Chess pieces

Kalinda and Lana (Kalana)

Because there's a lack of Kalinda/Lana fanfiction and I'm sick of it:P

Set after episode 403.

Chapter 1: Power play

Kalinda pulled out her phone from somewhere in her cleavage. She had no pockets in her skin tight dress and shirt combo and she was damned if she was going to cover her outfit with a jacket with convenient pockets or carry a bag around with her. She tapped in a number and raised the phone to her ear as she stood outside Lockhart Gardner.

"Hey" Kalinda said almost shyly

"Hey" The other voice said down the phone instantly recognising Kalinda's voice.

"How are you Kalinda?"

"Well, since the last time you saw me which was last night; great" Kalinda smiled

"I haven't forgotten" Lana chuckled "I've been thinking about it all day actually. It's kind of distracting"

Kalinda stifled a laugh. She enjoyed teasing the FBI agent and she most certainly enjoyed throwing her off her game.

"Good" Kalinda responded flatly

"Good?" Lana huffed "You're enjoying this aren't you?"

"Yes" Kalinda grinned

"Well, hey, can you distract me some more this evening? I'll buy you dinner" Lana flirted

"That sounds like blackmail" Kalinda moved her chess piece in this usual game of power play that she engaged in with Lana. She enjoyed it immensely and it was an aspect of her relationship with Lana that she thoroughly enjoyed. Kalinda had never had a partner this fun and challenging. She waited for Lana to make her move.

"I thought you would like to be wined and dined first. But if you'd rather we could skip straight to the sex" Lana responded smoothly and self assured. Check mate.

"So this is a booty call?" Kalinda sighed at Lana's preoccupation with getting in her pants.

"You called me, Kalinda" Lana swivelled around in her chair knowing she had Kalinda right where she wanted her in this conversation.

"I like you, Lana" Kalinda rolled her eyes, smiling to herself. Lana could be such a smart ass sometimes. But Kalinda found it oddly endearing. She must be turning soft she thought mildly disgusted with herself.

"I like you too, Kalinda" Lana lowered her head on the other side of the phone thinking that her statement was a bit of an understatement.

"8 o'clock. Tonight. We'll see how much of a smart ass you are" Kalinda growled both threatening and flirting. She knew Lana would find it hard to keep up the pretence as soon as she flicked on the switch. And with that she put the phone back into the depths of her cleavage and walked down the street.

Lana heard the phone go dead. She knew that she would most probably not win the next round. Lana knew that Kalinda enjoyed being played at her own game but not losing at her own game. She knew that Kalinda would be bringing her A-game tonight; a master class in seduction and manipulation. Lana couldn't wait. This is what they did, this was their relationship. They flirted, they manipulated, they power played then they fell in to bed and then came the intimacy that Kalinda was so allergic to. Rinse, repeat.