Creature: A Creature From the Black Lagoon story. As always all rights to the storyline and backgrounds of the Creature belong to its creators. The Story: Tales of the Creature still being alive has circulated and a team is going hunting. Rated K+ for right now.

The expedition boat was sailing up the Amazon River. The 8 people on board were seeking a legend, much like the Yeti or Bigfoot, but much more dangerous. The expedition's leader Robert McWaters was somewhat skeptical. The fact that there were rumors of the legendary Gill man after nearly 60 years, he found this hard to believe. However the Natural History museum that was funding the expedition was willing to take the chance.

McWaters walked back into the wheelhouse. "Max." he said "How much further do we have to go?"

"Well, sir" Max Jessup the boat captain replied. "We are 20 miles from the tributary. then we will sail up there for another 60 or 100 miles. That should lead us to the Black Lagoon."

"And that's where we'll find this thing if it even still exists?"


McWaters looked into the afternoon sun. "Do you think it's out there?"

Max shrugged It's hard to say. The few old timers that actually saw it say it's possible." Looking back to McWaters "They also say that if it still does exist. It is in everyone's best interest to leave it in peace. They say that only death and terror follow it."

McWaters just grunts and walks below decks. In the cramped crew quarters the rest of the team is assembling their equipment.

The team paleontologist Dr. Jim Ness was going over his records from the last few years. It was his reports and observations that got the expedition moving. Next to him was Tom Westerfield, computer geek. It was Tom that would transmit and data if and when they had anything to send. And of course Cheryl Coleman. She was the museum's eye and ears. And technically the boss.

Cheryl looked to McWaters. "Where do we stand, Bob?"

"Max said we should be in the lagoon within the next day or so. After that we can begin."

Ness looked up from his notes. "Do you know what a find this could be? After all these years. Another form of humanoid life!"

McWaters nodded "Just remember though, this creature did not like visitors. And there were not too many people that came back alive from any expedition to this part of the world."

Cheryl raised a blond eyebrow "Your not getting nervous are you Bob?" McWaters smiled at Cheryl "No, but I do have a healthy respect for the unknown. And not to put too fine of point on it. I'd like to get home alive." Any further discussion was cut short by the sound of the boat's horn blasting. The team went up on deck.

Max was pointing to the tributary that they were heading. "We are on our way, folks." Max said as they turned off the main river. As the boat started down the tributary, another boat slowly came into view and followed them at a discrete distance.

But what both boats did not realize was they were being watched from under the water. The creature had felt the vibrations of the boats engine. And watched with interest, and anger. As the two boats sailed by, the creature slipped into the water and followed.

For three more days, the boat continued down the small tributary. It seemed to all on board that the jungle was growing thicker and starting to block out the sun. Then the tributary opened out into a vast bay. Max blew the boat's horn.

Everyone came out on deck. "Here we are one and all." Max announced proudly "The Black Lagoon."

To be continued: