Author's Note: Here we are the conclusion to the story, I hope I didn't get everyone to worked up with the last chapter it was a heart breaker. This one however does have MAN MAN LOVING! That's right, no way I was going to let them off without one more time…to all my readers thank you for sticking with me, and I hope I didn't disappoint. Thinking I am going to attempt a Christmas oneshot, but also have a big multi chapter one on the go again, anyway enjoy!

Stay With Me

Chapter 10 – Heal

It was bright here, nice. He wasn't hurting anymore. That bone weary ache that had been plaguing him was gone. Steve smiled a little, he wasn't sure where here was but it was peaceful. "Steve!" a voice was calling, a very familiar voice. He frowned trying to place it. "Steve!" he had it then, "Bucky!" he yelled, the man seeming to appear out of no where on this white desolate place. "Hey buddy," the dark haired man was smiling, looking hale and hearty in his dress uniform, smiling. "Not looking so hot Steve," the man said with a jovial tone. The blonde frowned, things where confusing here, "But you died…" he finally managing to piece together his wayward thoughts. "Sure did," he grinned.

"So that's why I'm here?" blue eyes looked infinity sad, "I'm dead." Bucky chuckled, "Not quite, but you were awful close." Steve's head snapped up, "Were?" The man gave him a wink, "Your man there pulled you back from the brink. Only he has no idea." Bucky was grinning wildly finding it all very amusing, "You have a very good man there Steve, look after him." The blonde still very confused by the whole thing, but he did agree about Tony. He wanted to talk more with his long lost friend, but his mouth just wasn't co-operating. "Time to go back now Captain, the world needs you, he needs you…" Bucky was fading out, "Wait Bucky! I'm sorry!" he yelled, the soldier giving him a salute, "It was an honour to serve with you Captain."

Blue eyes blinked slowly, his mind was fuzzy, but things where coming into focus. The too bright lights, and even brighter white walls told him he was still in the hospital. He tried to draw a breath, unable to do so. There was a tube down his throat, gagging he moved helplessly.

It was the sudden spike in beeping that woke Tony, disoriented and worried, he hurried to the door yelling for the doctor. Warily he hurried back to the bed, glancing at the EKG. The line was spiking. Chocolate eyes widened, to all sizes, it was spiking. He looked to the bed Steve was looking back at him distressed hands moving to the tube down his throat. Tony ran back to the door, "He's awake!" he bellowed. Doctors where rushing in, converging on the bed, yelling as quick hands took the breathing tube out checking vitals. Murmuring in surprise they stepped away. Steve was awake, sitting up, and looking better then he had in days. Tony's heart lifted.

The doctors where at a loss, including Banner. Steve had been on death's doorstep, on the other side of it a couple of times. So why was he suddenly awake and looking better by the minute. Tony was beside himself. He couldn't stop ginning. Blue eyes picked him out of the head of the gathered professionals looking at him pleadingly. Tony joined him at his bedside then, taking a hand tightly. Steve gave him a grateful smile taking a warm palm as he patiently let them poke and prod.

It was a while before Tony and Steve where once more alone. The room suddenly quite, "Hey," Tony finally said smiling, Steve grinned back, "Hi." Tony sat on the edge of the bed leaning forward he gave him slow sweet kiss, pouring all his recent heart ache into it. Pulling back long moments later, he rested his forehead against his lovers. "Thought I'd lost you," he said a slight tremble in his voice. "Thought I was gone," Steve confessed. Dark eyes smiled at him, "You should rest…get better…" he said softly. Steve wrapped his slender arms around the man. "Only if you sleep with me." Chuckling Tony scooted in beside him spooning the smaller man to him tightly.

Steve closed his eyes relishing the warmth and comfort. "Tony," he whispered softly into the silence for the room, "Yeah love," he murmured half asleep already, barely able to stay awake, the last couple of days of worry had been draining; but Steve was awake. "Will you stay with me, even though I'm like this?" he asked softly, the worry that had plagued him finally spoken aloud. Tony snorted, "Silly question, not even worth answering." He mumbled pulling the man closer. Kissing the long pale neck, "Sleep."


