AN: This is something random that I want to do.


"So how do you do this?" Cato asks as he took spoon full of cinnamon as he look at his girlfriend.

"You just eat." Peeta said as she records her boyfriend.

Cato looks at his girlfriend for few second and took the spoonful cinnamon stuff it in his mouth. Cato starts to feel dry in his throat and start coughing out the cinnamon.

"Water," Cato begs for water as he race to sink. Peeta starts laughing as she still films him.

"Alright, smartass it's your turn." Cato said as he tries to get camera away from Peeta.

"No," Peeta said with laughter in her voice. Cato tries to reach for Peeta, but she was too fast for him and race upstairs.

Cato just smile and was glad to have Peeta. He only need her and nothing more. As he follow her upstairs.


AN: Hope you like and if you wondering yes Peeta is a girl.