Hello, everyone! Happy Halloween! This is not only my first one-shot, but my first Halloween-themed story! I hope that it will be well-received! I drew inspiration from Beauty and the Beast, The Salem Witch Trials and Casper. I do not own Beauty and the Beast! And I did not participate in the Salem Witch Trials. . .

The title is based off the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe! AU


Running seemed to be futile as the terrified girl realized that her pursuers were catching up with her. They shouted angry insults at the young woman and their fiery torches reflected in her frightened sea blue eyes. She had nowhere else to go. She was going to die! This was the end and it was so unfair! Never in her life had the girl imagined herself leaving the world in such a fashion. The girl finally stumbled upon the old Stubbes' mansion. Her eyes lit up with hope. The superstitious villagers would not dare follow her into the cursed mansion. Hiking up her skirts, the aqua haired maiden rushed up the marble stairs. Once safely inside did the terrified woman dare to look out of a window to see if her theory had been correct. She saw with relief that the villagers had indeed stopped.

This was good, the girl thought. She would wait until the mob had dispersed, gather her belongings and skip town. She would move to a town that would accept her for who she was. She could start anew and fall in love with someone who didn't get her chased throughout the town.

Looking out of the window, she saw that her ex-lover was indeed standing out there. Her sandy blonde hair shone bright in the moonlight and her emerald-green eyes were bright with hate. Hate for me, she realized as she looked at her former love.

She could feel her heart clench. She wanted to run out and lunge herself at her. She wanted to hold her and make her understand that she was not a witch. Michiru's love had been natural and real. But, when Michiru had confessed, suggesting that the two run away from this town, her lover had freaked. She had accused their love of being unnatural. She had reasoned that the only way she could have possibly returned these feelings of love back to Michiru could have only been the work of the supernatural. She said that their love would be condemned. And when the town had learned that Michiru fancied women, they had grabbed up their pitch forks, throwing rocks and yelling derogatory slurs.

Sighing, Michiru slumped to the floor in despair. She wanted to leave this town. She couldn't fathom spending any longer in this creepy old mansion. Looking around, she felt as if someone was watching her. Why couldn't she just turn back time? Why couldn't she have more time with the one she loved? Why? Why? Why?! Curling up under the window, she begin to sob. Her cries echoed through the mansion until slumber filled the deadened air.

Awoken to a crunching sound outside, Michiru stood up, turning her attention back to the mob outside. She shrieked in horror as she saw something being hurdled towards her. Michiru barely managed to dive out of the way as a lit torch came crashing through the mansion's window. Landing with a grunt, she watched as more torches were thrown into the house.

It didn't take long for the fire to start. Antique chairs and curtains began to go up in flames as the crazed villagers set fire to the mansion, hoping to kill the hated 'witch' inside. They began to chant 'die' and 'witch' as the mansion became a funeral pyre. They all cheered gleefully when the mansion began to crumble under the weight of the flames. But they all froze in fear when an inhuman scream fill the hallow night.

. . . An in 1902, the mansion was devastated by a fire that ravaged the forest, burning for eight days and seven nights. Then in 1930, Herbert Williams decided to have the mansion restored. . .

Haruka mouthed off the words with Miss Barnes as she recited the history of the Stubbes' mansion proudly. This was so lame. Dullsville was so small that all the kids had been to the mansion every year since they could all walk. They knew all about its history, its ghosts thanks to its coordinator, Miss Barnes, who seemed to live for the mansion.

No wonder she isn't married, Haruka thought. Peeking over at the tall, wiry woman, Haruka scoffed at how exuberant she looked talking about the mansion. Haruka didn't understand. It was old and creepy. Plus it had an awful damp smell that one could never get used to no matter how long they remained in the mansion. Haruka and her only friend Pugs had once sat at the entrance and counted how many people shuddered as they walked across the threshold. The numbers had not been disappointed.

Why would anyone want to keep a mansion like this standing for so long? Haruka thought as her class was finally allowed to leave.

Turning in the direction of her house, she ran as fast she possibly could the rest of the way home.

The city where Haruka had been born and raised wasn't really called dullsville, but Wintonville. It was tiny and insignificant. The town's only claim to fame was the mansion, which had been dubbed the 'world's most haunted mansion'. But, even that made a tiny impression on the tourists because no one had actually seen a ghost. It was a tiny speck that just took up space, just like everyone in this town including Haruka, but that would all change soon. Haruka wanted to feel big. She wanted to shed this small image and fly. She was Tenoh Haruka and her fate was larger than Wintonville.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH , NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOO OOOOOO!" a portly boy shouted as a red car overlapped his blue one. Throwing down the controller, the boy let out a string of insults as Haruka laughed mirthfully at the boy's misery.

