Story: The story of Ron and Hermione's developing relationship while they search for her parents also will have a healthy dose of H/G and their relationship.

Chapter Summary: The characters get the dreaded talk and Ron and Ginny have some issues

Spoilers: Will utilize elements from both the books and the movies that I feel help on the story I am telling, sorry to all the purists out there.

Rated M: For language and eventual sex between young adults, areas with sex in them will be marked as such, so if this offends you or you are underage please do not read

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Talks and an Argument

Ginny followed her mother into the kitchen and grabbed a couple of cups and saucers for the tea as her mum checked to ensure the tea was still hot and brought the kettle to the table. They both sat down and looked at each other.

Ginny folded her arms across her chest in a defensive posture, finally breaking the silence and asking "Ok, Mum what do you want to lecture me about?"

Molly took a deep breath and started "Dear, trust me I know this is an awkward discussion and I am not trying to embarrass you."

"First are you and Harry dating again?"

Ginny leaned forward and couldn't help but look at her mother defiantly and responded "Yes, we decided to give it another go. I know my feelings towards Harry, and I think we need time to straighten it out ourselves."

Usually Ginny wouldn't be so rude to her mother, but she was exhausted and had the worse couple days of her life. She felt rebellious towards her mother questioning the only good thing that happened today.

Molly gave her daughter a hard stare and Ginny found herself sinking back into the kitchen chair. Molly didn't abide disrespect from her children.

Molly then took a breath again "I just don't want you rushing into anything Ginny. Both you and Harry have had a difficult time lately; in fact you have both had a difficult year."

"I don't want you doing something you will later regret."

Ginny almost groaned in pain "Mum, I will get the questions out of the way, I am still a virgin and I have no plans in jumping in bed with Harry in the next couple days."

Ginny continued "I am not going to say we are going to wait for marriage though. Plus Mum it's not like you and Dad did, the whole family is pretty good at math, nine minus three equals six!"

Molly looked as if Ginny had slapped her.

As soon as Ginny said it she regretted it. It wasn't a secret Bill had been born six months after her parents had been married, pretty much making it clear her parents had conceived a child before going through some traditional steps. Still it was obvious her parents loved each other and neither had ever shown any regret.

Ginny felt she had just delivered a cheap blow and felt ashamed. She had no desire to make her mother feel bad; especially with what her mother had gone through over the last couple days.

So she added a much gentler voice "Even so it turned out well for you and Dad. I just mean not everyone waits until marriage, in fact most people don't."

Molly nodded "You're correct it did turn out well for your father and me and I have been happy with my life for the most part. But to honest I was extremely lucky, it not only happened with a man who I loved, but also one who was honorable and loved me as well."

Molly took a deep breath "I am going to tell you something, not because I want to make you uncomfortable but because I want to make you understand this is an important decision."

"To be blunt and not beat around the bush, your father was not the first young man I was … uhh physical with."

Ginny felt a bit ill, thinking about your parents having sex was uncomfortable, thinking about them having sex with someone else was horrible.

Molly continued "I was sixteen at the time, your father and I were friends, he would help me with homework and we would talk and such, but I was the more popular and your father was what would be listed as nice, but not flashy. I hate to admit it, but like many sixteen year olds, both male and female; I was flighty and a bit shallow."

"So I really at that time didn't look at your father as someone I was interested in romantically. I found myself dating a young man who on the surface was perfect, good looking, a Quidditch star, from a well-established family and very charming."

Molly was looking intensely at her daughter and continued "So we dated for a couple months and he made it clear he wanted to take things farther. Well one night I allowed it, it wasn't a very enjoyable experience to be honest. He wasn't what you would call considerate in his method."

"Well four days after our … encounter, he broke up with me and moved on to his next conquest. I found out later this was a pattern of behavior for him. Plus he talked with anyone who would listen about what had transpired between us; he also embellished greatly his capabilities."

Ginny stared at her mother for second "Mum, uhh I am not sure what to say here. Uhh, does dad know?"

Molly nodded "Yes, he knew long before we started dating, unfortunately the young man in question here was not really a gentleman. Like I said dear I have a reason for telling you this. Afterword I was pretty devastated, and I swore off dating. Your father still remained my friend and was there for me."

