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Final Chapter: Thank You

'I love you, Jake' - Sherry Birkin

Four months later
13 April 2015
United States of America, 10.03 A.M

Chris Redfield pulled the handbrakes when he got his car to the designated spot. He glanced over to Jill Valentine sitting next to him as he killed the engine of his car.

"Well, shall we go?"

Nodding, Jill pushed the car door open and carefully got the fresh bouquet out first so that it won't be damaged, "Yeah. He can't wait to see us."

The morning breeze blew through them and Jll shivered slightly. She looked upwards to the letters on top of the building, 'Huntington Hospital'. One of the best hospitals in New York. Sighing, Chris held Jill on the hand as they walked through the automatic door.

They reached for the reception first and the attendant there smiled to them, "Good morning. How may I help you, mister...?" She ended with the note.

"Redfield. We are here for Piers Nivans." Chris returned the smile politely. The attendant then looked a little surprised but maintained her formal composure by not showing it. She typed on the computer before looking back to the couple, "Okay, you are good to go, Mr. and Mrs. Redfield. The elevator will be on the first right on that corner," She pointed, "It's on Room 5. Good day."


As they pushed the door open tht labeled 'Room 5, Piers Nivans', the doctor was in there too. The elderly man saw the two and put down the form he had in his hand, "Ah. You must be the BSAA Nivans talking about." He greeted.

"Hey, Captain."

Amputated arm and lots of bandages all over himself, Piers was sitting up on his bed. Using his remaining arm, he waved at the couple as they walked over to the doctor. Chris started first, "So, how's he doing?"

"Good. For a young man as he is, he's recovering. Although he still need few more days to rest before we can let him off. You see, his arm still need check ups."

Frowning, Piers retorted, "Can you convince the doctors so I can get off the hospital, captain? No offense but I'm bored as hell here."

The discussing three switched at attention to the spirited Piers then back to themselves with Jill shaking his head at the young BSAA, "With that much fire he had in him, I'll say: He is INDEED bored."

The doctor then readjusted his glasses before picking back the form he had ignored previously. He shook hands with the Redfields before walking out of the room, leaving the three alone.

As Jill placed the bouquet to the vase on the room, Chris took a seat next to Piers, "So, how's you been, buddy?"

"You saw it. Sleeping here at the bed 24/7. Although some nurses are kind enough to take me down at the park. But recently they had been forbidden to do so because of my tendency of... uh... going my way." Piers admitted sheepishly. But then he saw the reflection of the metal on Chris' ring finger, "Wait a minute, Captain... You..." He scanned over to Jill' and saw a similar metal band, "Don't tell me..."

Chris interrupted, "Piers, we're gonna wait for you to get better, then you'll be my best man, deal?"

"Thanks, Captain." He said sincerely.

"You oughta' start calling me by my name."

They chatted for a while about the Chris' retirement from the BSAA, Piers' progress and some of Chris and Jill's too, although they tried to change the subject multiple times. But then, Piers recalled something he should have asked sooner.

"How's Birkin doing?"

Chris and Jill went deadly silent for a moment. Looking at each other with doubt, Chris turned back to Piers, "Bad at first. The lost of Jake was a serious impact for her. Although Claire said that she has gotten better these days, at least Sherry would listen to Claire. But poor girl still refused to eat or rest at most times."

13 April 2015
DSO Headquarters, 12.00 P.M

"Congratulations to Director Hunnigan and the new Agent Claire! Woooo!" Leon S. Kennedy, Helena Harper and Sherry Birkin, being close friend to her, took turns to shake Claire's hands and gave her a congratulatory hug after Hunnigan officially proclaimed her as a member of the DSO working directly under Director Hunnigan.

After the distraught caused by Simmons in the DSO had been distilled, the new President decided that he will not take over the DSO, but instead, Ingrid Hunnigan will - permanently as he stated that 'she is more than capable to do so'.

Inviting them to her room, Hunnigan secretly had vodka on her office to celebrate the occasion as the five raised their glasses to Claire as an addition and Hunnigan for her promotion.

