Caleb groaned. His head hurt like hell. What had happened? His mane was covered in snow, it was freezing cold. White wasn't his style either. Not to be racist or anything. Then, he felt a sharp pain in his side.

"Owww. " He moaned.

"Hey. Hey. Hey. Dude. Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey Dude. Hey. Hey. Caleb. Hey. "

"WHAT?! " He shouted, almost roaring. He stared up at his teammate Tina. She stared back.

"Are ya dead? "

"No! I'm not frickin' dead! " He sat up and winced in pain. "Owwww! How long have you been kicking me in the side?! " He questioned, rubbing his side as if the pain would leave if he did so long enough. Tina's eyes moved to the side suspiciously when he asked.

"Like an hour. " If there was one thing that could piss Caleb off, it was Tina and her immaturity. Sometimes, he wished he could knock her upside the head, but it's impolite for a guy to hit a girl. He looked over to see Maar inserting a red needle into Claptrap's arm.

"Watch the circuits! OWWW! " He complained as Maar tried to keep him still. Maar removed the needle allowing Claptrap to fall back and spazz out over the pain. She walked over and knelt beside Caleb, another needle in hand. He sat completely still as the painful needle was stabbed into his arm. But all pain left his system when the needle was removed.

"Didn't know we had a doctor. Thanks. " He commented. Maar nodded.

"No problem. " She smiled.

"So, uh, Where are we? " Tina questioned looking around. "We can't have rolled that far. I don't recognize anything around here... " She looked around.

"Uh, guys. " Claptrap said, pointing ahead. "What's that? " Everyone turned their attention to the shadows coming over the horizon. They could hear shouts and the revving of vehicles in the distance.

"Whoa... Whoa... Holy sh*t! Those are bandits! " Maar shouted in complete panic. She wasn't the only one panicking, though.

"Where are our weapons?! " Tina questioned. Claptrap fell to his knees and groped the snow, trying to find any sign of guns or explosives under it. The bandits drew closer and closer as time began to run out.

"Nothing! " Claptrap shouted, giving up. Caleb grinned. He had remembered how they ended up here, and that he had raided their supply closet before they left. He reached into his pack and retrieved all their best weapons. Tina received some of her best grenades and a Vladof Assassin pistol. Maar was given her favorite Maliwan Flame Chains and a Jakobs Quad shotgun for backup. Claptrap received a Torgue Deee! rocket launcher. And as for Caleb, he was armed with a Maliwan Hive rocket launcher. Oh, how he loved the way it shot corrosive homing miniature rockets.

The bandits now surrounded them. Maar clicked her helmet in place, hiding her face. She nodded as the crowd of bandits were about to leap. They scattered. Maar disappeared in a puff of smoke, Tina created a distraction with some flash grenades to avoid getting hit and then ran, and Caleb trampled over a bunch of bandits to make a path for himself. This left Claptrap to be dog piled by bandits.

Claptrap was left with no other choice but one. He activated his special ability. Several guns opened up all over his robotic bodies. Panels flipped, guns replacing each of them. The bandits were shot brutally, some went flying due to the process of the panels flipping. Claptrap was able to clear out most of the bandits. The surviving bandits cowered in fear and ran away.

Maar reappeared near a separate group of psychos and skags. She readied herself and swung her fire chains wildly, cutting off the heads of bandits and setting skags on fire. But backup came, overpowering the marauder. To obliterate the backup psychos, she unleashed her special ability. Her chains multiplied, the saw blades on the end of the chains flying off and slicing through several bandits. Her chains acted like tentacles and picked up nearby skags, crushing them under pressure, then dropping them to retrieve new ones.

Tina grinned as her bomb set up was complete. All of the mines and bombs were buried under snow, ready to set off an epic chain reaction. Bandits grinned under their masks as they approached the 16 year old. She grinned back. When they were almost near enough to reach out and touch her, she threw a lit dynamite stick, hitting a bandit's face. It exploded, the force of the explosion setting off the other bombs. This was Tina's special ability. She was able to set up a chain reaction quickly and destroy multiple bandits. As a prize, she took a dead bandit mask and slipped it into her pack.

