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Chapter 3 – between a rock and a dissection table

"So what do you need to know?" John said to Feral as Dr Kasadey was checking his vitals. Feral didn't answer him but turned towards the mirror and nodded. A small group of Kats came into the room with clipboards and pens looking at him with interest.

"I'm not going to bite" said John with annoyance seeing that all of them except Dr kasadey and Feral were the only ones that were in arms reach of him. The small group of scientists looked at each other and moved closer. Dr kasadey looked up from her examination of John and said. "We don't have all day, ask the questions."

The small blond scientist on the left spoke first. "When were you born?" John looked at her and replied "18th of February 1995"

"So that puts you at about the age of 17, am I right?" she continued. John nodded in response, a fat, balding Kat spoke next "When did you arrive here?"

"4 months ago" replied John, a tall, lanky orange furred Kay spoke next, "How did you get here?"

"Though some kind of portal" said John. The fat one spoke again, "Are there more of you here?"

"No" said John "I'm the only one here".

"What is your view on our world?" asked the fat kat.

"Chaotic," replied John, all of the scientists nodded and finished the last of their notes. Then the small blond scientist broke away from her peers and left the room. A short time later she returned wheeling a small table with syringes on it and a couple of small jars, Johns eyes widened with horror, seeing this, Feral moved closer and proceeded to hold John down, John saw his chance, bringing both his feet up and planting them into Feral's chest and pushed with all of his might, but Feral didn't budge. But knocked both of his leg away and held down Johns arms while two scientists held down his legs, another took his head and gently turned his head sideways to expose his neck. Dr kasadey had taken a syringe off the table and began to insert it into his neck. John couldn't move. all he could do was yelp when the syringe was pulled out of his neck quickly. Paws released him and he looked up to see a syringe full of his blood.

"You could have asked nicely," said John as he sat up.

"Don't worry, we're just getting started" said Feral.

Meanwhile, in the junk yard…..

"We gotta get him outta there!" said Chance angrily as he punched a wall.

"I know your upset buddy, but we can't do anything." Replied Jake, trying to calm his partner down.

"What do you mean, 'nothing we can do'?" shouted Chance turning on his friend and towering over him. "Are you telling me that we just leave him there to be experimented on?"

"No, I'm saying that if we help him escape, Feral will make sure that is the final nail in our coffins and will turn the city against us!" shouted back Jake trying to make himself as large as possible, but compared with Chance, he was a toothpick.

"Then what can we do?" asked Chance in a low voice

"John's smart, he will figure out a way to break out of whatever they are holding him in." replied Jake.

"But what happens then? Johns watch will be fixed and Feral will take him away, what then?" asked Chance

"I don't know, I'll have to sleep on that, till then, we wait." Said Jake while heading for the hanger.

"I've know you for too long, you NEVER sleep when you have something to think about." Chance yelled back as he headed to the couch to watch Scaredy kat to calm himself down.

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