hey all, here is chapter 2, hope this is better than my fist post of CH 1

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John awoke feeling like he had been hit by a truck, 'oh, wait.' He thought, 'Feral is a truck.' He rubbed his face and sat up. He looked around the room he was in, it was all white, with a big mirror at the far end. In the corner of the room closest to him was a toilet and a sink that has been made into one. He looked up and there were two cameras on each side of the room in opposite corners.

"Great," John said to himself, he got off the bed and walked over to the mirror and knocked on it.

"Hello, anyone in there?" he said looking for some kind of speaker. He was about to knock again when a voice answered him.

"Hello, can you understand us?" said the voice; John recognised the voice as female.

"If I couldn't, you think I would be talking in the same language as you?" John said sarcastically, still looking for the source of the voice.

"There is no need for sarcasm" said the voice sounding a little annoyed, John located the well concealed speaker box and leaned in close to it.

"Yeah can I also get a small fries and a hamburger, hold the pickles, and a large chocolate milkshake." Said John feeling happy to screw with whoever is holding him. Who knows, he might trick them into telling him how to get out of here.

"As much as we love to listen to you crack jokes, we need you to answer questions and you will answer them truthfully, am I understood?!" said an angry male voice witch John recognised.

"Why, hello Commander Feral, good to hear from you, I've seen you on the news when those three idiots in that junk yard were out on tow." Said John

"So you're not associated with the three kats from the junk yard?" questioned Feral, he had thought that Clawson, Furlong and Kase had been hiding the alien and had two of the three under guard at Enforcer headquarters, a small search party were looking for Kase lead by Falina, he had Steele taking care of minor cases in his absence. There was one more question that was bugging him.

"Where is Kase?" he asked

"Witch one?" said John struggling to keep a straight face.

"Brown fur, Black stripes on his arms, thin." Replied Feral, sounding like he was reading it off a clipboard.

"Oh that guy, He nearly found me in my hiding spot, I saw him dumping junk in a pile and heading back when he stopped and it looked like he was listening to something, then he took off in the other direction as fast as he can, when I try to get a look at what he was scared of I slipped and a heap of junk fell on me. As I got up that's when that crazy lady with a gun showed up, and well you get the rest." John finished. There was a long silence. Then the women broke the silence.

"What's your name?" she asked. John thought carefully before answering.

"John Deckamor" he said picking the first name that came to mind, another long silence. Then a big white metal door near him started making the familiar sounds of clicks and scraping of the heavy bolts being slid back and the door opened to revile the Commander and a women. She was in a long white doctor's coat with a dark t-shirt and pants with a stethoscope around her neck. She had long black hair and grey fur; she smiled at him while Feral gave him his usual glare of disapproval. She walked up to John and reached out a paw to touch his forehead, John, following instinct, took a step back and she smiled at him again.

"It's ok, I'm not going to bite" she said moving close to John again and placing the back of her paw on his forehead feeling his temperature. "You're a little warm, come please sit down on the bed." She beckoned; John complied, keeping his eyes on Feral at all times not wanting to get hit again. When he was on the bed he held out his hand. The doctor looking a little confused took his hand and shacked. "My name is Dr Kasadey, it is very nice to meet you." She said and this time it was Johns turn to look confused.

"Nice to meet you too, but I was letting you take my pulse." Said John, Dr kasadey smiled and took his hand again and stared prodding his hand looking for a pulse, John couldn't help but laugh.

"What is it?" she asked finding it hard not to smile while looking at him.

"Here," said John, taking one of her fingers and placing it on his wrist, "My anatomy shouldn't be much different form yours, that should save you some time in comparisons." He said.

"Ok then" she replied "take off your shirt"

"What?!" said John

"You herd her, and no funny business" said Feral "be thankful that we didn't just perform an autopsy or a lobotomy while you were asleep."

"Why didn't you?" asked John as he began to take off his shirt.

"We needed to know if there are more of you coming to invade or are you the only one?" said Feral

"I got here by accident, and no we are not invading. We are not that advanced" said John

"Where did you get all of these cuts and scars?" said Dr kasadey indicating his shoulder and scars on his back.

"No one important, and another question, am I going to be experimented on?" asked John starting to feel nervous. Feral leaned in close to Johns face

"Only if you don't tell us everything you know"

So how was that? Johns in deep water once again, why is this doctor so nice to him when Feral is not? What will happen next? Stay turned!