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September, 1918 – Chicago, Illinois

The atmosphere was heavy and suffocating.

The smell of ether and morphine filled that aisle of death.

Laboured breaths, moans and disease. A serious and horrifying disease that reached and affected everyone around it.

Spanish influenza.

"Bella, Bella" a raspy voice interrupted the morbid silence.

"I'm here, my love, I'm here" answered another voice, sweet like sugar, in a whisper.

A little girl of only seventeen was sat in a fragile chair next to one of the many stretchers that were placed in the room.

She was beautiful. And seemed like she didn't belong there.

She had long dark hair, tied at the top of her head, and big chocolate brown eyes.

She was thin and pale by nature but the deep bruises under her eyes, the lack of sleep and hunger, the worry that assaulted her heart and a new kind of pain she had never felt before stood out those two features of her.

"It's hot, Isabella, so hot…"

She stood up and picked a wet towel that was submerged in a bucket of water, passing on the moribund's forehead, next.

"Better, honey?"

"It hurts…"

Her heart squeezed.

"I know, my love. It's going to be over quickly." It was any lie.

"Where are my parents, Bella? Where's my mummy?"

She looked at the two stretchers that where in front of her.

Her eyes turned dark and wet.

Isabella had loved Elizabeth Masen, who always had treated her as a daughter, and she also had conquered Edward Masen Senior's cold heart.

And now, it was nothing left.

And now, she was about to lose the most precious gift of hers.

Isabella shook her head and sighed.

"They're fine, my Edward. Very soon, you'll be fine too…" She whispered.

"Are they at home?"

"Yes indeed, my dear. Mr Masen is in his armchair, reading The Chicago Tribune and Mrs Masen is finishing lunch, I'm sure. I even think she has made meatloaf, your favourite."

"Are you coming too, my precious love?" Edward asked, believing in the farce, thanks to high fever.

She snorted and her heart, already so full of pain, finally broke into pieces.

What was she going to do without her Edward Anthony?

Without their walks, their honest conversations and their fool and felt avowals, without the roses, the smiles, without the afternoons spent on the swing of the porch, without the discrete touches and the innocent kisses?

And that night; that one time opportunity, so shocking, so scandalous, so forbidden…

And so, so perfect!

What was she going to do with her life, without half of her own being?

Edward wasn't the only one who wasn't going to survive to that…

Isabella run her fingers through Edward's rebel, bronze coloured hair and looked into his half-closed eyes, still able to glimpse a bit of their emerald-green, formerly so radiant and always so bright, even with death so close.

"Yes, I'll come by later, my love. Your respectful father needs a fair rival to his chess play." She answered, with a melancholic smile, keeping the farce.

Edward used to win all the games, whatever was its difficulty or opponent. Lucky or maybe something, it will never be known…

"And… And I want to play your lullaby, my princess." Then, he coughed. "I want you to listen it again; it's yours, it's only yours…"

"Only mine…" Isabella whispered, rummaging inside her dress's pocket where she had her adored melody.

"Do you… Do you have the medallion?" His voice was barely audible, at that point.

"Of course I have it, my sweetheart." She answered, cherishing it. "I will always take our portrait, your smile, right here, close to my heart."

"And… And ask the wedding ring to mommy… The ring… The ring, Bella… Put the ring…" He coughed again and she rearranged his pillows and after that she took the beautiful diamond ring out of her pocket where she kept it and slid it through her finger, like he was asking. "Mar… Marry me… You'll marry me, won't you, my precious treasure?"

Thick tears rolled down her face and she smiled at the impossibility of that happening.

"Of course I'll marry you, Edward dear. Nothing could make me happier and thrilled than marry you. Now, take some rest, sweetheart, you will be home very soon…"

"I love you, Isabella Swan."

"I love you too, Edward Masen."

And when she finished pronouncing these words, he closed his eyes and a tiny smile, almost imperceptible, showed up on his lips.

He was leaving towards Heaven, in peace, while the doors of Hell were opening to the one girl that he loved and that loved him more than anything in this world.

A terrifying scream interrupted the morbid silence of that aisle of death.

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