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chapter 4. Phyc

John lay on his bed, too sore to move. They had taken A LOT of samples from him. Skin, tissue, blood, hair and other things. They also gave him a sedative to keep him inactive, and he gave one of the doctors a black eye.

Dr Kasadey sat in the room on the other side of the mirror, watching him. Trying to figure this boy out, She had written quite a file on him.

Name: John Deckamor

Age: 17

DOB: 18th February 1995

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Philological profile: Underlying beneath the tough and sarcastic demander, is a very frightened child, has certain trust issuers. Scars on back and shoulder indicate physical abuse, I can conclude that the subject was a runaway when he came into this world, and it might take a while to gain the trust of subject before we can get him to open up about what might have happened to him.

She was about to continue when there was a knock at the door.

"Come in."she said, and an orange furred kat walked in with two cups of coffee.

"Thought you might need some," said Lt. Steele handing her the coffee.

"Thank you" she said as she took it. Steele looked thought the glass and at the thing inside it.

"Doesn't do much does it?" he asked still looking at it.

"Would you if you were locked in there all day?"she asked. Steele suddenly felt his cheeks flush.

"Well I bet you I could get him to open up about whatever he has to hide," He said. Dr Kasadey thought about it, it might pay off to have some John hasn't seen try to talk to him, who knows, it might work.

"Ok, go ahead." She said gesturing to the door. Steele almost took a step back, he didn't think that she would actuary consider it. But didn't want to look like an idiot in front of her, he made his way to the door and into a small hallway on the other side. The viewing room was constructed this way to lock down and protect everyone in the room if a dangerous criminal escaped he swiped his key card through the keypad and opened the door and walked in.

"Hello," he said trying not to sound disgusted at the sight of the almost hairless thing. John sat up quickly and instantly regretted it as the drugs had not fully worn off yet.

"What?" said John groggily

"I would like to talk to you" said Steele.

"Did the Doc put you up to this?" asked John

"No, I asked if I could talk to you, and maybe get you to tell me what happened to you and where those scars came from." Steele replied. John looked at Steel and stood up slowly. They were about the same height and there was the key card on his belt along with his gun. He moved closer so they were standing less than a meter form each other.

"Is that coffee"? Asked John pointing to the cup in Steele's paw's

"Yes, what about it"? replied Steele

"Would you mind if I have some"? Asked John. Steele seemed hesitant but then handed over the cup. "Careful, it's hot" he said. John took the cup and took the lid off and inhaled the rich aroma.

"That's nice." He said and then threw the contents of the cup into Steele's face. Steele covered his face screaming and dropped to his knees, John took his chance and ripped the key card from Steels belt and ran for the door and swiping it. The door opened and he ran down the hall at top speed just as a voice over the speakers said "SUBJECT HAS ESCAPED"!

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