Caroline shifted around in the bed, gazing at the streams of moonlight that came through the windows when the night breeze blew through. Her eyes flicked to the nearby clock that confirmed the time of night she thought it was, late by human standards, early by vampires. Nevertheless, she needed to climb out of the cozy position she was in and get moving. At the moment though it was the last thing she wanted to do, the activities of the night before had left her whole body feeling lethargic. She wanted nothing more than to curl up more to the warm body next to her and fall back asleep. But knowing who the body belonged to reminded her that she needed to get up and escape to her own house.

Caroline sat up slowly, trying not to stir the other person in the bed. A feat that was not easily accomplished considering her legs were entangled in his, and he had had one of his arms loosely draped over her. Once she managed it, she slipped from the bed to search for her clothes. She found her panties, bra and jeans but couldn't locate her top anywhere. She was still looking when she felt a strong pair of arms wrap around her from behind and warm lips kissing along her neck.

"What did you do with my top?" Caroline asked.

"It is still early." He replied ignoring her question; she could feel the smile on his lips as he added. "I can think much more enjoyable ways to spend the time."

Before she could argue, he spun her around to face him before closing his lips over Caroline's in a passionate kiss, while his arms wrapped around her waist to pull her tightly against his body. Even though Caroline wanted to fight him off, her body reacted quickly. She kissed him back with the same amount of urgency and need and wrapped her arms around his neck, almost against her own will.

His mouth molded over hers hard and persuasive, parting her lips with the thrust of his tongue as he ravished her mouth with his. She felt herself weaken from the spiraling pleasure that poured through her, and she clung to his shoulders for support. Yet as much pleasure as she was experience, she knew that she had to stop it. Caroline allowed herself to enjoy his touch for a moment longer before she made herself pull away.

"I need to go home. I need to get some sleep so I can go to school."

While his eyes were still filled with lust, Caroline could see something else in them as well as he said, "Caroline love, let's not pretend that is even remotely close to the truth of the matter."

"Of course it is." Caroline argued.

"You want to leave so that our nightly rendezvous are not discovered, no need to pretend otherwise." Klaus stated as he backed away from her. "I've told you again and again, I have no qualms about being your dirty little secret."

Caroline looked away from him, knowing that he spoke the truth and also knowing that she could not argue since he spoke the truth. She saw her top peeking out from under his bed, she pulled it on before dashing out of the room and away from him and the sins they had committed.