In the evening, at Rinslet apartment, a man and a woman were to talking Rinslet. Rinslet seems to be furious when she talks back.

The next morning, at school, during lunch break, Train, Eve, River and Jenos are having lunch together. Kuro was just next to them, talking to some cats.

Eve: "Ugh!"

Train: "What's wrong?"

Eve: "This sandwich taste horrible!"

River: "Really? That tuna sandwich happens to be my favorite."

Jenos: "Not everyone will have the same taste."

Train: "But still, you complain every meal you don't like. You really are a Lil'princess."

Eve: "Watch it!"

River: "If you don't want it, let's trade lunch."

Eve: "No!"

River: "Why not?"

Jenos: "She already took a bite out of that sandwich. It's just plain weird since you're not a couple."

Train: "Also, you finished your lunch already!"

River: "Oops, guess I did!"

Eve: "I can handle this. It's not like it will kill me."

Train: "Then I guess you don't mind eating while giving a face like you're about to vomit. It's like watching a princess being normal."

Eve immediately threw her sandwich at Train's face, making a mess around him. Everyone just laugh when the cats try to eat from him.

Jenos: "By the way, where's Rins? She wasn't in class today."

River: "Really? I thought she came to school today."

Train: "I don't know. In fact, why do you think I know where she is?"[Getting the tuna off]

Jenos: "Umm… because you hang out with her most of the time."

River: "Now that I think about it, didn't you hang out with her before you came to this school?"

Train: "Yeah, what about it?"

River: "We're just curious on how you two met. Tell us."

Train: "Why should I? It's nothing interesting."

Jenos: "But other than girls, she never really talks with guys for at least three days. It's always date, and then dumped."

Eve: "Can't imagine her dating Train for money or looks."

Train: "Shut it!"

Eve: "But seriously, why would she hang out with you?"

Train: "I get the feeling you just love pissing me off."

Eve smirked while Train just got more pissed.

River: "At least tell us why she doing all this."

Train: "Will you all just let it go!? It's not something we can easily discuss."

Jenos: "Why not?"

Train: "It's just that… I don't know! She never told me!"

Then, the school bell ring, telling everyone to go back to class. As they walk back to class, everyone just went back to their usual ways. It seems that everyone believed him, all except one."

Eve: (He's bluffing.)

During the whole class, there was only one seat empty. It didn't really bother anyone except a few. Train knows that though Rins sort of have a bad reputation, she wasn't one that ditch class.

Train: (She's probably sick. Maybe she just went back home. I'll visit her after school.)

After school ends, Train was on his way to Rins apartment. However, he was not alone.

Train: "Why are you two following me?"

Eve: "I'm not. I'm just visiting Rins. I just don't know where."

Train: "That's still following!"

Kuro: "Come on. We're all friends. There's no reason for all of us to go separately."

Train: "I guess."

Kuro: "…Unless…"

Eve: "…"

The silent just made Train uncomfortable. It's even worse when the two stare at Train with pitiful look.

Train: "Stop with the awkward silent!"

Eve: "I'm just looking out for Rins, that's all."

Train: "I still think you love pissing me off!"

Eve smirked.

Train: "By the way, Kuro. How come there's no bounty yet? I've been waiting for so long."

Kuro: "You think it's easy for a cat to just find a bounty that easy."

Eve: "How Train doesn't pick up himself?"

Kuro: "You need a license to legally accept these jobs. And he can't go into tavern because he's young."

Eve: "So you have a license."

Kuro: "No, I'm a cat! Who gives license to a cat?"

Train: "How ridiculous!"

Eve just remain quiet as she was confused and just got insulted by a cat.

When they arrived at Rins apartment, they were shocked. The entrance was packed with boxes. Train ring the doorbell, waiting for someone to come. Rins come opening the door, surprised to see the two… or three at their doorstep.

Rinslet: "Hi guys. What are you all doing here?"

Eve: "You didn't come to school, so we came to check up on you."

Rinslet: "Oh… how nice."

Eve: "And we had to drag Train along."

Train was shocked at first.

Train: "Really? You had to lie to make yourself look good?"

Eve: "Nah! I just want to make you look bad."

Train got even more shocked.

Eve: "It is fun to piss you off!"

After being pissed a lot, Train wanted to argue with Eve but seeing everyone around him laughing made him forget about it.

Rinslet: "I'm so going to miss you guys."

Train/ Eve/ Kuro: "Yeah! Wait, what?"

Rinslet: "Yeah, I'm moving to France."

Train: "Wha… wh… why?"

Rinslet: "My aunty just got engaged yesterday. His job has been transferred to France. They want me to follow them."

Train: "Your aunty that you been living with and taught you all those tricks?"

Eve: "What tricks?"

Train: "Tricking guys around."

Eve: "That would explain a lot."

Rinslet: "I'm sorry. I wanted to tell you guys but…"

Train: "We understand. Don't worry. So when do you have to leave?"

Rinslet: "About four days from now."

Kuro: "So you're going to be okay there?"

Rinslet: "Yeah, I will. Don't worry. Wow, I still can't get over of talking to a cat."

Train: "Yeah. Hey, I heard you came to school. Did you…"

Rinslet: "Yup, I've sent my letter. Unless I'm staying, I've got a week till I'm no longer a student."

Eve: "…"

Train: "We'll miss seeing you around."

Rinslet: "Thanks."

Train: "Why don't we all hang out before you leave? Just the four of us."

Rinslet: "The four of us?"

Kuro: "Hey!"

Train: "We can include Jenos in."

Kuro: "Why do I have the feeling you forgot about me too!?"

Rinslet: "Oh… I don't think that's a good idea."

Train: "Why not?"

Rinslet: "I just broke up with him."

Everyone just stood silent.