"Well about six months later we started dating and eventually we … well you know. To this day I wish I had waited for your father, without doubt it was much more enjoyable with him. Not because we knew what we were doing, but because he actually was considerate and he cared for me deeply. Instead I gave my first time to a young man who was a selfish bastard, in fact from what I hear he still is."

Ginny noticed every time her mother said "Young man" it was almost like a curse, she really couldn't blame her, the guy sounded like a complete pile of crap.

Ginny then frowned in confusion "Mum, you can't think Harry is like this bastard you described, you know him he would never treat anyone like that!"

Molly shook her head "No dear, I don't think he would act like that, I am actually more concerned with what you are looking for in this relationship."

Ginny voice went up in volume "What!"

Molly held up her hand "What I mean Ginny is this. When I dated this young man, I was enamored with his social standing, money and athleticism and so forth. Like I said at sixteen I was a bit shallow."

Molly took a breath and said in a soothing tone "Ginny I can't forget how you used to be enamored with Harry whenever he stayed here. To be honest dear it was like you were attracted to the name versus the boy. Now that is understandable, Harry is wealthy, famous and personable, but the question is are you attracted to that or the man who like all of us has his faults and weaknesses, as well as his strengths?"

Ginny was a bit miffed but she had to admit her mother was asking questions she had asked herself. But she still felt she needed to defend herself a bit here.

"Mum, you realize I was eleven and twelve during the time you described, I would like to think I have grown a bit from that."

Ginny then sighed "Mum, to be honest Harry's fame is actually an annoyance now, I know there will be many girls who still act like I did when I was twelve, even though they are old enough to know better. I trust Harry, but it still will make me furious at times. So if the world forgot Harry, it really wouldn't bother me."

"Actually I am not sure how I feel about his fame to be honest, I want him to get the recognition he deserves, but I also don't want to be known only as Harry Potter's girlfriend."

Ginny gave a half smile "I won't lie; Harry having money is kind of nice in the sense he doesn't have to worry about it like we did. But if he lost it tomorrow I really wouldn't care, and I still would want to date him."

Ginny then actually grinned "As for his being a personable, I actually don't see anything wrong in liking that part of him. I mean you're supposed to like the guy you're dating right?"

Ginny looked down at the table then brought her gaze up to look her mother in the eye "Mum, I have seen Harry at his best, which is pretty bloody awesome. But I also have seen him when he is mopping and feeling sorry for himself. Mind you a lot of times he had a reason to think the universe was out to screw him. So you could say I have seen the best and worst of Harry, and I still think he is great."

Ginny continued "I think it was better we were only friends for the first couple years, it would have been a disaster if I started dating him when I still thought he was a super hero. Now I know he is a guy, a really great guy, but only a guy."

"Does that answer your question Mum?"

Molly nodded "You seem to have given it some thought dear, which is all I am asking from you."

Molly continued "You are turning of age in a couple weeks, I ask for my piece of mind you wait until then, I still your mother and I am a bit of stick in the mud on such things. After that it's your decision and I will have to respect it. Just to be clear dear, I think Harry is excellent young man."

Ginny nodded "Like I said Mum, I am not planning on jumping into anything in the near future."

Ginny then smiled "So I guess I can control myself a few weeks."

Molly gave a half a smile in response "When you do decide, be sure dear, I know both you and Harry are hormonal teenagers and have desires. I remember that time myself believe it or not. Also, while I am sure Harry will try to be a gentleman, he might push a bit. But don't let your own desires or your desires to please him make this decision or override common sense."

Molly gave a rueful laugh "This dear also is one of those times when I will have to say "do as I say not as I did" situations. Use the contraceptive potions or spells when you take this step. Having children is one of the joys of my life, but I kind of wish I had waited a bit before I started having them if you get what I mean."

"You remember the spell dear and the potion?"

Ginny nodded

Molly gave a great sigh "Ok I am done embarrassing you dear, and just so you don't think I am picking on you, your father will be giving the same advice to Ron and also asking some of the same questions, plus I am sure he will talk to Harry. I think me and Hermione will also have a discussion, since the dear's mother is not around right now."

Ginny sighed "Ok, now can I go and hide my head under the covers for a couple days until my face doesn't glow red?"

Molly gave her daughter a sad smile "Go get some sleep dear, I am sorry to keep you up so late."

Ginny walked to the kitchen door and looked back. Her mother was looking down at her teacup, with tears running down her face.

