Chapter 11

Rachel and Puck were about to step into the roller rink when Rachel grabbed Puck's arm.

"Noah, I don't think I can do this I might fall over what if i bash my nose or something it could effect my

singing and I can't have that I need that I'm nothing without my voice. Can't we just go straight to

dinner or but this."Rachel said to Puck seriously. Puck's reply was to giggle.

"Rachel, if your that scared I will hold your hand until you feel comfortable to do it ok, I'm not going to

pressure you into something you don't want to but I won't let you fall I promise." Noah said grabbing

her hand and stepping closer to her. She knodded and they stepped into the rink. Rachel slipped on

her step but Puck was there to catch her.

"See I told you. Now hold onto my hand tight ok."Noah said. She knodded and gave him a kiss on the


40 minutes later Rachel and Puck were having races around the rink. Rachel had set her mind that

before she went she had to be able to scate around that rink atleast once. She is Rachel Berry so she

did do it. Rachel was in front of Puck so he sped up and grabbed her on her waist from behind.

"AHHHH OH MY GOD! I think my heart just popped out of my chest." Rachel said seriously trying to get

her breath back but then they both fell into a laughing fit.

"Shall we go get some food now or do you want to stay on here for abit longer.?" Puck asked

grabbbing her hand.

" We should go get some food now i'm starting to get hungry."Rachel said pulling him out of the rink.

30 minutes later "Puckerberry" were sat at a table in Breadsticks eating there dinner telling stories of

their past.

"Rachel I know this is going to be a touchy subject but do you and Jesse really have a daughter?"Puck

asked curiously.

"Yes.. raped me when I was 15 when I first met him, Sophia was born 9 months later and

was given away to a family who can give her more than I can give her. But I do go visit her everyday I

can which is usually everyday." Rachel said.

" Wow you a strong girl you know that. Well um... next time you go visit Sophia could I come with you it

would be nice to meet the mini Rachel Berry, I bet she's got your georgous looks."Puck said.

"Aww your such a gentlemen and of course you can I will just have to let Demi and Joe know your

coming i'll let you know the next time I go."Rachel said smiling at him.

"Um Rachel... this is really hard to say but i want to ask you a question. I know we've only known each

other a few days but I really like you and I can see a future for us. Will you be my girlfriend?" Puck

asked blushing a little.

"Of course I will, I see a future for us too. I will be very proud to walk down the hall with you on my arm

and tell every one that the Noah Puckerman is my boyfriend."Rachel smiled and grabbed his hand.

"Well I'd be happy for you to that but not for another two weeks."

"And why not?"

"Well when you left glee club earlier I may have punched and kicked Jesse after hearing what he did to

you, what I didn't know is that Principal Figgins was watching. He took my into his office and told me

that I was suspended for two weeks and he will tell me what he has decided after that but yeah i'm

not aloud of school grounds for atleast 2 weeks."Puck explained.

"You didn't have to do that but thank you i've been wanting to do that to him for years and someone

finally did it to him maybe he will realize not everybody likes him. Dont worry I will go to Principal Figgins

tommorow and tell him everything so you can come back after the two weeks and maybe Jesse will get

locked up or something." Rachel said finishing over her Vegan Lasagne.

"You don't have to do that, i'll be fine. Come on then I better take you back home prepare yourself for

Kurt and Quinn giving you 21 questions." Puck giggled. Rachel stood up and playfully slapped his arm.

"There not that bad. Alright they are." She said after Puck gave her the "Seriously" look and they both

giggled. Puck interwined his fingers with Rachel's and they made there way to Rachel's house.

10 minutes later they were pulling up Rachel's driveway.

"Alright, because I won't see you during school if you are free come round after school and we can

order take out or I will cook dinner and we can watch some movies." Rachel said when they were

walking up her stairs. They reached her door and Puck grabbed her hand.

"I'd love to. Ill see you tommorow." Puck said and they kissed.

"You sure will. Good night Noah, don't think about me to much." She winked at him and made her way

inside. She stood there for a few minutes until she heard his car pull away. She smiled to herself.

"Best night ever." She whispered to herself. She heard her best friends in the living room and smiled as

she made her way to talk to them about her night.