The Day Everything Changed

Disclaimer: I own none of the characters except for Lucy's family members.

Chapter 1.

One cold, wet, snowy day in January, Lucy Knight walked into the ER. She had a feeling that today was going to be one of those days where nothing went right. She brushed off the snow from her coat and bag before she walked into the lounge.

"Morning Lucy" Cleo said when she entered. Cleo was sitting at the table working on some charts.

"Morning Dr. Finch. Getting caught up?" Lucy asked opening her locker and putting her stuff away.

"Yeah it seemed as good a time as any. Seems like everyone is staying inside"

"I don't blame them. It's pretty crappy out there" Lucy said looking at a photo in her locker of her, her mom, and younger sister, before closing her locker.

" That's a nice picture you were looking at. Family?"

"Yeah. My mom and kid sister."

"Sweet. What's the age difference between you two?"

"14 years"


"I know. Well I should go check the board. Enjoy your charts" Lucy said heading to the door, just as Lydia poked her head in.

"Oh, I'm glad I found you two. MVA is on its way. Two cars collided head on, one went into the ditch the other hit a pole."

"How many people?" Cleo asked standing up.

"EMS said 3. They're about 5-6 minutes out" Lydia said as they all headed out to the hall and dawned gowns and gloves.

What happened next could only be described as a nightmare for Lucy.

"What've we got?" Cleo asked as the paramedics rolled in the first crash victim.

"45 year old female. She was driving the car that hit the pole" one medic said as he rattled off her vitals.

"Oh my god! Mom!" Lucy cried when she saw the women on the gurney.

"Lucy, are you positive this is her?" Cleo asked.

"Yes I'm sure!" Lucy shouted. "Mom, where's Kenzie?"

"Back" was all her mom said before she was wheeled into trauma 1.

Just then paramedics entered with a second crash victim.

"Young girl, was seat belted into the back of the first car that hit the pole. Brief LOC on sight, haven't been able to get her to talk" the medic said as she rattled off the young girls vitals.

"Lucy!" Cleo called as she waved Lucy over. "Is this your sister?"

"Mackie! Hey baby, can you answer me?" Lucy asked.


"Hey sweetie. Mackie can you answer Dr. Finch's questions that she asks you?"

"Where's mom?"

"She's in the other room. I'll go check on her if you help Dr. Finch ok?"

"Ok" Mackenzie said as Lucy left trauma 2 to go to trauma 1.

"Hey sweetie, I'm Dr. Finch. Can you tell me your name?"


"That's a very pretty name. Can you tell me how old you are?"


"Alright, where does it hurt?"

"I want my mom."

"I know you do sweetie, but the other doctors are working on her"

"Then I want LuLu"

"LuLu? Is that Lucy?"

"Yes" Mackenzie said before she started crying.

"Lucy can you come in here please?" Cleo shouted into the other trauma room.

"You can't let her die" Lucy said to Mark as he and the others worked to save Lucy's mom. Then she left for the other trauma room.

"Your sister's asking for you, and don't take this the wrong way, but she is just as stubborn as you are. She stopped talking to me and wont talk to me unless you're here" Cleo said

"That sounds like Kenz" Lucy said going over to her sister.


"Hey Mackie. Did you tell Dr. Finch where it hurts?" Lucy asked moving some hair out of her sisters face.


"Did she ask?"


"Well, Mack, can you answer her so she can make you better?"

"Ok." Mackenzie said as Cleo asked her question again.

"Where does it hurt Mackenzie?" Cleo asked.

"My leg, back and tummy" Mackenzie said as Cleo pressed on her abdomen to get a better idea. "Ouch!"

"Sorry Mackenzie. Some one get a surgical consult down here please. Lucy can you hang on to her hands while I checkout her leg?" Cleo asked.

"Sure" Lucy said as she grasped her sister's hands. "Hey Mackie, look at me. Do you remember when we went to the beach on a summer vacation? You were what 5 at the time?"

"Yeah, that was fun. Ouch!" Mackenzie yelped.

"Sorry, ok Mackenzie, you have a broken leg" Cleo said looking at the scared 12 year old.

"Will I be able to dance again?" Mackenzie asked.

"You're a dancer?"

"Yeah. We. Were driving. Back. From the airport. We. Just. Got back. From a. competition. LuLu?"

"Mackie, you ok?"

"It hurts to breath. It feels like. Someone. Is sitting. On my. Chest"

"Pulse Ox is starting to fall, heart rates increasing…" Lydia said looking at the monitor.

"Lucy…" Cleo started.

"Yea, I know. Hey Mackie. Dr. Finch is going to give you something to make you sleepy. She's going to put a tube down your throat to help you breath. There's a change you may need surgery to fix your leg. But I will be here when you wake up. Ok?"

"Ok. Love you LuLu. And mom." Mackenzie said as she started falling asleep.

"Love you too Mackie" Lucy said before leaving. The last thing she wanted to see was her baby sister being intubated.

"Clear!" she heard Mark say as she entered the other trauma room.

"You promised! You and Dr. Carter promised!" Lucy shouted as they shocked her mom.

"We're working on it" Mark replied.

10 minutes later…..

"Time of death. 10:15am" Mark called.

"No!" Lucy shouted.

"Lucy, I'm so sorry. We worked for almost an hour, and 45 minutes was spent doing CPR. She suffered an aortic dissection. There was nothing we could do. I'm sorry" Mark said.

"You promised!" Lucy shouted, tears streaming down her face as she ran out of the trauma room.

"Lucy!" Carter called after her.

"Just let her go right now" Mark said as they watched Lucy strip of her gloves and gown and run down the hall.

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