Ginny walked back and kneeled besides her mother's chair "Mum, are you ok?"

Molly looked at her daughter and broke down, shaking her head and crying "No dear, I am not. No parent should have to bury their child, it is just wrong in the natural order of things. But in the next few days I have to bury one of my babies."

Ginny also felt tears spilling from her eyes, it was strange for a short time she would forget she had lost her brother. Then it would hit her like an anvil and she would feel crushed.

Molly took a deep breath "But eventually dear I will be ok. I am lucky in I have wonderful husband and five beautiful children to help me cope. But it will be difficult for a time."

Ginny reached out and grasped Molly's hand "Mum, you have us to help, you're not alone."

Molly nodded "I know Ginny, your all are a source of strength for me. Don't forget to help your father in this also. He is trying to be strong to help me, but he is hurting as much as I am right now, he is just showing it differently. He will need you all as well."

Ginny responded "Of course, we all are here for both of you."

Molly wiped her eyes and then said "Now you go to sleep dear. I will see you in the morning."

Ginny leaned in and kissed her mother's forehead murmured "Love you Mum" and went to the stairs to walk to her room.


Hermione woke up the next morning, her eyes feeling like she had sand in them. She hadn't slept well; she kept waking up due to nightmares, mostly about Malfoy manner.

The times she woke she had heard Ginny also moaning and mumbling in her sleep. Hermione guessed everyone in the house would have their share of night terrors and bad dreams.

She got up and went and took another shower, which helped her wake up and remove the sand from her eyes.

When she came back, Ginny went and used the shower. Then they went down stairs to have breakfast.

After ensuring his mother wasn't around, Ron kissed her when she got to the bottom of the stairs; his eyes had dark circles around them showing he hadn't gotten a good night sleep as well.

Hermione looked around the room and saw everyone looked like they had a rough night. It was to be expected; the results from the battle and the people they had lost would be tough to get over.

Hermione had dreamed numerous nightmare scenarios, her parents rejecting her once they got their memories back. She had also dreamed of watching Harry die, then Fred, eventually seeing all her friends dying in horrible ways. The worse was seeing Ron be destroyed by that bitch Bellatrix Lestrange.

She hoped eventually she could get a good night's sleep.

They looked in the kitchen and saw Mrs. Weasley fixing breakfast. Both her and Ginny automatically offered to help.

Mrs. Weasley declined "Don't be silly dears, I have this under control. You all sit down and I will have it out shortly."

Ron looked as they came out "We all offered to help, but I think she feels better staying busy. Hell even Bill offered and he can't boil water."

Bill who was walking by playfully smacked Ron beside the head "I can boil water you git, I just also burn it for some reason."

Fleur smiled "It is true, he is horrible in the kitchen, it is lucky he has other talents."

George snickered "Well I was next to your guys room, I think I heard some of his "talents" last night, next time remember a silencing spell."

George voice went into a higher pitch "Oh Bill, yes baby …. I think you all have given me emotional scars for life."

Fleur turned red and made an excuse to leave the room.

Bill glared at his brother and spoke in serious tone "George, I know you don't mean harm, but I really don't like you making my wife feel embarrassed."

George looked up in surprise and then looked thoughtful for a second. He then sighed "You're right, I will apologize."

He left and a few minutes later he and Fleur walked back into the room.

Ginny smiled "You have to forgive George, like all the males in our family … he is an idiot."

Fleur smiled wickedly and said in a teasing tone, execrating her French accent "He is right we should have used the silencing spell. I feel guilty about him hearing such a thing since he is incapable of finding his own female companionship. It must make him very jealous that his handsome brother has a woman who desires and adores Bill. Poor George!"

George stared at her for second then then grinned and laughed out loud, he could take teasing as well as dishing it out.

Ginny made a face "No brother sex stories, I don't want to be sick before breakfast!"

George grinned "Oh come on Ginny, you don't want to hear about the studs your brothers are?"

Ginny glared "No I don't. Do you want to hear about my sexual exploits?"

This caused all of her brothers to stare at her and she saw more than a couple raised eyebrows.

Ginny quickly added "If I had any!"

Ginny saw Harry look at her sharply then looked a way, his face showing confusion.

She cursed under her breath. The farthest she had ever gone was with Harry, but she remembered the nasty stories spread about her. She knew Harry likely didn't believe them, but he wouldn't be human if he didn't have a smidgen of doubt.

