10 years ago, there was a world-war that was caused due to the government's disagreement. Many people have died while others have been left with bad memories. No one knows what caused this tragedy. Some says there's a mysterious organization that caused this whole war.

During the war, a man points a black gun at a boy with spiky hair who stands behind the corpse of a man and a woman.

The man said "So, you lost your parents? If you want to blame someone, blame your bad luck."

The boy stood there silently staring at the man as he cried for his parents and shivers at the face of death.

"It's your choice. Do you want to live… or do you want to die?"

10 years has passed since the war. Everywhere you look almost as if nothing happens. The war has become a thing in the past… or it should have been.

At a school called Fujihawara High School, in class 1C, the bell rang and all the students get into their seat. When all students have been seated, the teacher begins to take attendance.

"Amilia Fraunce." "Here."

"Ryuuken Ai." "Here."

"Jenos Hazard." "Here."

(This goes on for a while)

"Rinslet Walker." "Here."

"Train Heartnet." However, no one answered

"Train Heartnet … huh absence again."

Everyone in class laugh, all except Rinslet.

"That idiot."

Meanwhile, at the rooftop of the school, a boy with spiky hair with a XIII tattoo under his neck was lying down while looking at the clouds.

"I wish something would happen in this boring day," he said.

And then, a girl with lavender hair suddenly opens the door so loud, it frighten the spiky haired boy till he jumped from his nap.

As he look at the girl, he said "When I said I want something to happen, the last thing I want is you barging in, Rins."

"Just be lucky there is someone willing to barge in for you, Train," said Rinslet as she clenched her fist almost as if she wants to punch Train. (Which she wants to)

Train: "What do you want, Rins?"

Rinslet: "What I want it's for you…"

Train: "No way!" (Said quickly)

Rinslet: "to go back into class… Hey, you didn't let me finish!"

Train: "Why should I? It's boring. In fact, I should be at the game arcade instead. You just happen to catch me when I left."

Rinslet: "Tch… why don't you be a little more appreciative? The government was willing to pay the tuition fees for every orphans around to mention, I have to ask the teacher permission to get you. Everyone will think there's something going on between us."

Train: "Didn't you just said you came here for me?"

As he said that, Rinslet face becomes a little red while at the same time, slap Train in the face where he become red in the face for a different reason . After that, she drag Train by the collar all the down to the classroom. As she walked down the stairs, Train has to bump into every step as he was struggling the whole time.

Train: "Let go of me! Stop treating me like a kid!"

Rinslet: "Then stop acting like one!"

When they reach to their class, everyone laughed even more after seeing Train on the floor.

Teacher: "I see you finally arrived. If you like to be out of the class, why don't you stand outside for the next 1 hour."

Train was both embarrassed and furious from the way he was treated. But he didn't complain about it and he just took his punishment silently. In fact, he'd grown used to it.

After school has ended, Train quickly get out of class. However, Rinslet caught up to him again.

Rinslet: "Hey, where do you think you're going?"

Train: "The arcade. I already took my punishment and went through class."

Rinslet: "Couldn't you be a little polite to the ladies?"

Train: "With you, why should I?"

Rinslet then gave him a punch to the head, leaving a wound there. Then, they just walked down to the entrance.

Train: "Shouldn't you be hanging out with your 'boyfriend'?"

Rinslet: "Jenos? He got a student council meeting. I'm meeting my other boyfriend tonight."

Train: "Your swindling business is starting to become a real pain!"

Rinslet: "Don't call it swindling. Call it 'pay date'. They pay to date me. Without them knowing of course."

Train: "Rins. When you get older, you'd make a great prostitute."

Rinslet then gave him another blow to the head.

Rinslet: "How rude! I have more pride than that."

Train: "Swindlers shouldn't even say they have pride."

Again, Rinslet gave him… well, you know the rest.

Rinslet: "You really got to work on your attitude. If you don't, you gonna stay single forever."

Train: "Why should I?"

Rinslet didn't answer which left Train confused for a while. He did not notice that Rins blushed a little.

Rinslet: "Anyway. Come to class tomorrow. It's embarrassing to drag you again."

Train: "You didn't have to anyway."

Train and Rinslet then parted ways when they reach a crossroad. Train was looking forward to the arcade and kept bragging how he should beat the highscore in the "Deadly Shot" game. However, Train stopped when he notice a black cat in frontof him.

"Tch… Looks like no arcade today."