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Chapter One: The Land of Syria

"Fair's fair, kid" - Jake Muller

Division of Security Division Headquaters

Sherry Birkin, donned in her official Division of Security Operations (DSO) uniform, walked through halls after halls. The whole facility was dimly lit with only several dark light; the ones that you expect when you walk through a high-tech laboratory or building. Her eyes weren't exactly looking at anyone, but she was searching for the room she was supposed to be headed - Director Hunnigan's Office.

Following the death of President Adam Benford, the founder of the DSO as well as the main commander, DSO was not disbanded. Instead, with the majority support and votes from fellow anti-bioterrorism organizations (and the vouch from infamous agent Leon Scott Kennedy himself), Ingrid Hunnigan was chosen to succeed the previous role of President Adam Benford until a new president would be elected.

Sherry stopped right in front of a high-tech double door. She reached for the panel; and pressed for the intercom. When she was sure that it was connected, she informed, "Agent Sherry Birkin reporting, ma'am." After a few short seconds, the double door opened itself with the panel rang the typical 'Access granted'.

Sitting on the large desk with numerous documents and electrical panels was Ingrid Hunnigan herself. She rose from her seat to greet the agent, "Agent Birkin, I'm happy to see you." Sherry returned the smile, "Likewise, Director Hunnigan."

Hunnigan motioned her hand to the empty seat in front of her desk with a simple "Have a seat." to which Sherry obeyed. Hunnigan cleared her throat once and began her briefing, "Alright, Agent Birkin, I'll get to the point," Hunnigan pressed one of the button on her desk and a large LCD slid down from the ceiling. It showed the world map, with the Middle East region specifically glowing red. Hunnigan then press anther button, and the Middle East area was zoomed in. "After the Anti-C was created, the numbers of the infected were dramatically diminished. However, the Middle East region doesn't seemed to show any sign of improvement. BSAA were generally dispatched to eliminate their numbers but still the number didn't stop increasing."

Hunnigan proceeded with the sliding, and it zoomed to the map of Syria, "However, satellite report shows that a small unnamed town west of Damascus, an outbreak occurs last week with an approximate number of 160 civillians being infected and multiple BOWs strike through. The outbreak had been surpressed though. Here's the catch, within two nights, the zombies and the BOWs were completely wiped out." Hunnigan coughed, "We expected that it was the work of the Middle East branch of BSAA. But they informed us that it was not them but one man alone."

Sherry seemed to be impressed, "One man against numerous infected? Wow."

"Yes, it is. And that is why we sent for you." Another picture was shown, a fully cloaked man. "We couldn't get any satellite pictures with him revealing himself. When he did, he usually was on narrow streets which we couldn't get a clean shot. Yesterday, Middle Eastern BSAA informed us that the man had disappeared to a small village known as Sit Zeinab. Currently, Sit Zeinab has very high threat of BOWs."

Standing up, Hunnigan then annouced, "Agent Birkin, as the director of the DSO, I will announce that your mission is to identify the mysterious figure's identity."

5 days later, the border of Syria

"So, your mission is to infiltrate the outskirts of Damascus and find this hero?"

Chris Redfield sitting next to fellow BSAA operative Jill Valentine inquired. Sherry nodded slightly, "Yeah. And you guys must be heading there to demolish the remaining BOWs and zombies?"

"Yup, thanks to this 'hero' of your, there's pretty not much work. Not with Jill on our team this time." Chris patted on Jill's shoulder, to which she responded by smacking his arm playfully. Sherry felt amused by the two's actions. It somehow reminded herself about her journey with Jake Muller. It's been months since she last saw him.

"I thought you were planning to retire before me, Chris." Jill suddenly brought the topic up. Chris looked down to the floor, "No can do. Piers wouldn't want me to retire so soon." Jill then remembered the moment when Chris returned to the BSAA HQ - very upset. She didn't hear much, all she heard was "...KIA."

"I am sorry, Chris. Didn't mean to bring it up. Sorry about what happened to Nivans." Jill held his shoulder in comfort.

"Yeah, he was a good soldier." Sherry too remembered the incident at the underwater facility when Chris and Piers rescued her.

"No problem."

Later, when they stared out to the window of the helicopter; they noticed that they were getting closer and closer to the land of Syria. "We're almost there, people. Preparing to land." The pilot informed them. He looked over his shoulder, "Agent Birkin, briefings said that you'll be landing further away for a different mission alone. You on a solo mission?"