She knew she would have to discuss this with him. While technically what she did before they dated was none of his affair. But she had to be honest, if she found out Harry and Cho had shagged it would hurt a lot. So it was only fair she understood Harry would have the same feelings.

She was just unsure how to address it, she wasn't ready for full sex at this moment, but she was curious. But her mother had asked her to wait until she was of age first, she had promised and she would keep it. It was only a couple weeks anyway.

But she also knew the young man before her with a scar on his forehead was who she wanted to be her first. They didn't have to address the issue this moment, especially before most of her family. But they would have to talk soon.

Fortunately her discomfort was set to the side when her Mum walked in with a large breakfast and everyone began digging in.

Half way through the breakfast Arthur walked in and sat at the table.

Molly looked at him "Where you able to get a hold of Kingsley dear?"

Arthur nodded and sighed with weariness "Yes, they are trying to figure out who was a willing follower of Voldemort's, who was under the Imperius Curse, who was simply going along with the flow, and who was actually trying to counter Vodermort's activates. It is going to take months if not years to straighten this mess out."

Hermione spoke in a soft tone "There is still going to be wizards and witches who think like Voldemort did on blood issues. The idea has been weakened, but there is still some who follow it and will continue to. Is that not correct Mister Weasley?"

Arthur Weasley sadly nodded "Yes, hopefully fewer and some will not take direct actions on their prejudices, but there will be some for now. I hope it eventually ends up in the waste basket of history where it belongs, but it will take time."

Hermione nodded and looked down at her plate. Molly reached across the table and grabbed her hand "You don't worry about what fools like that think dear, the idea of Pure Blood is a myth and you have earned the title of witch, don't let any idiot tell you otherwise."

Hermione looked around the table and saw the entire group nodding and Ron grabbed her other hand and squeezed it.

After an uncomfortable silence, Percy asked "Do they need us to help at the school?"

Arthur shook his head "They are bringing in professionals for the repairs. I suggest we relax as much as we can and recover today."

George looked up with a painful look on his face and cleared his throat "Have we decided when we are burying Fred?"

Everyone around the table looked uncomfortable and both Arthur and Molly looked almost ready to cry.

Arthur took a breath and responded "We think the day after tomorrow, we will send notices to Fred's friends; hopefully it will give everyone enough time."

George nodded "I would like to request we have the funeral at twilight."

Molly frowned "Why?"

"I will tell you and Dad in private, I want to do something special for him, if you don't like the idea we can adjust."

Molly and Arthur looked at each other and then nodded "Ok dear we can talk after clean up."

Everyone finished the breakfast and then began cleanup the dishes.

Molly then ordered everyone upstairs to clean up their rooms, although most would get a bit of extra sleep.

Everyone began walking up to their rooms while Molly, Arthur, and George sat down to talk.


Hermione and Ginny sat in Ginny's room on their respective beds. They had already cleaned the room, so Hermione was sorting through her books inside her bag while they talked. Crookshanks was curled up at the foot of the bed asleep.

Eventually the subjects of Ron and Harry came up.

Ginny teased "I still can't believe you have fallen for my git brother. I mean what does a smart girl like you see in the oaf."

Hermione knew she was just teasing, but she felt the urge to defend Ron "He isn't an oaf Ginny, a git at times is granted, but he also has many qualities I like."

Ginny snorted and grinned at her "I guess I don't see it, but hey he is my brother, so I guess I miss those "qualities" you are fond of."

Hermione smiled "well it is a good thing I don't look at him as a brother."

Ginny laughed "Yeah that would be weird."

Ginny continued "Just a warning, Mum is going to have the "talk" with you since you and Ron are dating."

Hermione groaned "Oh my God!"

Ginny snickered "I don't think even God can help against my Mum, she is a force of nature on things like this."

Hermione couldn't help laughing a bit.

Hermione then asked "How are you and Harry doing?"

Ginny looked thoughtful "We decided to give dating another try; I am still pissed at him for dumping me last year though. But I know I am also mad about the son of bitch."

Ginny looked down at her bed spread as she picked at some threads "We talked about a lot last night, …. uuh including you."

Hermione looked up from her book "Me?"

Ginny looked uncomfortable "Well I admit I kind accused Harry of fancying you."

