Steele on the Journey

Flickers black and white

Humphrey Bogart on the screen

A young lad escapes

A wayward urchin

Picking pockets on the street

Who knew he'd "pick" me?

Warmth, roof, acceptance

Teaching me tricks of the trade

A mentor and friend

London, Rome, Paris

A trav'ling education

Much to learn abroad

Fingers, quick, nimble

Blending into the darkness

Will I be exposed?

Richard, Michael, John

Anna, Felicia, Shannon

Wonder who used whom

Pieces of the sky

Landed in Los Angeles

Following them now

All 5 Passports found

A monkey wrench in the plan

Who is this woman?

A female PI

Curiosity aroused

Wonder if she is?

Captivating smile

Wit, intelligence, humor

She enchants me

Decision to make

San Francisco or LA?

Blue stones or brown eyes?

A new moniker

An impossible challenge