After a few rounds, Leon wound his arm around Claire's shoulder at one point, much to Helena's dismay. He whispered something into her ears and was immediately pushed away by the woman as she turned to Helena, "Say, how many times has he flirted with you during China?"

Caught off guard, Helena answered awkwardly, knowing that the older woman was now tipsy, "Um... couple of times. For those that I actually caught his meanings. But I'll say maybe even more."

She switched her attention back to Leon and stated, "See? You and me. Just hang outs. No dates. Playboy."

"Aww..." Leon slumped onto the couch with his glass. He smiled afterwards, "Fine, Claire. How about Sunday, 10 morning sharp, we'll go skating?" He looked over to the younger agents and the Director, "You two will be joining too, of course. Although I don't know about Hunnigan... never in her life that she accepted any of my offer."

"That I can do." Claire nodded in agreement.

Until Sherry suddenly spoke up, "Sorry, guys. I don't think I can make it. You guys go have fun."

Everyone know what Sherry meant, all she wanted to say was really 'I can't still get over Jake'. But then Hunnigan went over to the blonde, giving a short tap at her shoulders, "Look, Sherry. I know you're under a lot of stress lately so you should have followed them, get some fresh air and all. You have been piling yourself with work, as far as I see."

"...I just-"

"Agent Birkin, that's an order. I will give you a week off, don't worry."

When Sunday came, Sherry did followed Claire on her car as instructed. Leon had called earlier, saying that he will be picking up Helena and Hunnigan so he will be at the skaring rink a little later. Throughout the ride, Sherry was speechless, unlike the usual chatty girl she was whenever Claire was around.

The brunette noticed it. She knew what Sherry had went through months ago when they had to drag her away from Jake Muller's dead body and away from the destructing facility. Claire had acknowledged how important Jake was to Sherry's life after she had witnessed what Sherry had done back at the facility.

Sherry had told Claire that she and Jake were 'just friends' once after the China Incident. But after what she had saw four months ago, she will not believe it if she told her the same thing.


The blonde tore her gaze away from her side window and focused onto Claire. She breathed, trying to find suitable words to say, "Listen, Sherry. We know how much you went through... and uh... well, you have to know that all of us are worried about you."

"I'm sorry, Claire. I just can't-"

Claire cut her short, "It's alright. I know you missed Jake, but at times, you just have to get over things and move on. I don't think Jake will be much too happy to see you mourn over him for so long." She didn't give the best advice, much less of a consolation.

Breathing heavily, Sherry readjusted herself at her seat, "I suppose you're right."

Claire was somewhat glad that Leon didn't suggest a theme park while they were drunk days ago. She will regret it, as she kept forgettimg that they were on their thirties. Skating was pretty fun itself after a long while on a mission. Suicide missions specifically.

Although it was first time for Helena (due to the fact that she didn't like partying unlike her sister), she got the hang of it quickly. Traits of having good reflexes, as she quoted.

At one time, Leon resided himself over at a corner, he waved his cell over to the team, signalling that he had incoming call. When the rest gave him the thumbs up, Leon skated out from the rink and went over to a quiet corner.

Incoming Call: Chris Redfield


"Leon, listen, I don't have time to explain. But is my sister and Sherry with you?"

Leon glanced over to his shoulder, he saw that they were still at the rink and he quickly replied the hurried voice, "Not for now, they were still skating. What's wrong?"

"We... we found something. From Syria."

Arching an eyebrow, Leon could have jumped from his seat, "Syria?"

A brief silence, before came Chris' reply, "Look, don't tell Sherry about this first. But can you get Claire to the BSAA HQ when you had the time? The sooner the better."

Two weeks later
1 May 2015
BSAA HQ, 11.23 A.M

Sherry Birkin was escorted by Claire Redfield as they followed Leon and Chris down the compliacated hallways and doors. They went for the elevator as Claire held Sherry's hand tightly to quench her nervousness.

"What are you guys going to show me?" Sherry was completely oblivious of what was happening. Everything happened in a sudden as Claire called Sherry on last midnight and she simply said that she will pick Sherry up on her apartment early in the morning.

