Fifty Shades of Green

Chapter 1

Eighteen-year-old Hermione Granger scowled with frustration into the charmed mirror as it smiled at her. 'Damn my hair it just won't behave' she thought to herself as she stared into the mirror hopelessly at her bushy brown locks.

"It looks lovely dear, really," said the mirror kindly. Hermione frowned at her reflection knowing damn well that her hair looked anything but lovely.

She looks down at the outfit she chose for this interview and begins to rethink it. She's wearing a maroon colored jumper with a gold letter "H" on the front of it, some muggle blue jeans and a pair of old black and white converse sneakers. After switching to a green dress blouse, a black skirt and sensible black knee length boots she looks into the mirror and decides her appearance looks decent, then she ties her hair into a manageable ponytail.

The door to her bedroom opened and in walked cheerfully her best friend of the past three years Ginny Weasley, one of the other reasons for her sour mood.

Being head girl Hermione had the privilege of living in her own quarters next to the head boy for her final year of school at Hogwarts School of Witch Craft and Wizardry. Books were sprawled out on her bed covering just about every inch of it as she was studying for their final exams that were next week. But her studying had to be deferred this morning.

Ginny Weasley woke Hermione up at the crack of dawn to ask if she could fill in for her to do an exclusive interview with wizard extraordinaire Minister for Magic Harry Potter. Ginny somehow forgot that she'd scheduled her interview with Mr. Potter on the same day as the last Gryffindor Quidditch game of the year and the last one that Ginny would ever play in at Hogwarts. Ginny was the very first editor of the Hogwarts Star, the school newspaper. She'd been dying to get an interview like this since she started the paper this past year.

After coming too from being woken up at the ungodly hour, Hermione simply asked why Ginny couldn't just reschedule the interview. But Ginny told her that it took about nine months to get this one set up, and trying to reschedule could take another six months. Harry Potter was a very hard man to reach, seeing as he was the Minister for Magic and all. Hermione was about to decline but after much begging and whining on Ginny's part, she agreed.

"Hermione you have to know that I'm really sorry about having to ask you to do this," said Ginny apologetically. "But there was no one else capable and I really need this interview," she said with her Gryffindor Quidditch uniform gleaming.

"I know, I know," said Hermione, as she got up to get ready to leave. "But Ginny I don't know anything about him, apart from what he did in the war, and the fact that he's the youngest Minister of Magic ever," said Hermione urgently.

"Don't worry the questions will see you through" said Ginny as she grabbed the scroll of parchment on Hermione's bed that she put together for the interview some months ago. She handed Hermione her green cloak, and Hermione put it on.

"I hope you're right," said Hermione nervously as Ginny handed her the scroll of parchment, she put it in her bag and walked over to the door with Ginny following behind her.

"You'll be fine Hermione, you're brilliant," she said smiling at her best friend, Hermione smiled back and opened the door.

"Well I should get going, Professor McGonagall told me to meet her in her office at 9 so I could take the floo to the Ministry."

"Okay, good luck, and thanks, as usual Mione, you are my lifesaver." Said Ginny putting a hand over her heart causing Hermione to let out a small laugh.

"Good luck to you as well on the game that is," Hermione replied as they walked down the stairs that led to the small common room together.

"Thanks I'll score a goal for you" said Ginny smiling. "See you when you get back Mione," said Ginny as they walked through the portrait whole and into the corridors.

"Yeah, see ya," said Hermione with a small wave as she began walking down the corridors towards the Headmistresses office. Ginny went the other way towards the Great Hall for breakfast.

From Professor McGonagall's office Hermione flooed to the entrance of the Ministry of Magic and from there she was to meet a man named Kingsley Shacklebott. He would escort her to the Ministry himself. She walked over to the only man whom was standing still while the other wizards on the street were moving busily about getting to their destination.

As she walked up to him she noticed that he was a very tall well-built dark skinned man, the kind you wouldn't want to duel in a fight she suspected. He was also dressed in all black robes that looked very expensive. She stopped in front of him and extended her hand to him.

"Hi, my names Hermione Granger," she said smiling at this very tough looking man. He eyed her suspiciously for a moment before extending his hand as well to shake hers.

She'd never been to the Ministry of Magic before and wondered briefly how they would get there.

"Kingsley Shacklebott, here on behalf of Mr. Potter" he said with a stern look as he shook her hand gently. "I was under the impression that Ginny Weasley would be doing the interview," he said politely.

