The Mystery about Gordon Freeman

Gordon sat at the coffee bar in the resistance base. When Alyx Vance came to sit with him.

"Do you mind if I sit here?" Alyx asked.

"You may."

Alyx was shocked "You can talk!?"

"Of course I can" Gordon frowned. "In fact the introduction in the Manual for half-life 1 says I had a conversation with one of the scientists at Black Mesa!"

Author's Note : No joke really.

"Well as long as we're talking. Can I ask a question?"

"You may."

"How come you never get your glasses broken?"


"Your glasses are indestructible. You've been knocked out by soldiers, the combine, caught in an explosion in a citadel and buried under rocks along with surviving a train crash.. Surviving those I can take….but how come you never even get a crack in your glasses?"

"Oh these? When I worked at Black Mesa I made a lot of money, plus the scientists were always getting their glasses broken due to lab accidents. So I decided to use it for research money to get an indestructible pair of glasses. With the research money the scientists, developed a type of indestructible metal. I called it adamantium, after the indestructible metal in Marvel Comics. And as for these glasses. They're made with adamantium frames and diamond lenses."

"Oh really." Alyx said surprised.

"In fact watch this." Gordon then took his glasses off and threw them on the ground. He then took out his pistol and fired on the floor right at his glasses. Running out of ammo, he then jumped up and down on them. Finally he then put them back on his face with no damage done to them whatsoever.

"Wow!" Alyx was amazed.

Gordon then turned to the audience " So there you go folks….every part of me is epic and badass, including my glasses!" He then smiled.


Gordon Freeman – proof that nerds can be hardasses like everybody else.