Hermione looked weary "Ginny, you know there is nothing like that between me and Harry."

Ginny looked embarrassed "Yeah, but I guess I have been a bit jealous of you."


Ginny sighed "I get you and Harry are not an item, to be honest I never really believed that. But, I always felt there was something between you two I couldn't touch."

Hermione's first impulse was to deny this, but she felt there was a kernel of truth in Ginny's statement, but not the way her friend meant.

Hermione looked thoughtful for a second then responded "You are both right and wrong Ginny. I won't deny Harry is my best friend and some ways like family. But I have no interest in him as a boyfriend, even though I think he is a great guy."

"Can you copy the relationship between me and Harry, no! But Ginny, I can't touch what is between you and Harry. You say are mad about him, well I would guess he feels the same way towards you."

"Even if I had some secret crush on Harry, which I don't, I wouldn't stand a chance with him as long as you are interested in him."

Hermione laughed "Trust me I was stuck in a tent with Harry, I know whose name he moaned in his sleep and it sure wasn't mine."

Ginny couldn't help blushing at that statement.

The two fell into a companionable silence as Hermione continued organizing her books.

After a while Hermione continued without giving thought to how her commits would be taken.

"Besides, the fact me and Harry where alone for a month and nothing happened between us should be proof neither of us have any desires for the other."

Ginny frowned in confusion "What do you mean, how did you end up alone with Harry?"

Hermione had forgiven Ron for leaving and thus didn't think how Ginny might take the news he had left.

So she answered in a manner fact nature while she continued to look at the spins of her many books, sorting them "He and Harry fought and Ron apparited, it took him a month to find us again."

Ginny hissed in anger, her face red "He did what! That piece of shit!"

Hermione looked up in surprise in time to see her boyfriend's sister going out the room in anger looking like a thunder storm about to rip up the country side.

Hermione then realized what was about to happen and could only think "Oh fuck!"


Ginny was running towards Ron's room and barreled into Ron and Harry in the hallway. They both looked at her in surprise as she took a step back and punched Ron in the ribs and she followed it with a kick to his knee.

The air rushed out of Ron's lungs and he tried to step back. Ginny pursued and was growling at him "You two faced prat, how could you bastard!"

Ron was confused as hell, he didn't want to hurt his sister, but he wasn't going to let her kick his arse.

Ron let her take another swing and slide to the side and grabbed her wrist, then twisted her around and grabbed her other wrist, pinning them both against her back.

No one would doubt Ginny's athleticism or brass, but he had grown up with five older brothers, so he knew how to wrestle, plus he was larger and stronger than his sister, which was fortunate, because Ginny had grown up with the same brothers, and also knew how to wrestle.

He was just glad whatever pissed her off, she hadn't used magic. Ginny had an amazing but nasty talent with hexes.

He pressed her against the wall, doing his best to ensure he wasn't hurting her. The fact she continued to growl and call him every name in the book was an indication she wasn't feeling pain, just pissed at him for some reason.

Ron took a deep breath then said "Ok stop this, whatever I did; I don't think I deserve to get my bones broken."

At that moment Hermione ran up and said "Ginny calm down, the whole thing was complicated."

Harry wasn't sure what to do he wanted to step up and make Ron release his girlfriend and he would have moved in right away if Ron was hurting her. But he had to admit until Ginny calmed down he couldn't blame Ron for immobilizing her.

Harry spoke to them both "Ok let's calm down and straighten this out!"

At that moment Molly walked in the hallway and stopped in shock.

"Ronald Weasley, you let your sister go this moment, you hear me!"

Ron glanced at his mother and knew he was in for it, but still responded "Mum, I will as soon as she agrees not to break my bloody bones!"

Molly frowned at her daughter "Ginny, no fighting when he releases you, is that understood!"

Ginny grunted "Fine!"

Ron waited a few seconds then released her and stepped back.

Ginny swung around, she agreed to not be physical, but she could let him have it verbally.

"Ron Weasley, you are a two faced prat, you left them in danger, people were trying to kill them for god's sake, and you ran like a bloody coward!"

Ron understood now, and he turned white as ghost. He had no defense for his actions from that time and he felt like pond scum.

He nodded "You are right Ginny; I was a bastard, a prat, or anything else you think I deserve to be called."

Molly looked confused "What is going on here?"