"Something came up and she didn't want to miss this opportunity so she sent me instead" said Hermione laughing nervously. "I hope that's ok"

"Sure thing Miss Granger," he said smiling kindly. "But if you don't mind I must perform a routine wand check." He said pulling out his wand and waving it up and down her like she was being checked at a muggle airport. She looked around uncomfortably as he finished his inspection of her. Once he was done he put his wand away. "Sorry protocol Miss Granger."

"I understand," she muttered quickly.

"Well shall we get going then?" he asked politely.

"Yes sir," He started walking and she began following behind him to a muggle red and black telephone booth that would transport them to the ministry. Funny she hadn't notice the telephone booth there before.

"Miss Granger you just step inside and use this code." he said handing her a small piece of parchment with the numbers '62442'. She took it. "Wait for me when you arrive in the Atrium and I'll meet you and escort you from there." he said kindly.

Hermione nodded and stepped inside the telephone booth, she punched in the numbers and before she knew it the telephone booth took off and started going down like a muggle elevator at a low speed.

The telephone booth went down about eight floors before it stopped. On her way down she passed the Department of Mysteries, where she wanted to work when she graduated as an Unspeakable, but graduation was still a few weeks away, so she'd have time to think about that later.

She stepped out of the telephone booth, as it announced that she was in the "Atrium" and after her departure the booth took off going back up to wherever it was going. She looked around the atrium and took in her surrounding in awe.

The ceiling was peacock blue with golden symbols moving over it the floor, polished dark wood. Halfway into the Atrium was the Fountain of Magical Brethren. The fountain featured golden statues of a wizard, a witch, a centaur, a goblin, and a house-elf, all which spouted water from various locales into the pool of water below, and each of the last three of which is shown in some manner basking in the generosity, wisdom and apparent superiority of wizard-kind.

"Wow" Hermione thought the view was beautiful; she felt someone beside her and turned to look at Kingsley.

"Miss Granger if you could just go check in with the receptionist at the front desk I should be on my way." He said smiling and shaking her hand "It was a pleasure to meet you"

"You as well and thank you Mr. Shacklebott" she said kindly

"Please call me Kingsley," he said before waving her goodbye and walking off down the corridors. Hermione smiled at his retreating form before walking over to the receptionist desk.

She noticed that there were three beautiful blonde witches, dressed elegantly in expensive looking robes and modest make up, sitting behind the receptionist desk. Whoa, Hermione thought these women were really beautiful. She walked over to the one that looked up at her. The witch smiled warmly at Hermione and greeted her.


"Good morning" Hermione said after clearing her throat. "My names Hermione Granger, I'm here on behalf of Ginerva Weasley"

The blonde woman looked over her list and then looked up and smiled at Hermione. "Yes Miss Weasley is expected," said the blonde woman. She also told Hermione to enter the lifts allowing access to the rest of the ministry (with the exception of the 10th floor) visitors have to pass through a set of golden gates. Beside what is a security stand down the hall and the guard there would register her wand. After thanking the woman Hermione began to walk in the direction.

The security wizard registered her wand. Then he sent her in the direction of the lifts that would take her to the first floor where the office of the Minister for Magic was located.

The lifts were located not too far from the golden gates she passed through earlier to get to the security wizard. In a smaller hall with at least twenty lifts standing behind wrought golden grilles. He told her that when the lift reaches a floor, a voice announces the department residing on that level and then what subdivisions are part of that department.

She got on the lift and it went down some floors before the voice announced the first level, which was where she needed to be. She got off the lift and noticed that this floor was very different from the Atrium. This level had white sandstone floors and white walls Behind another receptionist desk that was made out of the same material of floors were gold letters that read "HARRY POTTER, MINSTER FOR MAGIC". There were several white leather chairs in front of the receptionist desk. She walked pass the chairs and over to the receptionist desk, where yet another gorgeous blonde witch sat.

"Good morning, my name is Lavender Brown, junior secretary to the minister for magic, how may I help you" the blonde said brightly smiling revealing pearly white teeth. 'That was a mouth full' Hermione thought as she smiled back.

"Good morning Miss Brown," Hermione greeted back. "My names Hermione Granger, I'm here on behalf of Miss Weasley to conduct an interview with Mr. Potter."

"Yes, Mr. Potter is expecting you," Lavender said reaching down in her desk and pulling out a visitors badge. "Please take this and put it around your neck," Hermione took the badge from her and did as she was told. "You can have a seat Mr. Potter will be with you momentarily." She said smiling again.

"Thank you" said Hermione smiling back at her. She took a seat and began to take out the questions that Ginny had sent with her to review them but Lavender spoke to her again.