Tony was warm. Deliciously warm. An odd occurrence with his circulation, usually he was cooler then he should be. Wanting to enjoy the feeling he sighing nestling further into the pillow, frowning when it seemed to move beneath him. Mumbling he opened his eyes seeing only tanned skin. Tanned skin, his mind rebelled. He was laying on a large muscular arm, eyes tracing it all the way to a well defined shoulder, then to a rippling torso barely covered by a torn hospital gown. "Steve?" he asked in disbelief, the blonde man mumbled curling an arm against his waist tighter. "Too early," he mumbled.

Tony's giddy laughter threatened to bubble forth. "Steve wake up," he said pressing a kiss, to warm firm flesh. Blue eyes squinted opened, and Tony stared at that broad lovable face, "Morning" he grinned, Steve kissing him bringing his hands up to lay against Tony's cheek, realizing for the first time his hand was covering the entire side of Tony's face. Shocked he broke the contact staring down at his hand in disbelief. Big hands moved to pat his now wide brawny chest. Stunned he tossed the sheets aside looking down and thick muscular legs. Big blues locked on Tony smiling widely, "Tony," he gasped grabbing the man tightly, the now smaller man wincing at the force of the unrestrained hug. "I'm me again," he said laughing jubilantly; up out of the bed, unmindful of the IV's still in his arms. "Hey easy," Tony reached out stopping his wild movements, "Tony I'm me!" he cried, the dark headed man, took him in. In all his perfection. Captain America was back.

Aroused by the sudden flat line from Steve discarded heart rate monitor, the doctors came to an abrupt halt. Tony Stark sat on the hospital bed grinning at Captain America in too small, too tight hospital cloths. Pandemonium ensued.


Tony was happy, ecstatic but more tired then he could remember being in a long time. The last week had been an unbelievable rollercoaster of emotion. He'd swung between heart wrenching depression, to utter and total exultation. "Hey you ok?" Steve asked, glancing at his boyfriend as they rode the elevator to the top of the Tower. Steve had been given a disgustingly clean bill of health; the man was a super solider once more. With no good reason him to keep him, Fury had restored him to full Avenger status and told to resume his duties on Monday morning. "Yeah…just been a hell of a week," Tony smiled up at his now much larger boyfriend.

The big blonde tugged him close bending to kiss the dark haired man soundly wrapping large arms around his waist he lifted Tony easily into his arms; simply because he could. The billionaire chuckled into his mouth as he was carried out of the elevator and towards the stair. Well aware where they were heading too. Tony wrapped his arms around the mans neck relaxing into the embrace, kissing his cheek before whispering in his ear. "I want you tonight Steve," Captain America paused, as the words sunk in. He paused for a heart beat before all but running up the stairs, a now laughing Tony holding tight.

Kissing and trying to strip at the same time, Steve tumbled them onto the bed. Tony watched hungrily, as acres of toned muscular skin was revealed. Tony had adored and cherished, Steve as he was…but tonight he was sleeping with Captain America. It was one hell of a turn on. Steve tossed off his pants shamelessly, having been wearing borrowed hospital clothing, everything had been too small including underwear…Steve was naked in a heartbeat. Tony hurried to strip his own clothing off, arc glowing brightly with his racing heart.

It wasn't sweet and gentle tonight, it was hard, bruising. They had been on the brink of loosing one another. Naked Tony pushed Steve onto the bed, a bruising kiss following as his fingers found the lube beside the bed. "Tony?" Steve asked against his lips as he felt a slick hand running up and down his rather substantial erection. Gasping as he was squeezed tightly, enjoying the ministrations he closed he eyes. Tony hurriedly slipped two fingers inside himself, shuddering at the newness of the feeling. Steve arched his hips up, and Tony lost it, he didn't want to wait any longer.

Steadying himself on the wide chest beneath him he held Steve with one hand as he slowly impaled himself. Blue eyes flew open as he felt that tight muscle give way, Tony sinking inch my agonizing inch onto him. The man above him groaned in pleasured pain, it hurt. Pausing he panted eyes squeezed closed; Steve was not a small man. "Tony," the blonde pulled him close kissing swollen lips hungrily, running his hands up and down quivering sides.