Ron turned to his mother, his face showing shame "During the hunt for the Horcruxes I got angry and I left them in the woods. I was completely wrong and Ginny was right, I was a bloody coward."

Molly looked shocked, she knew her son and it didn't sound like him "Why, Ron?"

Ron shook his head "Doesn't matter, I did it. I am going out!"

Hermione looked alarmed "Ron?"

Ron assured her "I am just going to walk around the property, just need some time for things to calm down and to think. I will be back in an hour or two."

Hermione bit her lip and nodded.

Ron hung his head and head downstairs and they heard him close the door behind him.

Both Harry and Hermione turned to Ginny, their faces showing disapproval.

Hermione wanted to be angry at Ginny; however she remembered she had acted the same way Ginny did when Ron first reappeared at the camp.

Ginny was beginning to calm down, she felt Ron deserved most of what she had said, but she thought she had crossed the line calling him a coward. Her brother had many faults, but being a coward wasn't one of them.

Ginny still had some anger left though so she looked at Harry and Hermione "What! Don't tell me you are defending the bastard?"

Harry looked uncomfortable but said "It is more complicated than you think Ginny."

"What is complicated Harry; he left his friends in the middle of nowhere with people wanting to kill them. There is no excuse for that I can think of!"

Hermione stepped in "There was magic involved Ginny, dark magic."

Molly asked "What magic Hermione?"

"We had discovered a Horcruxes, one we captured from Delores Umbridge. We couldn't destroy it like we wanted at the time so we decided to wear it to keep it safe."


Hermione responded "An item which had a piece of Voldemort's soul infused in it with dark magic."

Molly eyes went wide then she frowned in disapproval "Why on earth would you do something that stupid?"

Hermione couldn't help but blush, she had to admit looking back actually wearing the locket was a bad idea. "We thought by wearing it we would keep it safe from being recaptured, and we passed it around to minimize the harmful effects of the Horcruxes. I guess it wasn't the best idea we ever had, but in our defense we were kind of playing it by ear."

Molly shook her head "I understand! However, that was terribly dangerous. Voldmort was a master at manipulation and to open yourselves to him by wearing something containing his soul …. Well I think it was wildly irresponsible of you all!"

Harry coughed "Well like Hermione said we kind of were playing it by ear. Anyway as would be expected the locket affected us all in one way or another, but it was especially tough for Ron."

Ginny inserted "Why Ron?"

Harry and Hermione shared a look and both seemed embarrassed.

Hermione felt her face redden and answered "Because of me."

Molly looked confused "You, why?"

Hermione bit her lip then continued "Ron mistakenly thought or feared that Harry and I had romantic feelings towards each other, which we don't. But what was a small fear was built upon by the locket and Ron also felt he was being excluded from decisions. It kind amplified all his doubts about my feelings towards him and made him lash out. Also we all were feeling frustrated due to our lack of progress and the locket fed on that as well."

Ginny frowned "Well you and Harry were strong enough, why wasn't Ron?"

Hermione shrugged "I think the locket looked for chinks in our armor so to speak and since Ron and I have always been unsure of each other's feelings it was able to latch on to that. If there was another female with us, maybe it would have been me. But with just the three of us Ron thought he was the third wheel. He thought Harry and I would be happy without him, even though I love Harry I have zero interest in him that way."

She looked up and gave a half a smile "Sorry if you are insulted Harry."

Harry snorted "Hardly, feel the same Hermione."

Ginny again frowned "Still it doesn't make what he did right!"

Harry look at her sadly, he knew what he was about to say would upset Ginny.

"Ginny you of all people should know what Ron went through."

Ginny looked at him angrily "I wouldn't abandoned my friends Harry; I thought you knew me better than that!"

Harry winched for what he was about to say, but felt it was needed for her to understand.

"No you wouldn't, but normally you wouldn't release a monster to kill muggles either Ginny."

Ginny turned pale and looked like she was going to be sick. She still had nightmares about her first year in school.

Harry continued quickly so as not to keep her in pain "The diary which took you over Ginny was a Horcruxes as well."

Ginny looked like she had been struck between her eyes. She took a step back and took a deep breath.

Her mother looked horrified "Two of my children were controlled by that monster?"

