That night, as I organized the clothing that I had tossed aside in favor of the one I was wearing currently this morning, I mulled over the day's events. Could my friends be correct? Could the reason behind Addie Wilson's torment of everyone - myself, in particular - be the result of, as Josh had phrased it during math, a "lesbian sex obsession" with me?

I had a few missed calls from Chloe on my cell, but I did not feel up to returning her calls right then. I felt like going to Addie's house, knocking on her door, and asking her up front. That's right: I have grown a bit of balls these past few years.

… Not enough to actually follow through on that, of course. Merely enough to contemplate it.

I was running a bit late the next morning, and so I didn't have the time to chat with my friends before yoga. I was disappointed, needing some advice as to how to deal with the Addie and Dana situation. Perhaps today I would attempt to form a friendship with someone - someone not affiliated with the Pops in the slightest.

To my delight, I realized upon entering the gymnasium that I had run later than I thought - class was already in session, and luckily for me both the teacher as well as the students were deep into their happy places. No one even gave me a glance. In that moment, I thanked the lords that I had opted out of real gym.

I went into the change rooms as quietly as was possible to avoid disturbing the class. Setting my bag down upon the hard, cool floor, I immediately picked up girlish voices seeping from a stall nearby. I stopped cold. Changing into sweats could wait a while - because, and this thought grew and became louder as I was led deeper into their conversation, this was just too unbelievable to pass up.

"I thought we agreed to be quick," said Dana, her breath drawn out as though she were in pain. Extreme pleasure, I thought, would be more likely in this case.

"Go a little faster, come on," murmured Addie, moaning softly after Dana had presumably complied. "I'm not leaving till you get me off."

I fell gently against the cool wall, quick to reach up a hand and block my head from injury. My mind, however, would be more difficult to heal from such a severe shock.

As I listened to Addie's - it could only be hers, she had sounded exactly the same when she had stubbed her toe on that foot long hairspray can back in fourth grade - moaning, I picked up on the fact that it was louder than its predecessors and felt a jolt run through me. Leave now, shouted my semi - functional brain. Leave now, before they catch you!

But my body could do nothing but remain still as the stall opened to reveal Dana and Addie, clothed in nothing but slimming tanks and panties. Dana's mouth fell open, her hands moving to cover the dedicates. Her face read to me as though she were thinking to herself yes, it was a bad idea to fuck in the changing room where anyone could come in at any moment.

Addie, on the other hand, looked amused. "So," she began, looking first to Dana and then, after agonizing moments that felt like minutes, looked to me. "Jenny Bean. Nowhere to go now…"

"Addie, are you crazy!" Dana whispered, suddenly realizing that these walls were actually not sound proof, although it was rather unlikely that we would be heard. "Anyone could come in at any minute! You have better ears than me, you said you'd tell me if anyone came in!"

"Yeah," smirked Addie, raising a hand to brush back a stray piece of blonde hair. "If it wasn't anyone important. But I'd know the sound of those awful shoes just a bout anywhere…"

Oh. My. God. Was this real? Was this really my life?

Dana appeared to be thinking precisely the same thing. Her expression of disbelief increased in force. "Are you serious?"

Addie sighed lightly, stepping toward me. My reflexes forced me to attempt a step backward, only to be reminded of the fact that I was already up against a wall. "No," said Addie. "I'm just kidding around." She smiled at me. "But, Jen-Jen? How about you come over to my house this weekend?"

Wait, what? What was with this boldness after yesterday? "What?" I said, finally. "I don't understand."

Dana shook her head at me, closing her eyes and rubbing at her temples. "Neither do I, Jenny," she said. Her lips formed a tiny smile. "But you'll learn to."