Hey sorry this took so long to write but I was preparing for my finals and I didn't want to be writing during my study time so here it is, my new story….

Yes I know I did a crappy job the first time I posted this, but I fixed it and it should make a lot more sense.

Chapter 1- Define screwed….

It was a typical day at the garage for Jake, Chance and John. No Swat Kat emergencies had come up in the last couple of weeks and Jake and Chance were grateful for it. It had given them time to get some rest and actually sleep a whole night. John was holding up fine from his encounter with Darkat. His shoulder and burns had healed up but still caused John a lot of pain, sometimes he wakes up in cold sweats, shaken from a nightmare where he is back on that table and Darkat was looming over him, telling him there is no escape. He refused to talk about it with Jake or Chance, and they understood why. He had been thought a traumatic ordeal and was used to not saying anything about it. they were busy sorting through the crap that Burke and Murray had left at their door, again, John sighed.

"Guess I will have to be better at my aim next time." He said after missing the duo with his spanners while they ran for their truck and taking off as fast as they could.

"If your shoulder is acting up again, I can get you more meds." said Jake while he and Chance separated the electronics.

"You shouldn't be even been throwing things with that arm, it may have closed up, but the muscle still needs to heal." Said Chance looking over at the young human in disguise.

"I'm fine; there is no need to worry." said John forcing a smile on his face.

"Well if you are ok then I assume you can take this load of scrap metal over to the pile." said Jake, John nodded picked up the useless scrap and walked behind some old car wrecks where the pile was. As John disappeared from sight, an enforcer curser pulled up in the yard and no other than Commander Feral stepped out and was heading straight for them.

"Here comes trouble." Said Jake

"That's what we just need," complained Chance as Falina walked up with her uncle.

"Furlong, Clawson, Kase." He boomed looking around and then looked at the two in front of him, "where is the boy?"

"Putting some scrap away, but what brings you here Commander?" asked Jake as he began to move some electronics into a bin for them.

"I'm here for Kase" said Feral in his usual annoyed tone, he turned to his niece, "Falina, go and see what's keeping him. She nodded and walked away.

"What's he done?" asked Chance, not afraid to show the annoyance in his voice. The Commander looked at him.

"I'm here because I have good reason to believe that he is a runaway." He replied curtly.

"What makes you think that?" asked Jake starting to feel nervous.

"Because there is no record of him before 3 months ago," Feral replied. "explain to me again how he ended up here."

"Well, about 3 months ago he just showed up in the middle of the night with all of his belongings in a rucksack," Chance lied

"…and you took him in without hesitation" finished Feral "that makes it pretty simple."

"what do you mean simple" questioned Chance.

"John is a runaway and will come with me" said Feral

Meanwhile on the other side of a few scrap piles, John was putting some of the scrap in the right pile when some piece in the big plie came loose and toppled on him.

"Shit" he said as pain tore through his shoulder pulling himself out of the pile and was dusting himself off when he heard a click of the safety of a gun being turned off. He turned around to see Lt. Feral pointing her gun at him.

"FREEZE" she yelled, John immediately put his hands in the air and that is when he realised, his hands didn't have fur on them, his watch had stopped working, He was caught in his human form. John felt a guilty smile creep onto his face.

"I can explain…" he began but the Lt. cut him off

"Don't move or I will shoot" she said bitter coldly her gun levelled at the aliens head. John was thinking quickly, he couldn't let Jake and Chance get dragged into this, she started talking into her radio and he saw his chance, he dove behind a pile of tiers, barely escaping her laser blasts. He quickly got up and sprinted for the front gate hoping to get out of the yard before she could get back up. He rounded a corner and ran into something hard and bounced off it onto the ground, dazing him. He looked up to see Commander looking down at him, and raising his fist, swang. He felt pain and then, blackness.

Oh no, John has been captured! Again. How are Jake and Chance going to get out of this one? Will John end up an experiment in a lab?

I will make the next chapter longer but until next time,