"I don't know how you do it, Haruka! I am the one who introduced you to this game!" Pugs said, as he tried to push his car to 200 mph.

"It takes technique and concentration . . . Something you definitely lack. . ." Haruka said as she overlapped Pugs.

Putting down the remote control, Pugs turned to Haruka with a serious tone, "Soooooo?"


"Bryan invited us to his party for tomorrow night. . ." Pugs flinched as he saw Haruka's cat like green eyes flash. He knew how Haruka felt about parties but it was there once in a lifetime chance to start fitting in.

"NO! We are not going. You remember what happened last time?"

Pugs did remember what had happened. Pugs had gotten out of control and the next day at school a picture had turned up of him passed out drunk in a ditch. Haruka had gotten suspended for a whole week after she hunting down the culprits, beating them within an inch of their life.

"I know that I messed up last time, but this time, it will be better. I won't drink and you will finally get to talk to Jessica."

Pugs knew he had her as soon as he had mention Haruka's long time crush, Jessica Kremonsky.

Sighing, Haruka nodded her head in consent. Picking up the controller, Pugs reset a new game and they began to play.

"Oh, and by the way, you lesbian, be sure to dress up. It's a Halloween party."

At school the next day, Haruka found herself throwing Pugs up against the locker with all her might.

"The Stubbes' Mansion! Have you lost your marbles?!"

Pugs rolled his eyes at his best friend's overdramatized reaction. "So the party is at the mansion! Big whoop!"

"Big whoop?" Haruka asked, looking her friend incredulously. "It is illegal! Miss Barnes won't put up for it! She is going to call the police immediately! What was Bryan thinking?!"

"Chill, Haruka. Miss Barnes won't even be in town tonight. She is going to some lame-o convention and won't be back for two days."

"I am not going! If you want to go, that is fine, but count me out! I refuse to act like them." And with that Haruka begin to walk down the hall.

"Wait, Haruka! Listen, I know that this is stupid, but aren't you getting tired of getting bullied every day because we aren't one of them? Look at me, I have pimples and I am fat. I am probably never going to get a girlfriend! The only reason people talk to me is because I am friends with the tall, mysterious track star. If I show up to that party, I might as well be jumping off a bridge, because I will be nobody to them without you. . ."

Haruka stood shocked at her friend's statement.

"Pugs . . . I never knew you felt that way, man. Look, you are my best friend because you don't act like them. You are better than they are. All of them have grown up wanting nothing in their life except this small provincial life. You and I, we have dreams that go beyond this town and you shouldn't let them make you feel this small for wanting better. For being better. Fine. We will go to that party, but that is to show you how idiotic they all act. Ok?"

Sniffing, Pugs replied, "Thanks, man. I guess I just want a little slice of life, you know?"

"Yeah, I get it."

"So what are you going as, Haruka?"

Looking up at the sky with a pensive stare, Haruka shrugged. "I guess I was thinking of going as Tuxedo Mask."

"Lame, bro. Lame."

Looking in the mirror, Haruka scoffed at her costume. She had been trying to go as Tuxedo Mask but she instead, she looked like an English gent. Well, at least it would protect her against the chilly air. Checking in the mirror one last time, she left to go greet Pugs. The mansion looked creepy on its own without Halloween decorations so it had none. On the outside, it looked as serene and haunted as ever but inside, music vibrated through the walls. There were tipsy teens dressed in skimpy outfits everywhere. The air around them was intoxicated with excitement and fear. There had never been an actual party in the mansion before and all the teens were feeling the rush of doing something illegal. Pugs, dressed up in a Homer Simpson costume, immediately begin to jump into the scene.

After turning down many offers to dance, Haruka made her way to a kitchen. In the kitchen, a grand stairwell led up to another set of rooms that Haruka had never seen before. Curiously, Haruka began to make her way up to the stairs. At the end of the stairs was a red door. Turning the nob, Haruka felt some type of foreboding that she couldn't quite comprehend. Everything in her being was screaming that she was in danger, but in her heart, she felt calm. Walking into the room, she squinted her eyes to see through the thick layer of dust that coated the air. In a corner, sitting on a window sill sat a shadowy figure. It seems as if she was dressed in a torn peasant's dress. As the figure turned to face her, Haruka's heart caught at the saddened look on the young girl's face. Haruka realized with silent horror that she could see the wall through the woman. But she wasn't afraid.

In a whisper, the figure asked, "Can I keep you?"

Unconsciously, stepping forward, the door closed with a grave slam.

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