"Yeah, infiltrating. Gotta find this guy and bring him back if necessary."

After a few minutes, the helicopter reached the landing pad and as expected, a crowd of hopeful refugees were waiting for them. Before exiting the helo, both Chris and Jill glanced over to Sherry and wished her luck.

"Good luck. Remember to thank this man for me."

"No problem. Good luck out there too."

Sit Zeinab, Outskirt of Damascus

It didn't take long before Sherry reached her designated destination. Her landing spot were quiet and empty, on a bareland a little far from the village. DSO must have done a lot of homework to find this spot. She put on her robe which covered most of her and check if her Triple-Shot was loaded.

The pilot looked apologetically at Sherry, "Sorry, but I couldn't exactly land. You gotta jump off yourself coz' I gotta leave as soon as I can to avoid attention."

She shook her head as if to forgive him, "No problem, but you gotta pick me up as soon as I call. Deal?"

"Deal. Good luck."

Thus, she jumped out from the helicopter and landed on her feet. When she could no longer hear the rotating blades of the helicopter, she could hear the growling of unknown hostiles. Pulling on her hood, Sherry gazed to the village not far from her,

"Alright, here goes."

Streets of Sit Zeinab

In a small building, there was a young boy peering anxiously to the empty streets through the crack of the wall. He gasped in shock when he witnessed a horde of Napads jumping down from roofs and roaring furiously. He took a step back, only to bump into a cloaked figure.

The mysterious man walked towards the front door and was about to open it. He extended his arm, but stopped, "I believe we had a deal."

The boy then recalled his promise and searched his pockets, finally founding an apple. The boy nervously handed it to the man. The cloaked figure accepted it, bouncing it on his hand as if to examine his reward.

Satisfied, he pushed the wooden door open and stepped outside to the danger. The Napads hadn't noticed them yet. The young villager, still on the front door asked one question that always plagued him, "Are you going to keep your promise?"

He looked back at the boy and promptly removed the cloak he was wearing. Revealing that he was no other than Jake Muller, who aimed his 909 towards the horde of BOWs, took a bite from his apple and smirked, "Fair's fair, kid."

Streets of Sit Zeinab

Sherry halted her footstep upon hearing a gunshot, followed by several others. 'It couldn't be right, the BSAA wasn't supposed to be this early.' She checked her PDA, and confirmed that it was not the BSAA. They were still on a town west of Damascus. 'Guess that my target is near.'

She remained jumping from roof to roof for the whole time to avoid visual contact from the villagers. She was more on a stealth mission; foreigners weren't very welcoming guests in Middle Eastern small villages, unless you prove yourself worthy. The wind helped much, creating whirlwinds of sand, effectively obscuring the view.

Sherry followed closely to the sources of the gunshots. The commotion was getting louder with every steps she took. When she saw hints of movement down the streets, she stopped and pressed her binocular to her eyes.

Although the sand helped obscuring possible visual contact by the villagers, the downside was, it blocked most of her visions too. She couldn't exactly see what was happening down there, other than some Napads hitting the walls and dissolving into goos.

Sherry flicked on the thermal vision of her binocular. True enough, it was a man alone fighting against hordes of BOWs; with a handgun and occasional close quater combat (CQC). Even through the layer of the thermal vision, Sherry was throughly impressed of the way the figure manhandled the huge BOWs. She turned on her PDA, "I'm closing in onto target, ma'am." From the screen, Hunnigan nodded, "Good. Now, confirm his identity and if necessary, eliminate all possible hostiles."


By now, the wind had stopped and no longer creating whirlwinds of sand. Sherry was about to confirm the attacker, only to find Jake Muller, pointing his gun at her direction.

"Watch out!"

She turned to her back to find a Napad which was about to strike. Jake opened fire and the bullet hit the Napad in the eye, stunning it for a moment. Sherry took the opportunity to roll to her side and fired her Triple-Shot, shocked to see that it had minimal effect to the BOW's bulky shield.

"Break the goddamn shield before you shoot!" Jake commanded.

She obeyed, pulling out her Stun Rod from underneath her robe and swung it right to the Napad. The shield cracked but not removed from the Napad. Sherry dodged the incoming attack and tried again. This time, it worked as the shield broke into pieces. Sherry then proceeded firing her gun repeatly to the BOW's exposed muscles and it didn't take long before it fell on its knees and died.

