The Seldom Seen

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26: Seras' Pyjamas

Seras was so excited!

Sir Integra said she could go to the mall and pick out something for her birthday. She hadn't been to the mall since long before her Sire turned her, and she hadn't been allowed out of the manor alone yet. She was still a relatively new vampire, only about two months along in her journey towards immortality.

"Are you ready?" The woman's voice broke her thoughts and she glanced up into the ice blue eyes of the tanned blonde in the business suit, and she snapped out a quick salute out of habit, "Sir! Yes." She laughed.

Sir Itegra graced her with the hint of a smile as she turned and strode out the open front doors to the waiting limo, "Good. Come along then, Seras."

The duo wandered the mall, Seras 'ooh'ing and 'ahh'ing at various things, but nothing quite caught her eye for her present. Hah, her present. The thought of it sent giddy butterflies whirling in her stomach.

She could tell the statuesque blonde was getting a little frustrated, but she continued to stroll alongside the shorter girl indulgently.

Seras' eyes travelled across a certain window and she stopped dead, "Ooh, that one!" Scampering eagerly over towards the store, she heard the knight's footsteps following her as she pushed open the glass. Plush things lined the ceiling, but the blue fabric she'd seen in the window turned out to not be quite right. Frowning, she turned, and then spotted another set and her eyes widened in delight.

A set of pjyamas was displayed nefpre her, as blue as her eyes with black puppies frolicking on her fabric. Upon closer inspection, she noticed with puzzlement, the pups had three sets of red eyes. How… odd. Canting her head to one side curiously, she stepped closer and her ankle boot squished something exceedingly soft and pliant. Lifting her foot, she glanced down and nearly squealed in delight. So cute!

A black fuzzy dog slipper lay across the floor, a pink tongue waggling at the end, and she noted that this hound had six eyes as well. She crouched down to pick it up, and as her eyes wandered to where it escaped from, seeing a mountain of the footwear crammed into boxes tucked against the wall.

The store owner coughed nervously as he stood nearby, looking sheepish, "My assistant ordered them before he was fired." He muttered, "They never sell… Well, here, miss, we've got other more pleasant looking sleep wear this way." He said leadingly, but Seras grabbed a matching slipper and stood with a smile on her face, "I like them!" She chirped.

Sir Integra laughed – so quietly that only the fledgling's sharp ears caught it – at the look of shock on the man's face that swiftly turned to relief and pleasure.

Moments later they exited the shop, Seras humming happily and swinging her bag at her side, "Oh thank you, Sir!" She gushed, feeling excited to get back to the manor and put on her new comfortable pjs.

"You're quite welcome, Seras. Happy early birthday."

They returned to Hellsing Manor quite swiftly and Seras skipped happily down the stairs to her room in the sub basement, humming cheerily. She fluffed her hair up with her hands and grinned, before changing and wriggling gleefully at the feel of the soft cotton on her pale flesh and the delicious fluff surrounding her toes. She flopped herself on the bed and grinned up at the lid of her four poster coffin, obscenely comfortable amongst the soft plush of her blankets.

She yawned then, feeling a bit tired. She thought it was a bit odd, but shrugged it off, dozing.

She woke abruptly to the sound of her Master's near hysterical laughter, "Police Girl," he gasped, "what are you wearing?"

"What?" She huffed a bit petulantly, "They're comfortable."

He roared with gales of laughter, and she felt her lower lip jutting out in a pout. "Master, you're mean!"

"Only you, Police Girl. Only you."

What was so funny? They were cute!