

"I know you can do better than that." Baring his sharp teeth in a parody of a smile, he beckons her closer with a crook of his finger.

Feeling a curious tickle in her throat, the blonde realizes with some shock that she had growled at the Master vampire without even being aware of it. Shifting from foot to foot, eyes darting about nervously, she throws herself to the side with a shriek as Alucard flings a pair of weights at her to punish her dalliance.

"Master!" Seras protests, leaping backwards and practically attaching herself to the wall as a set of dumbbells is tossed next.

"In a battle situation your opponents won't sit idly by and wait for you to pounce and rip out their throats, Police Girl." Alucard drawls with a vicious twist to his lips, a series of smaller hand weights thud into the wall, following her panicked wall climbing until he grew bored of his game of target practice and a heavier disk plants itself in front of her.

Shrieking, she leaps off the wall and realizes with horror that she was aimed right at him. Forcing herself not to cringe and close her eyes, she grits her teeth and splays her fingers wide to provide a better shock absorber for the inevitable impact with the floor.

Alucard tsks and raises one gloved hand calmly upwards, grabbing the girl by the face and swinging her into the floor with a patronizing smile. "Sloppy."

Shaking her head dazedly in an attempt to clear it, she groans and yelps in pain as he kicks her into the wall, wincing as a wet snap indicates at least one broken rib. Ugh. That hurt.

Something warm and tangy fills her mouth and she realizes with shock that she had bitten through her lip. Swallowing the coppery liquid reflexively with a muffled moan in the back of her throat, she shivers, feeling strange.

"Tick, tock, Police Girl. Time is wasting." Alucard's voice breaks her haze and she spins in place to face her Sire with a wary look on her pale face. At his arched brow, she swallows again, the lingering burn of blood on her tongue sliding down into her stomach with a jolt.

Lunging to the right, she pivots in mid air to land on her right foot and launch herself in a more horizontal position to the ground at his left; putting her left hand down to swing herself upright with the momentum, she leaps with grim determination for his legs.

Only to meet his knee face first. God!

Something dark flares in her mind, hissing at her to bite him.

What?! The hell was wrong with her?

Her Master wastes no time in kicking her into the far wall, a flat unimpressed look in his red eyes.

That dark something seethes to the surface and seizes control of her body with frightening ease. Growling outright, eyes flashing crimson, the blonde drops to all fours and bares her fangs in a snarl, startled and almost freezing up in mid lunge as her Sire snarls in answer, his eyes flaring brightly in warning.

The dark thing adds even more speed to her already super human reflexes, earning a more approving glance from her Sire as she lands just shy of impact to spring herself into the air above his head and swing her foot down in a vicious swipe at his skull.

He laughs as the impact sends him back a good three feet. Crooking his finger at her rather mockingly, he laughs louder as she charges blindly at him. Reaching out for her face a second time, he flings the girl into the crowd of spectators carelessly – looking down with an arched brow at the slight sting left behind. She had cut him with her little baby fangs! How amusing.

Seras had completely forgotten about the watching soldiers, so absorbed was she in the mock fight with her Master. That … was a mistake.

The instant her Sire's blood hit her tongue she convulsed – hands flying to her face and black claws digging furrows in her cheeks as her senses explode painfully. For such a blood starved fledgling to taste her Master's essence while already in the midst of a minor blood thrall from her cut lip… It was madness.

The soldiers stare at the blonde girl rather fearfully, having parted like the red sea at her approach, one of the men actually turns to vomit against the wall at the sight of her teeth through the holes in her cheeks.

"Miss Victoria!" Walter exclaims at the sight of her self inflicted injuries, "are you quite alright?"

Seras turns feral red eyes upon him with a guttural snarl in her throat. Thirsty. She was so very thirsty and surrounded by prey. Lunging at the elderly man in a blur of color, she shrieks as he jumps back and jerks his hands in a strange motion; razor sharp wires cutting into her arms to fling her back to the floor.

"Police Girl." Alucard deadpans, arms crossing over his chest with a disapproving look on his face.

The fledgling doesn't heed the elder's words, rolling and snapping the wires to lunge into the gathering of defenseless men – for they had left their weapons in the barracks, not expecting to need them indoors while not on assignment. The men start screaming and shouting and running for the door as the insane vampire crashes into their ranks and pins a newer recruit to the floor, teeth buried in his femoral artery and drinking savagely. The man screams bloody murder and writhes like a landed fish, other leg flailing kicks at the ravenous creature draining his blood.

"Alucard!" Walter snaps at the tamed monster, demanding he stop the fledgling as was his duty.

The red clad male sneers and is suddenly gone, reappearing over the pinned soldier and swinging his booted foot into Seras' jaw and throat to send her flying off the prone – not to mention more than half dead – human and into the floor. Appearing over the blonde, his foot slams down between her breasts with a sickening crack, pinning her to the floor with a growl.

"Time and place, fledgling." His tone is glacial, ignoring the clamor of the men around them as he stares down at the writhing blonde, unimpressed with her futile attempts to harm him by clawing at his ankle. Kicking his other foot at her left hand and pulverizing it like sandstone, he smirks at her howl of pain and pins the other, temporarily uninjured, hand beneath his boot.

"If you don't stop misbehaving I'll be forced to punish you, Childe." Her Master warns, staring into her senseless, mad orbs scornfully.

Something flickers, like recognition, in those burning rubies and his Childe voices a half purring mewl in query.

"That's right, I'm your Master." Grinding his heel into her broken ribs warningly, he bares his teeth in a blood thirsty grin.

Seras whines and turns her head to the side submissively, mind still lost under the crushing depths of blood lust and feral, primitive instincts.

Crooking a brow, the dark haired male's lips twist into a malicious smirk as he steps back, "Heel, girl."

The blonde rolls to her knees, hands lifted protectively to her chest as she quivers obediently at her Sire's feet. The bustling meat bags catch her gaze and she stares at them hungrily, clicking her teeth together with little whimpering noises bubbling in her throat.

Alucard laughs and wraggles his finger from side to side mockingly. "No, bad." Wicked amusement lights his hellish gaze from within, making him quite the intimidating sight to behold.

Seras gazes up at him with wide cherry red eyes, still lost in the darkness of her own mind, and his grin turns positively poisonous as he reaches down and runs his fingers through her hair in a condescending manner before fisting the short sun bright locks and slamming her face first into the floor.

'Wakey wakey Police Girl.'


"Yeeeeesss…" He hisses, staring at the back of his progeny's head, voice echoing in her ears and her mind commandingly. 'It's time to stop playing hunter and wake up like a good girl.'


Seras' consciousness swims slowly towards the surface, guided by the pull of her Master's mind. Oh god, her chest hurt, and her hand! What happened? "Master..?" She whimpers, nose mashed into the padded floor, "What happened?"

"A training incident." He replies with a smirk, staring over his shoulder at Walter meaningfully.

The Butler gives a stiff half bow, face creased with dark emotions. Sir Integra would be informed at once, and the elderly man would report Alucard's words and their meaning to the Hellsing heir to seek referendum for the girl's actions through her Sire first or there would be hell to pay.

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