Naomi had tried so hard. It was supposed to work out. Everything was meant to be perfect and happy. And yes, it had begun that way, all sweet and loving. But she soon began to see the side of him that she thought was gone. He would snap at little things, getting almost violent in the smallest arguement. It was disturbingly familier and she knew precisely why. It was how he had acted in their days at Delphi. Although she hated to admit it, their relationship was falling apart. She had finnaly seen it when he had gone almost insane because Alyssa had spilled Chloe's food dish. After that, she couldn't ignore it anymore.
So unbenounced to him, she had packed hers and Alyssa's things and late one night, had left.
She had long since moved in with him but had kept her house in order and functioning. So it was back home that she and Alyssa had gone. She requested a new partner and had cut off all contact with him.
She wouldn't really miss him. Her affection, if that was what it really was, had dwindled away and dissapeared. Now it felt as if he had never really been a part of her life.