"Allow me to check your cloak" said the blonde woman coming over to Hermione. Hermione shrugged out of it and handed the cloak to her. Lavender folded it up and asked "Would you like anything to drink Miss Granger, pumpkin juice, or a butterbeer perhaps?"

"Um, pumpkin juice would be fine thanks," Lavender smiled at Hermione and summoned a glass of pumpkin juice then handed it to Hermione. "Thank you," she said upon taking it. Lavender smiled at her and went back over to her desk. Hermione tried again to look over the questions but was interrupted this time by the doors to the Ministers office.

The door to the Ministers office opened and out walked a tall attractive Irish man with short-brown hair.

"Quidditch next week Potter" he said. She didn't hear a response but the doors to the Ministers office remained opened and the man that came out walked pass them and said "Good morning ladies," Hermione smiled in response and after a few moments the man was gone.

"Mr. Potter will see you now, Miss Granger," said Lavender motioning toward the now open double glass doors to the minister's office.

"Oh thank you," Hermione shuffled her things together and handed the pumpkin juice back to Lavender before moving towards the Ministers office.

She was trying to get her thoughts together and tripped over her own feet stumbling inside the Minister's office landing on her hands and knees, dropping her things as she fell. She cursed to herself silently for her embarrassing entry. When she felt strong hands around her helping her to stand up right after picking up her things.

"Miss Weasley, my names Harry Potter, are you alright, do you want to sit down?" he asked kindly. Hermione tried to straighten herself out so she could answer the man and then she glanced up at him.

He was so young and attractive, very attractive. He was wearing very expensive black dress robes that hung off his body. He was tall about six feet even; he had shaggy jet-black hair, his face looked like an artist had sculpted it. His jawbone was strong, his eyes were the greenest emerald she'd ever seen, but they were behind his glasses, which framed his face perfectly.

"Um…" said Hermione as she struggled to find her voice. "Miss Weasley couldn't make it she had other pressing engagements, so she sent me instead,"

"Oh, and who are you?" he asked amusement evident in his voice.

"My names Hermione, Hermione Granger" said Hermione holding out her hand to shake his after she put her bag back on her shoulder. He took her hand and shook it gently and she felt a shock go through her body at the contact, she'd never felt anything like that before.

"Nice to meet you Miss Granger," he said his voice caressing her name.

"Uh…yes and you as well Mr. Potter."

"Would you like to have a seat?" he asked.

It was then that she got to look around his office. This office was way to large for just one person she thought. The office looked like if was about the size of her Gryffindor common room, but it was the same design in here as if was out in the receptionist area of this floor. With a few exceptions, in Mr. Potter's office to the far left were floor to ceiling glass windows that overlooked every department in the ministry; he must have had them charmed. In front of the windows was a wooden desk that looked like it could easily sit six people around comfortable. There was an L shaped white leather couch in front of his white sandstone desk. In front of the couch was a small wooden coffee table that mirrored the wooden desk by the windows in color and two white leather armchairs facing the L-shaped couch. Behind his sandstone desk were bookshelves that stretched from the ceiling to the floors and from one side of the office to the other. He noticed her looking at them with awe once she'd sat down on the couch in front of his desk.

"Books and scrolls dated back to the time Merlin," he said motioning to the bookshelves before sitting down in one of the armchairs facing her.

"Incredible collection" she responds looking the shelves up and down.

"I couldn't agree more Miss Granger," he says sitting down in front of her. He places one arm comfortably on his leg and the other on the armrest. Hermione takes out the magic ink quill and parchment paper, she places the parchment paper and the quill on the coffee table in front of them. After dropping the ink pin twice she finally sets in the quill. Mr. Potter says nothing patiently waiting for her to get set up.

"Do you mind if I spell it" she says finally getting the courage to look up at him, he's gazing at her intently, the hand that was on the arm rest now comes up to cup his chin and he trails his index finger across his lips, trying to suppress a smile she thinks flushing embarrassed.

"After you've taken so much trouble to set it up, you ask me now?" she flushes bright pink.

"S-sorry" she mutters. "I'm not used to this,"

"I don't mind," he says taking pity. Hermione nods in his direction and spells the quill, then retrieves the parchment with the questions on it.

"Did Ginny, I mean Miss Weasley, explain what the interview was for?" she ask as the quill inks itself and starts writing on the parchment.

"Yes. To appear in the first graduation issue of the student newspaper as I shall be conferring the diplomas at this years graduation ceremony." Wow she didn't know that. No one had ever received his or her graduation certificate from the minister for magic before. Bringing her thoughts back to the task at hand.

"Good" she said swallowing nervously. "Mr. Potter I have some questions for you."