Down the streets, Jake watched on how familliar the unknown woman defended herself. 'That gun and a Stun Rod? Now, where have I seen that?' His pondering didn't catch him offguard as Jake swayed to his left, easily avoiding another Napad's sudden attack. "Ya' know, cheapshots don't usually help much," He launched himself right to the Napad and whipped out a powerful Cobra Strike, crushing the protective layer of the Napad. Jake proceeded firing off his 909, causing his opponent to drop on his knees several times before succumbing to the gunshot wounds.

"I see that you still maintain most of your composure, Mr. Muller." Sherry half jokingly stated. She had jumped down from the roof she was at and faced Jake.

"Not bad. For someone as small as you. Have we met somewhere?"

"Jake, it's only been four and a half months. You can't even recognize me?" Sherry pulled down her hood, revealing herself. Jake looked a bit amused, clapped his hands once, "Of course I've seen that move! It's Supergirl on the roll."

He didn't even realized that Sherry had thrown her arms around his back. "Missed you," She murmured. Jake returned the hug, smiled, "Yeah, I was always wondering when can I see Supergirl again." Content, they released the hold and both smiled sheepishly at one another.

"So, what are you doing here?" Sherry questioned; Jake shook his head, "Now's not really a place to talk."

Jake turned all the way round to scan the surrounding. Pleased, he tilted his head to the direction of a little shack, "You wanna come with me to collect my payment?"

"So, you're working as a mercenary now?"

Jake lifted an eyebrow in an amused way, "What? Do I look like a social pest exterminator to you?"

Inside the shack, the previous boy beamed happily to see that Jake had completed his task, "You did it, mister! Now the village will be safe for time being!"

"No prob, kid. Now, I believe that would be the double of the upfront payment." Jake patted the boy slightly.

Sherry on the other hand looked very unsurely, 'He demanded payment from a boy?' Jake's back was turned to Sherry so she couldn't she the exchanging between the two. "Nice doing business with you."

Jake then spun around to her direction. On his hands were two apples; he threw one to Sherry which she caught it with her palms. "Alright, Sherry, I'm kinda done here." The Middle Eastern boy's eyes switched from Sherry, then to Jake, "Who is she, mister? Is she... um... your spouse?"

Sherry could have cursed herself for blushing in which Jake merely chucked it off, "Nope. She's my teammate."


"Yeah, the one that help you fought those bastards out there."

In the middle of the empty streets of Sit Zeinab, Jake Muller and Sherry Birkin (both wearing their body-length robe) walk through the sandy road. The smell of death was still lingering in the air after Jake had most of the BOWs disposed of. Sherry could feel the villagers hiding in their houses eyeing up on Jake and her. She felt uneasy a bit, but decided to shake it off. She was on a mission after all.

"Can't believe that you were here all along." Sherry started off.

"I'm a merc throughout my whole growing up process. Other than shitstorms and hell, there's nothing else in my MO. When I heard thing are stirring up here, I just bought a ticket, flied here. And ride the rest of the way." Jake glimpsed at Sherry, "So, what brings YOU to Syria?". Still hooded, Sherry's voice could almost be counted as a whisper, "I'm on a mission actually. To find you."

"Don't tell me it's your Red Cross blood donation project again."

Sherry retorted, "It's not like that. Well, the DSO recently found out about your activities in Syria. But they didn't know who you are. So, they sent me to find out your identity. I had to sneak in with Chris's group."

"Redfield? He's still alive?"

"Mmhmm. But Nivans didn't make it." Jake remained silent for a moment, "Sorry to hear that. A shame, though. I've always wanted to go head to head with that jarhe...Nivans. But, now that you've found out who's the 'hero' is, I assume mission accomplished?"

"There's a catch though," Sherry paused. She looked at the hooded Jake, "They want me to recruit you."

Jake narrowed his eyes, displeased, "Woah. Woah. Woah. Hold it right there. You know I'm not into your formal goverment security shit. No offense." He rubbed his the back of his head, "Plus, I'm a merc. I demanded payment for every service. Not some monthly goverment taxes."

"Then, I'll try contacting my boss to see if they can hire you. As a mercenary. How much you want as your payment, Mr. Muller?" The way she said 'Mr. Muller' always somewhat struck his ego, in a good way. To Jake, it sounded very... girly? Oddly girly. The kind that doesn't show you that she is on a formal mission.

Jake held his chin up, deep in thoughts, "My price stand still. The one I asked you 4 months ago." Sherry widen her eyes, bewildered, "50 million dollars?"

"Not that one. The one after." He grinned.

"...50 dollars?"

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