Harry nodded "Not directly controlled as I understand it, but heavily influenced. I not trying to upset you Ginny, but I just think you need to understand Ron wasn't completely at fault. He feels horrible about what happened, but as for me, I forgave him as soon as he came back. Of course the fact he saved my life when he came back kind of helped his cause."

Harry smiled "If it makes you feel better Ginny, Hermione made his life hell for a while."

Hermione sniffed "I admit I was angry, who wouldn't be, but I understand better now on what Ron was facing during that time."

Ginny frowned in confusion "How do you know what he was facing?"

Harry and Hermione traded looks, and then Harry responded "You remember I told you Ron destroyed the locket?"

Ginny nodded

"Well when we opened it, the locket attacked Ron in a way, it claimed it knew his fears, it showed him spiders then it got really nasty. It told him his family didn't want him and they preferred me, which is ridiculous."

Molly looked ill hearing this.

Harry continued, blushing at the same time "Well, it then showed Ron Hermione and me taunting him and … well sort of together if you know what I mean."

Harry quickly added "Which again is ridiculous, but Ron got the idea in his head and it used against him. But he actually beat it, and destroyed the damn thing. You should be proud of him for that, it couldn't of been easy."

Hermione sighed "Ron is upset, I better go find him."

Ginny barked "No!"

Hermione frowned at her.

Ginny continued in a quitter voice "I fucked up; I will find him and fix this."

Molly didn't even admonish her for her language.

Hermione looked at Ginny for a minute then nodded.

Ginny sighed and headed down the stairs.

Molly watched her walk out then turned and looked at Hermione and Harry.

"Harry, Arthur wanted to discuss something with you, he is in his work shop. Hermione, this is a good time for us to have a chat about you and Ron."

Harry looked ill, but headed down to talk to his girlfriend's father.

Hermione inwardly groaned and followed Molly; all she could think of was "Bloody Hell!"


Hermione followed Mrs. Weasley into the kitchen and sat down at Mrs. Weasley's motion toward the chair.

Molly poured them both a cup of tea and sat down with Hermione.

Molly looked at for a second, looking almost as uncomfortable as Hermione felt.

"Dear, I know this would be usually covered by your mother, however since things are … well she is not available, and I have a vested interest in this … well I wanted to better understand the situation between you and Ron and …. Uhh ensure you are properly prepared."

Hermione wondered if embarrassment was fatal, she almost wished she could die at this moment. Even though she loved Molly as almost a second mother, hearing this from your boyfriend's mother was kind of … well something nightmares where built on.

But Hermione simply responded with a red face "What do need Mrs. Weasley?"

Molly looked at her cup then took a deep breath "How long have you and my son been involved?"

Hermione couldn't help but chuckle, because the way Ron and she had danced around each other over the years, well it was only expected something would happen while they were stuck in the woods.

"Two days."

Molly blinked "Excuse me?"

Hermione stated as simply as she could "Ron and I have had feelings for each other for years, but we always were both afraid. I finally … well I kissed him during the battle at Hogwarts. He did something which impressed me and it was … kind of spur of the moment."

Molly couldn't help but smile "I knew he was very interested in you for a long time dear. I also suspected you also fancied him."

Hermione turned even redder but nodded "I have for a long time."

"I take it you and he haven't … well had sex?"

Hermione didn't know if officially what they did last night was considered "Sex", but she knew what Mrs. Weasley was asking, so she told a half truth. There was no way in hell she was going to tell her boyfriend's mother that they had … well brought each other to climax.

"No we haven't done that, but … well I am extremely attracted to Ron."

Molly looked as uncomfortable as Hermione felt.

"I am not judging dear, you are both of age and I remember what it was like."

Molly sighed and then continued "First, Ron is a good lad, a bit of temper but a good soul."

Hermione nodded "Of course he is, I wouldn't feel for him as I do if he wasn't."

Molly continued "But he is a young man, and he has … urges. You are in control dear, if you tell him no, make sure he understands it. If he is anything but a gentleman, you inform me and I will set him straight, son or not!"

Hermione nodded "Ron has been a gentleman Mrs. Weasley. I have no complaints about his actions since we started dating."

Hermione couldn't very well blame him for last night considering she had loved it and welcomed it. But it wasn't something you told your guy's mother.

"Well don't let him pressure you dear. I know Ron wouldn't purposely hurt you, but make sure you are ready before you do anything you are not sure off."