"I thought you might," he says deadpan. 'Great, he's laughing at me' she thinks and the realization causes her cheeks to heat up. She sits up in her chair with her shoulders squared in an attempt to look more intimidating. She clears her throat and starts her questioning.

"You're the youngest Minister for Magic that Britain has ever seen, what do you say to people who think someone older and more experienced would be better suited to do your job" she asks smoothly getting through the first question.

"I don't feel the need to express my thoughts to those people, Miss Granger, my work here speaks for itself. Crime rate is down, education funding is at an all time high, there's peace between all magical creatures in this vicinity and there has been a substantial boost in the magical economy of Great Britain since I took this position three years ago"

"Some people would say that your part in the War against He who must not be named gave you an unfair advantage in the election between you and Mr. Marcus Flint, your opponent for the past three years, what would your response be to that?"

"First let's refer to him by his born given name Tom Riddle, Lord Voldermort, the dark lord or whatever you want to call him no longer exists, so I think its safe to use his real name." said Harry smirking Hermione blushed looking up at him but then reverted her eyes back to the parchment with the questions on it. "And for the answer to that question, I would say that my part in the war has played a very important role in me acquiring this job, but only because the witches and wizards of magical Britain saw something in me that they did not see in Mr. Flint."

"And what was that, Mr. Potter."

"A leader, someone who knows how to take control and not abuse their power."

"Speaking of power Mr. Potter, you are the most influential wizard in Britain with the highest ranking job, would you say that this gives you immense power?"

"I make the decisions that move magical Britain forward, I'm the thread that holds this whole operation together, and without me the magical world would collapse."

Wow he sounds arrogant.

"Its all about the employment of the right people, I have several advisors and meet with the head of the departments of the ministry on a daily basis about things we can do to keep this operation running smoothly, but ultimately it is I who makes the decisions about which direction we move in and which we don't. It's a matter of logic and fact."

"You sound like a control freak" the words are out of her mouth before she can stop them and she gasps immediately.

"Oh I exercise control in all things, Miss Granger," He says without a trace of humor in his smile. She looks at him and he holds her gaze steadily. Her heart rate soars and her face flushes again. Why does he have this effect on her? His overwhelming good looks. His knowledge. Is it fact that he's a war hero; who practically saved the wizarding world when he was a mere seventeen. Or is it the way he strokes his index against his lower lip? She really wished he would stop doing that.

"Um…" Hermione mutters as she looks back down at the parchment with the questions. "Do you have any interest outside your work?" she asks looking up at him once again.

"I have varied interests, Miss Granger." His gorgeous smirk returns to his beautiful face. "Very varied." His eyes are aligned with some wicked thought and it takes her by surprise.

"But if you work so hard how do you spend your down time, do you even have down time?"

"I make time to do the things I enjoy, I love to fly, I go to Quidditch games, and I indulge in various physical pursuits." He shifts in his chair. "I'm a very busy, but wealthy man Miss Granger, but I take time out of my schedule to do things I enjoy." He says his green eyes twinkling at her.

"It says here that you participate in various charities, including one where you sponsor an orphan muggle youth Quidditch team complied of boys and girls ages 7 to 10, what made you start this sponsorship especially?"

"The fact that muggle witches and wizards no next to nothing about the great sport of Quidditch before they attend school at age 11, I wanted to close that gap, and a lot of the young boys and girls enjoy it, I have a love of flying and its nice to share it with those less fortunate."

"That sounds like your heart speaking rather than logic and facts." His mouth quirks up and he stares appraisingly at her.

"Possibly. Though there are people who'd say I don't have a heart."

"Why would you say that? It takes a lot of heart to defeat the darkest lord of our time."

"I believe that is a matter of opinion Miss Granger," to this she frowned. "Those people who'd say that, well they just know me well is all."

"Would your friends say you're easy to get to know?" she regrets the question as soon as she asks it. It's not even on Ginny's list.

"I'm a very private person Miss Granger, I have many acquaintances but very few friends, and I go along way to protect my privacy." He says sternly "I don't like to give interviews and especially shy away from ones by newspapers"

"Why'd you agree to do this one?"

"Because I'm part owner of Hogwarts school," She gasps at this but he continues. "And for all intents and purposes I couldn't get Miss Weasley off my back, she badgered and badgered my secretaries and I admire that kind of tenacity."

She knew how tenacious Ginny could be. That's the reason she was sitting there uncomfortably under his penetrating gaze, when she would rather be studying for her final exams.

"You were adopted when you were thirteen, how much do you think that's shaped the way you are?" 'Oh this is personal' she thought. She stares at him hoping he's not offended, he maintains his passive expression.