"You'll see." Claire gulped.

The elevator moved downwards to the basement, somewhere that only authoritized people may access. Being one of the founder of the BSAA, Chris Redfield had all the rights to gain entry to anywhere in the HQ. When the double door opened for them, they went out from the elevator before they stopped. Everyone focused their attentions to Sherry as Claire instructed her, "Sherry, look, whatever that you may see later when we show you. Promise us, just stay calm, okay?"

What were they going to show her? Her clone? The G-Virus vial? Sherry nodded to the older woman with confidence although she didn't know what was going on, "Okay."

"Alright, now that she's prepared. Let's get to it."

They proceeded through another darker corridor which was dimly litted, just like one from a hospital which had power outage. As they walked through Sherry could hear the whispering between the two older men.

"You sure about this?"

"She deserved to know. She was there too."

When they had reached to a door with only a single electrical panel on the wall, Chris looked back at the blonde first, hesitated for a moment before he punched in the passcodes.

As the door slid open, Chris entered the room first and he stepped aside to show Sherry what was inside.

She trembled, her hands were already shaking and her eyes were watery as he approached the single bed in the room with a monitor attached to the man lying on it.

It was Jake Muller, with a breather attached to his mouth, he was still breathing.

The heartbeat monitor gave out the familiar beeping sounds, signalling that there was heartbeat on the patient.

Jake is still alive.

"Jake..." Sherry murmured as her shaking hand reached out for his slowly. When their skin came in contact, she felt warmth.

Although his eyes were still closed and he was still in his deep slumber.

"You saved him again, Sherry." Leon explained, "The straints of the G-Virus that he had in him repelled the effects of Simmons' DEATH months ago."

"G-Virus?" Without looking to Leon, she questioned.

Leon stood next to her as he elaborated, "The C-Virus was created using your G-Virus too. The scientists said that it was your G-Virus that repaired his heart and reactivate it. This means that Jake is still alive. But..." He paused, uncertain.

Sherry hastily asked Leon, "But what?"

Leon was unable to answer her questions. He didn't want to hurt her, knowling that Sherry was now filled with hopes. So, Claire had to take over, "But, we didn't know that if he will ever wake up from his coma at all. The doctors said that he might be awake in the next day, or month, or year, or decade... Or he will keep sleeping until he die of old age in the next hundreds of years maybe."

7 Months later
3 December 2015
New York City, 2.03 A.M

"Sherry, there's something we had to tell you."


"It's about Jake..."

"Why? What about him? Had he awaken from his sleep?"


"What happened to Jake?!"

"...He's dead."

She woke up with a fright on her bed. Her head quickly turned to the other side and much to her disappointment, it was empty. She was alone in her bed. At first, Sherry was afraid that the previous dream might have been real but when she saw lights on her bathroom and the sound of the showers was on, she sigh softly. 'Just a dream.' She reassured herself again and again.

Then she realized how cold the room was as she turned to the other side, she noticed that the windows were not fully closed and the snowy breeze blew into the room although the curtains had been pulled. 'Right, we were too busy to notice back then.' She laughed quietly. Sherry would have wanted to stay on her warm bed but the cold outside would have been too unbearable for her and her state of indecency also encouraged her to reach for the end of the room and shut the window before her room became a meat freezer.

Retrieving her clothing would not be the best idea as she would have been snowman before she could even reach for them so Sherry grabbed the blankets and wrapped it around her bare body. She tip-toed over to the far end of her small room and pulled the windows down, preventing the icy air to sting her skin further. 'Damn, even the floor was frozen solid.'

Just then, a warm pair of arms wrapped itself to her blanketed body from the back and Sherry ignored as the arms pulled her backwards to the shadow's bare chest.

"Sorry. Did I wake you up?" The low husky voice whispered into her left ear as a kiss was landed to Sherry's exposed shoulder.

She shook her head lightly as she rested her head against the broader shoulders, "Nope, it was the bad dreams. Thanks to you who left me alone by myself."

"Okay. My bad. Sorry bout' that. Though that I might getting myself a nice shower, extra stamina got me awake and all. What are you doing here fooling around naked with only the blanket?"