Taking a breath he relaxed, taking all of Steve inside him. Stretched to capacity, he panted. Steve deep inside his lover gave a groan of his own. Blue eyes looked up at the man braced above him, his face twisted somewhere between ecstasy and hurt. "Sorry Steve…never done this before." He whispered with a small smile moving his hips experimentally. Hands gripped his hips hard enough to bruise a shudder moving through the man on the bed. Tony had never done this before? He grinned then rolling his own hips watching the other man gasp mouth opening silently. Time to show him just how amazing it could be.

Shifting slightly Steve rolled his hips again, aiming for that spot, "Ahhh…" Tony mumbled moving with him. There it was. Steve arched thrusting deep with every movement. Tony was loosing his mind. He was riding Captain America, it was nothing like he'd fantasized about. It was way better. Steve surprised him then sitting up, Tony still firmly in his lap. Changing that angle yet again, "Steve," he panted eyes passion hazed as he moved against the man of his dreams. Big arms held him tight, the blonde grunting as he tried to hold on, gripping Tony with his fist he pumped in time with his movements.

Tony already teetering on the edge fell when Steve touched him. With a low cry he came, spilling between them. Steve felt that impossibly tight passage get tighter, "Tony!" he cried thrusting as deep as he could spilling into his now smaller boyfriend. Dazed Tony wrapped his arms around the bigger man burying his face in the now sweat slick neck. "Wow…" Steve mumbled earning a chuckle from the other man, pulling back Tony slowly got out of his lap wincing as Steve slipped from his body. "Agreed," he stood slowly legs wobbling his lower back protesting their recent activity. He limped towards the bathroom planning to clean up and collapse into bed. Steve up off the bed scooped up the other man easily toting him into the bathroom. Tony chuckled, allowing himself to be manhandled he knew Steve was just excited to once more to have his strength back.

Cleaned they returned to bed, Tony barely able to hold his eyes open, rolled into his lover holding him tightly. "Tony?" Steve asked smiling quietly to himself, "Will you stay with me, even like this?" Tony hummed, "Silly question." He mumbled before breathing evening out in slumber. Steve smiled, shifting to kiss too long, dark locks. "I love you too."


"Mail Sir, it looks like your parts have come in." JARVIS said politely, Tony glanced up from his work. "Excellent excuse to seek out Captain America," he grinned tossing off his gloves he headed for the door taking the stair two at a time.

Steve grunted pressing the bar up and into the cradle. Sitting up he grinned wiping sweat from his eyes, ecstatic he could once more easily pressing up over 550. He flexed his arms stretching his shoulders, "Hey," a voice said. Steve looked up, Clint was standing no more then two feet from him guy was sneaky. "Hello," Steve said politely, he wasn't overly fond of the man, and the way he had treated him following the 'incident' but he made an effort to be polite. The archer took a step closer, "So I was thinking," he said casually, beginning to invade his space. "That dinner you asked me about…" Steve looked confused. "I was thinking we might…pick up where we left off." He gave Steve a sly smile, reaching out. A strong hand gripped his wrist, not hard enough to bruise but close; stopping him.

"I am only going to speak of this once, and then we will never bring it up again. I am in love with Tony Stark." Serious blue eyes bored into him, the grip on his wrist tightening to border on painful. He released the man watching Clint back away, looking sullen and put out. He said nothing more before disappearing towards the showers at the far end.

Just inside the entrance Tony held a hand to his mouth, leaning back against the wall just out of sight. A strange sense of déjà vu coursed through him. He'd seen the whole thing, yet this time…pushing off from the wall he stepped into the gym proper spotting the bemused blonde on the weight bench. He said nothing striding towards him expression serious. "Tony," Steve grinned spotting him, the smile slowly fading as his lover bore down on him. "Tony?" he tried again only a few feet between them now. Without a word he was in his lap, arms around his neck chocolate eyes staring steady into blue. "I love you Steven Rogers, I probably don't deserve you. I'm annoying, selfish, and tend to get lost in my work, but it doesn't matter because your stuck with me-" He was cut off by lips kissing him harshly.

Panting softly they rested foreheads together, Steve smiled kissing his nose. He loved this ridiculous sweet man. It had taken him 67 years to find him, but he wasn't going to let him go. "Steve," Tony asked softy, "Will you stay with me?" Big arms wrapped him tight, "Silly question." Chuckling softly they kissed again ignoring the rest of the world.