Caleb stared at the bandits surrounding him. They laughed and swung their weapons wildly, ready to destroy him. He wasn't about to let that happen. Finally, Caleb unleashed his special ability. Rage mode. He tossed his gun aside, got on all fours and roared angrily at the bandits before trampling them over. He started shredding his enemies and chewing on their bones in intense anger. As he finished devouring the last bandit that dared threaten him, his companions walked up. They were a bit beat up, not to mention covered in blood that didn't belong to them.

Caleb calmed down and stood up, wiping blood from his mouth. He picked his teeth with a chewed up bandit limb and tossed aside, burping.

"Well. That was fun. " He said, returning to his calm headed state and crossing his arms. Claptrap's chest suddenly beeped. His eye lit up happily as he opened his chest to reveal a radio of some kind.

"Guys! I got some updates! More info about Jack's return! " He exclaimed.

"Claptrap, I don't know what we'd do without your chest radio. " Maar commented before gathering around Claptrap with the others. They listened intently.

"Ah ok, ok. Ahem... Dr. Jeremiah here! This ECHO recording will tell you all about my latest project. I have figured away to genetically alter DNA to create super humans. Now, to save time, i'm not going to explain how this works. Yeah, i'm a douche some times. Anyway, so I found this perfect subject for DNA testing at this place called The Vault of The Warrior. I had to get past some MAJOR security to get the body I needed. But it was totally worth it. I'm just working on getting the body into one piece. Can't find the face, so that's bad. Uh, I'll keep the ECHO recordings updated. Until next time.

(Stop )

(Starting ECHO #2 )

"Hello again. Dr. Jeremiah... again. So, I was able to find this mask I could USE as a face replacement for my subject. It's kinda big though, a whatever. I'll fix it later. If I can repair some of the broken parts of the subject's body, I should be able to safely inject the genetically enhanced DNA into the body and bring ti to life as a SUPERHUMAN! Amazing, right? I'm a genius. Ok see ya next time. "

(Stop )

(Staring ECHO #3 )

"HEEEEELLLLOOOO! Yes yes yes! Today's the day! Dr. Jeremiah here! I've successfully repaired all wounds on the body and applied the mask for a face. It looks like it's just a dead body now! Not a f*cked up carcass anymore! And now, and now, and noooow, the DNA. Listen now as the body comes to life!

(Slicing sound)

"Ugggghhhhooooo. "

"Yes! It's working! "

"Ughhhaoooohahahaha... HA HA HA HA HA! "

"That voice... I recognize that voice... SH*T! "

"I'm baaack! "


(Stop )

(Starting final ECHO )

"Hey there. Handsome Jack here! You may be thinking "Hey, aren't you dead? " Well guess what, kids? I'm back. Back to take revenge on all of your asses. And by the time you find this ECHO, you'll already be overrun by my forces. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA- (cough) (cough) Ow... "

(End )

Caleb crossed his arms.

"Crazy bastard... " He muttered. Maar mimicked Caleb's position.

"I wonder what happened to Dr. Jeremiah? "

"Who cares... " Tina said, glaring at the radio. "He's the reason we're in this mess again. "

"What do we do know? " Claptrap asked, closing up his chest area. Suddenly, a huge breeze blew through their hair. A whisper was carried along on the breeze.

"Past the mountain range/ You find the freedom and hope/ Follow the footprints. " It whispered.

"Was that... haiku? " Maar asked.

"Yeah... Familiar, don't ya think, Clappy? " Tina questioned and turned to face the robot.

"Perhaps. " He replied sarcastically. A set of footprints appeared in the snow.

"What... " Caleb stared. The footprints began to move quickly, leaving a trail to follow.

"Follow them prints, peeps! " Tina commanded, running after the footprints. Obviously, her teammates followed loyally as they set off toward their destination.

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