"It's your fault. You should have closed the window more properly so that I wouldn't freeze to death. I envied you to be immune to the cold. See? Even my heels are purple." She frowned playfully when he nuzzled the side of his face against her delicate neck.

Of all of a sudden Sherry was picked up off the floor and were carried bridal style. A soft kiss was placed on her lips before Sherry felt movements towards her bed, "Just so you know, Sherry, I'm not completely immune to the cold. Just that I absorb heat better than anyone on the planet. But I can still feel it, capiche? Now let's get back to the bed."

The petite female laughed when she was bounced lightly against the firm chest before was deposited to the soft matress beneath her. Then she suddenly realized that her man was only wrapped in a towel up to his waist. He slid his towel off and threw it to the floor next to him clumsily before moving under the blanket that Sherry invited him to.

Scooting closer to each other, they readjusted themselves until Sherry was securely wrapped in his arms. She inhaled deeply, marvelled at how fresh he smelled after the shower and his masculine scent. He smiled at her actions and he kissed her forehead lightly.

"So, what was your nightmare all about?" He asked casually.

She shivered for a moment, cuddle closer to him until she whispered shakingly, "I dreamt that you died."

"...You know that I don't die easy. Here I thought that you dreamt about your time after Raccoon City."

"Oh, that. I didn't told you about what I have went through isn't it?"

A brief silence before the grip around her body tighten around her protectively, "...I knew what you'd went through. I...I've read your diary back at Africa."

Her eyes widen in shock, "You what-" When she attempted to look up to him, her lips were immediately crushed by his in a passionate kiss. She succumbed instantly, she just couldn't resist him, especially when the kiss was rather slow and lingering. When they eventually pulled away, she could hear him growled, "I knew everything. How they force you into the fucking tests and experiments. And how they starve you and burned you alive. And how they tried to... Gah, I swear, if anyone tried to hurt you again, I'll fucking kill them."

Although it sounded like a crude joke, Sherry knew he meant it. He will protect her, always.

"Thanks, Jake."

"No, thank you. You saved my ass more than I could count. Hell, you even saved me from death itself."

She didn't give him an immediate response. Instead, she traced her finger to the newly obtained circular scar on the left side of his chest. She knew that there was another one that mirrored this scar on his back. The shot was meant for here, but he pushed her out of the way. And the shot 'killed' him.

"You saved me that day." She murmured as she placed a chaste kiss to that particular scar. This time, it was Jake's turn to shrill when Sherry dragged her fingers to the scar that run down his cheek. Most people would repulse upon the sight of that long scar but definitely not Sherry.

She found it incredibly sexy.

Her act of affection and his own needs had him grasped her chin gently and he pulled her lips to his. As his hands wandered, Sherry couldn't help but to pulled herself away when she reminded him, "You have to report to Hunnigan early tomorrow." She blabbered.

Jake's eyes narrowed, "Heh, right. Starting tomorrow, you'll be my superior."

"Welcome to the DSO, Jake Muller. Sleep now, so we will have time to dress you up tomorrow." She pecked his chin playfully.

He chuckled as he stroked bare her back to chase away the unwanted heat, "Aye, aye, Madam Muller." He shifted so that they were now resting in a more comfortable postion as Jake held her in his arms, "But don't get me started. You might be my boss at the DSO, but here in this house, I am in charge." He reminded in a serious manner, but in fact she knew he's not when she giggled.

"Yes, sir."

A companiable silence followed suit as both tried to catch up some sleep. But before the sleepiness could claim him, he nudged Sherry as he whispered to her ear, "Could you tell me again what you told me back at the Syrian facility? You know, those words that brought me back..."

"I thought you can hear me." Sherry gazed up to him.

"I know. But I want to hear you say again."

Her lips pulled into a smile. Her eyes fluttered close as she snuggled herself close to Jake Muller.

"I love you, Jake."

And he smiled too. A genuine smile when he was in true peace. As he placed one last kiss to her temple before he shut his eyes, he whispered to her.

"Thank you."


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