"I have no way of knowing." Is his response, her interest is piqued.

"It says here that you were adopted by your godfather former escaped prisoner of Azkaban, you helped to clear his name, how has your life changed since he's been apart of it?"

"He helped shape me into the successful wizard I am today and showed me the family business if you will." Said Harry smirking once more. Hermione shook her head to keep from blushing.

"Have you had to sacrifice family life for you work?"

"I have a family, I have a god father a god mother and a god sister, and I have no interest in extending my family beyond that."

"What is your relationship status at the moment, Mr. Potter" his eyes glower to a dark green before returning to their normal color.

"That is private information Hermione" he cocks his head to the side daring her to say something else on the subject.

"Um…sorry it's written here" It's the first time he's said her name. Her heartbeat accelerates.

"These aren't your own questions"

"No Ginny…I mean Miss Weasley wrote these questions, she's the editor for the paper."

"You're not apart of the paper Miss Granger?" he asks using her last name again; she doesn't miss it.

"No, she's my best friend, she had her final Quidditch game today and she didn't want to miss it or this opportunity." She says feeling compelled to answer him under his scrutinizing gaze.

"I see, well did you volunteer to do this interview?" he asks.

"No I was drafted." Says Hermione attempting to smile at her own joke; Mr. Potter did not crack a smile though.

"That explains a great deal,"

Before either of them can say anything else. Lavender knocks on the door and enters. "Mr. Potter forgive me but your next meeting is in two minutes"

"Push it back, Lavender, we're not finished here." Lavender hesitates gaping at him. He raises an eyebrow toward her and she quickly moves closing the doors behind her.

"Where were we, Miss Granger?"

"Please don't let me keep you from anything important Mr. Potter."

"I want to know about you" His eyes twinkle with curiously.

"There's not much to know."

"What are your plans after you graduate?" he asks.

"I haven't made any plans, Mr. Potter, I just really need to make it through exams first." Which she should be studying for right now instead of being here under his intense gaze?

"We run an excellent internship program here and we offer jobs in very vast fields," he says quietly. She raises her eyebrow. Was he offering her a job?

"I'll keep that in mind Mr. Potter, though I'm not sure I'd fit in here" she says as an after thought.

"Why do you say that?" 'oh no' she thinks to herself, 'did I say that out loud.'

"Isn't it obvious." She was uncoordinated and definitely not blond.

"Not to me, I like to surround myself with beautiful things Miss Granger" he said smiling directly at her.

She blushed did he just call her beautiful. Strange muscles deep in her belly clenched suddenly. She decides its time to get out of here. She spells the quill so it stops writing and falls on the parchment. She then closes the ink and places that, the quill and rolls up the parchment and puts all three items in her bag.

"Would you like me to show you around?" he asks.

"I'm sure you're far too busy Mr. Potter and I do have to get back to Hogwarts and study."

"Are you doing well in your studies?" He asks. 'Why should he care?' She thinks.

"Top of my class" she states proudly standing straight up. He stands up as well.

"Well that is an accomplishment to be proud of," he says smiling. She smiles back.

"Thank you, and thanks for the interview."

"It was my pleasure, did you get everything you needed?" he asks.

"Yes, sir and the pleasure has been all mine." she says holding out her hand to him. His eyes flash dark again for a second.

After shaking hands they walk over to the door and he opens it for her following her out. She turns to him wondering why he followed her out.

"Just making sure you make it through the door this time Miss Granger. He gives her a small smile. Obviously referring to her less than elegant entrance from earlier. She blushes.

"That's very thoughtful of you, Mr. Potter," she snaps. Once outside the office and back in the receptionist area, Mr. Potter says.

"Did you have a cloak?" Hermione nods and he summons her cloak to him, putting it around her shoulder. She tenses up and gasps as his long slender fingers come into contact with her shoulders. He notices her reaction and smirks to himself.

"Please Miss Granger allow me to escort you to the lifts" he says politely.

"Um…sure." She says and she follows him toward the lifts, she waves a goodbye to Lavender and they continue on their way toward the lifts in silence.

Once there he pushes the buttons and leans against the wall next to the lifts gazing at her his expression unreadable but his gaze intense. He is terribly good looking and she feels her face start to heat up again, Merlin she needed to get out of here fast. The lifts arrives and she hurries onto it.

"Until we meet again, Hermione" he says as a sort of farewell.

'Until they meet again,' she thinks, oh yeah graduation. She shakes her head and offers him a reply.

"Harry" as soon as she says his name she can feel her face glowing once again, but finally the doors close mercifully.

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