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But enough of that, let's get on with this….

Chapter 5 – Not a human's chance in enforcer headquarters


John ran as fast as he could down the hallway making sure that he didn't run into Feral or Falina. That would end his first and most likely last escape attempt, but he kept going dodging into a random room to avoid the backup that just rounded the corner at the end of the hall. Closing the door as quickly and quietly as he could he turned around and sunk to the floor with his back to the door,

'How am I going to get out of here' thought John 'and even if I do, I will be taken away by feral cause he suspected me as a runaway, it would have to be the reason he was looking for me in the first place. ' John looked up from the floor to see where he ended up. He was in some kind of reception area with a big sign over the counter that said

'ADOPTION REGISTRATION/INFORMATION' this made John stands up and head over to the counter and going behind it. After looking thought some of the info on the laws of adoption, John couldn't help but smile for the first time in what seemed like weeks.

'I have a way out of this mess, but first I need to fix my watch and get out of the building.' John thought. Looking around he found a tool kit left near an open man hole in the sealing.

'Must have been left behind when people were told there was an alien loose in the building' John thought with a chuckle as he took off his watch and began working on it.

'God, what a mess' thought John as he opened up all of the coverings and started poking through all of the wires 'It's too damaged to permanently fix it but maybe I could..' John's thoughts where cut off suddenly by banging on the door.

"We know you're in there" said a male voice.

"This is your first and last warning, come out with your hands up" said a voice that sounded like the Lt. John chose to ignore the yells and worked furiously on his watch, he needed it p and running quickly before they decide they want to come in.

"We will give you till the count of three to come out." Said the male voice again.

"One" John was rerouting emergency power from the backup battery,

"Two" John just have to finish screwing the plate of the watch back on and hit the on button.

"Three!" the door burst open with a crash and enforcer troops moved in securing the area, Falina rounded the corner of the desk to find a brown teen Kat with black stripes on his arms, with his paws in the air and a guilty smile on his face John simply said.

"I can explain…"

After a short but very awkward car ride back to the salvage yard in Feral's enforcer car they pulled up in front of the garage. Feral tuned in his seat to look at the young Kat.

"Now, you will go and collect your things and I will talk to Furlong and Clawson." The boy looked hesitant in opening the door, and Feral sighed "I know you have no intention of going back to where you came from or going to Megakat orphanage, but you're not 18 and until then, my hands are tied, I'm sorry" said Feral trying not to sound annoyed, be he got the message and opened the door and went inside, Feral sighed and opened the door and followed suit. Waking into the reception area he noticed that the two ex- enforcer pilots had happily welcomed the boy and where talking rather eagerly with him.

'Time to break the bad news' he thought with a sigh, walking up to the three kats and clearing his throat.

"Didn't I tell you to go and pack your things?" he said looking down on the boy.

"Hang on, where is he going?" asked Chance

"If you don't remember then you are more ignorant than I first thought." Said Feral clearly showing annoyance at having to repeat himself. "He is a runaway and must be logged into the system until he is of age." Finished Feral,

"I'M IGNORANT!" began Chance but Jake cut him off before he could start an argument that would tear the whole garage down.

"There has to be some way he can be allowed to stay" asked Jake.

"I have these," said John pulling out some papers from his pocket "I got these when the Lt. found me and something going on about an alien loose in the building." He said handing over the papers. Feral took them and studied them.

"These are adoption papers." He said looking up at John.

"That's right," said John with a smile "If these are signed, I can stay here." He said

"I know how the adoption laws work." Said Feral impatiently "but the question is, are one of these two willing to take you in officially." He said turning to look at the two ex-enforcers. They seemed to think about it for a little bit and finally Jake said "Yes." The biggest smile broke out on Johns face as Chance nodded as well. "We'll both sign it."

"Hang on ," said Feral this type of adoption requires only one adult to care for the child in question, only one of you can be the boys guardian."

"Oh come on Feral…" Began Chance but Jake cut him off again.

"I think it should be John's decision." He said looking at the boy in question. John looked from Chance to Jake and back again, after a while all he could do is shrug. As quick as a flash Chance had taken the papers from Feral and handed them to Jake.

"You were always better at the paperwork anyway" said Chance with a grin. Jake look at the papers he had been handed and started to go through them. After all of the paper work was completed Feral took the papers and took his leave saying something about Jake receiving a letter in the mail validating his guardianship.

That night John didn't have any nightmares, because he knew that he had his new family, which would be there for him no matter what.

Alright we are done, but don't worry there are a lot more adventures coming for John and the Swat Kats. Stay tuned and thank you all for the continued support of this story.