Molly sighed, and then continued "I am glad to hear he has been a gentleman dear." She paused "I know Ron can be trying at times, but I also know he cares deeply for you dear. Never doubt that."

Hermione nodded "I know, I care for him deeply as well."

Molly smiled in response, then shrugged her shoulder back and barreled into the next question.

"Dear, you do know how to make potions and the contraceptive spell, don't you?"

Hermione thought "Please kill me now!"


Ginny looked for Ron and eventually found him by the pond, sullenly looking across the water with his legs up and his chin resting on his knees.

She could tell he was feeling guilty, and she knew she hadn't handled the situation properly. Although, since she didn't know about the Horcruxes before she blew up she felt she wasn't totally to blame.

Ginny sighed, still her words hadn't been fair, like most of her family Ginny had a fiery temper, it was something she had in common with Ron, and both of them had an issue with controlling it when upset.

Ginny walked up and sat down beside Ron.

Ron looked at her and frowned "Ginny, I know I am scum, but could you please not badger me about it right now. I don't need you reinforcing it."

Ginny looked embarrassed "No Ron, I was wrong, I shouldn't have called you those things."

Ron shook his head "I did exactly what you said, I left the two people I am closest to outside of my family and they could have easily been killed!"

Ginny sighed "Ron, Hermione and Harry explained about the locket, you can't be held completely responsible for being affected by dark magic, it influenced you."

Again Ron shook his head "I should have been stronger and fought the voices, Harry and Hermione did."

Ginny nodded "I know, but they explained the doubts you faced dealing with Hermione."

Ron's face turned red with embarrassment "God, now I feel even more like a loser."

Ginny gave a small smile and teased "Ron you should be considered a loser for many reasons, but been mad for a girl who is for some strange reason mad for you doesn't make you a loser."

Ron gave an smile in response.

Ginny continued "Plus, if I judge you for the locket then I have to judge myself."

Ron frowned in confusion "What are going on about?"

Ginny looked sad for moment and then responded "Ron you left your two best friends due to Voldemort's magic, I set a monster lose and almost killed numerous muggle born classmates, one who was my friend. I know I would never do something like that on my own, and I am almost positive you wouldn't leave Harry and Hermione on your own!"

Ron shook his head "Ginny, you were just a kid, no one blames you for what happened. I know Hermione doesn't!"

Ginny Responded with a thoughtful frown "I know Ron, but like you I still blame myself. Maybe we should both blame the … as you call him "The dead arshole". He was the one to blame for all this pain, not us. He was the one who took over our lives, he was the one who endangered the people we love and he was the one who killed Fred!"

Ron looked over the water then whispered "If the bastard still had a body I think I would spit on it and dance all over it."

Ginny chuckled darkly "A bit morbid but I understand. He caused so much pain, especially for our family. It is amazing and terrifying how he could manipulate people for his own gain."

Ron nodded then looked thoughtful "You know in way your right, but in a way I think he really didn't understand people."

Ginny frowned "What do you mean, he manipulated so many people and he fed on their fears. He seemed to understand pretty damn well."

Ron still looked thoughtful "Well I agree, but part of what happened to me kind of makes me wonder."

Ginny stared at Ron "What do you mean?"

Ron stared out looking uncomfortable then responded "I hate to say it when I first opened the locket and the dead arshole started messing with my head, well it was kind of working. I felt I had no worth and the world would be better without me."

"But then he screwed up" Ron coughed uncomfortably then continued "He showed me Harry and Hermione together …. Uhh making out. Well instead of making me feel worthless and depressed … it pissed me off! I wanted so much to erase the image; I just barreled through and destroyed the locket."

Ginny looked thoughtful and then nodded "You know it wasn't real, right Ron?"

Ron nodded in response.

Ginny smiled at him "I don't understand it but Hermione is nuts for you Ron, I still think she hit her head or something."

Ron chuckled "Well I hope you are right, I know I am mad for her."

Ginny stood up and brushed the grass of her clothes.

"Come on idiot brother of mine; let's head back to the house."

Ron looked up at her for second then nodded and stood up.

As they were walking back Ron gave a fake growl and said "I am not an idiot."

Ginny chuckled and bumped her shoulder with his "Of course you are, all my brothers are idiots, and in fact I informed Fleur of that fact this morning at breakfast."

Ron laughed in response.


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