Hey guys,

First of all I want to apologize for not updating for the last 3 years, that might have sucked if you actually enjoyed this story. Another thing that sucks is that I will no longer continue this. and I do have a couple of reason for that.

1. When I first started writing this story, I was young and excited. I tended to sacrifice my studying time writing this thing, and that effected me a lot. My first bump was when I got a really shitty grade on this test and slowly I started to withdraw from writing. My second bump was exams which I had then decided I would never get the same grade again. Anyways, I had slowly forgotten about it and stopped writing completely.

2. I lost all the excitement I had.

3. When I did finally remember that I did in fact not continue a story, I thought I could just go back to it. But unfortunately I could absolutely not. I reread my writing, and it was truly the most cringe worthy thing ever. How any of you like it I have no idea.

4. I grew up. Im no longer that thirteen year old girl.

5. I will repeat that this is the shittiest thing I have ever written and god lord why did I ever think it was good.

6. It's pretty cliche, isn't it?

7. Senior year is not like that WHATSOEVER. Jesus.

Anyways you get the point, chapter 22 is the last chapter. I'm posting it now because I found it lying in one of my old folders and I was like what the heck let's just post my old thirteen year old writing for the sake of it.

So to wrap it up, Girl on Fire: Senior Year is officially discontinued.