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Harry Black, who had until recently been known as Harry Potter, was staring at his new home, in a town known as Mystic Falls, in Virginia, America. He sighed, breaking eye contact with the house, and got out of the car.

"Welcome to our new home," said his godfather, clapping him on the back. "Go ahead and pick out your room. I'll get the bags."

Harry turned to look at the man doubtfully. While Sirius was an adult, he could also be quite childish at times, a remnant of his days as a prankster. Harry had expected him to be the one running into the house to find the largest bedroom and loudly proclaim it his.

"Are you sure? I would be happy to help."

Sirius waved him away, "It is fine; I can handle it."

"If you're sure..."

Unwilling to argue, Harry turned and walked up the stairs leading to the porch. He opened the front door and began exploring the ground level of the house.

It was about the perfect size, not huge but not small, either. There weren't many windows, though there were a couple in the living room and kitchen. The living room already had their furniture, an onyx-black leather sofa, a matching loveseat, a glass table, and a side table with an unplugged lamp on top. The kitchen had the customary refrigerator, oven, sink, and dishwasher.

When Harry went through the cupboards, he saw brand new pots, pans, dishes, and assorted silverware. There were also a few different brands of cereal available. He would have to remind Sirius to buy a microwave and a toaster.

He walked upstairs and went through the bedrooms, discovering the house room by room.

Each bedroom had beds, wardrobes and a desk for work or homework. It was the second one he came across that he chose as his because of the window seat, something he'd always wanted in a room.

He quickly stuck his head in the other room to take a look. It was going to be a type of storage-room for all of their old things. It'd have a lock, of course.

He went downstairs just in time to see Sirius load in their last bag.

"I've picked my room," he said as he grabbed his effects.

"Great." Sirius smiled, reaching out to ruffle his hair. Harry ducked out of his godfather's reach, an amused expression on his face.

"Go unpack, then," continued Sirius. "I'll be upstairs soon."

"All right."

Harry headed upstairs and into his new room. He dropped his bags onto the bed and got to work. Almost an hour later, everything was unpacked. All of his clothes were in the wardrobe and the few knickknacks he had were on his desk. He changed out of his jeans and put on some sweatpants, then settled down on the bed.

A minute later, the door opened and Sirius appeared. "I'm about to head to sleep," said the man. "You should, too. Tomorrow's your first day at Mystic Falls High."

"Not very creative with the names, are they?"

He'd heard the name of the school before, when he'd been enrolled. He had just believed it was a title, not the actual name of the school.

Sirius laughed and turned off the light.

"Get to sleep," he said, shutting the door.

Harry sighed in the darkness. In the end, he took the advice and fell asleep.

The next day arrived a bit too quickly to Harry's liking but he rose in spite of that and prepared for school. When he walked into the kitchen he smiled at the sight of Sirius standing at the stove with a confused expression on his face.

"Need some help?" Harry asked while he opened a cabinet to retrieve the cereal.

"What does this thing do?"

Harry hadn't lived very long in the muggle world, but he knew this.

"Muggles use it to cook food," Harry explained. "It's actually quite ingenious."

Sirius shook his head and leaned against the counter. Harry stood across from him and ate his cereal.

"I really need to learn what all this stuff is. What if one of your friends comes over?"

Harry snorted. "What friends?"

"The ones you'll make today,"

"I doubt that'll happen."

"Make it happen," Sirius said with a small smirk.

"Yes, of course." He looked at his watch, and realized that he didn't have much time left. "I've got to go to school."

"What about your breakfast?"

"I'm done."

Harry placed the bowl in the sink. Hurrying, he walked out of the kitchen and ran upstairs to grab his side bag then came back down. Sirius was standing by the door with Harry's car keys in his hand. Harry thanked him as he took the keys and walked outside.

Harry parked his car and exited the vehicle, looking at the school in front of him.

Mystic Falls High was a large, modern-looking building that was predominantly dark red and gray.

He noticed the other students looking his way. It was understandable that with the small size of Mystic Falls, people at school would know one another's faces and they'd realize he was new quite fast. Shrugging, he walked inside the building. Once inside, he realized he didn't quite know where to go. He stopped and fished his schedule out of his bag.

He had English class in ten minutes, it seemed. Unfortunately, he didn't have much time left and he didn't know where to go.

He raised his eyes just in time to see girl with long, dark brown hair walk into him, having clearly not seen him in time to avoid the collision.

She gasped in shock as he stumbled back, a faint look of surprise on his face.

"Oh my god, I am so sorry!" She really did look sorry, and her eyes conveyed how sincerely worried she was. "I was bit distracted."

"It's fine," he said. "I wasn't paying attention, either." Harry shrugged, trying to lessen the importance of what had happened.

"You're new here, right?" she asked, changing the subject rather abruptly, probably embarrassed by their awkward meeting. Also, it seemed she had just realized he was not a familiar face, judging by the knowing look she had.

"How'd you know?"

"I've never seen you before, so I kind of figured," she replied.

"I guess that would be an easy way to know."

He smiled. It seemed he had been lucky enough to bump into a nice person he wouldn't mind befriending.

"I'm Elena Gilbert."

She stuck her hand out, smiling widely. He shook it.

"Harry," he said. "Harry P-Black." It still felt strange to call himself that.

"So, Harry Black, what grade are you in?" she asked, not noticing he'd nearly given another surname.

"I'm a Junior." The American school system was different from Britain, but he knew enough to answer her questions with a measure of confidence.

"Me too!" she said happily.

"Would you happen to know where English class is, then?" Harry asked, glancing at his watch worriedly.

"Not only do I know where English is, I have the same first period," she replied. Harry must've looked very relieved, because she laughed. "Can I see you schedule?"

Harry handed it to her. She examined it for a moment, and then beamed at him. "We have the same classes," she said.

Harry couldn't believe his luck. Now, he wouldn't have to find those classes himself. He let her lead him to the class and sat next to her, happy to have found someone he could befriend. The bell rang and the rest of the students piled in.

When class began, Harry found himself growing bored faster than he would've liked. He wasn't the most academically inclined, he knew. He was sure that what was being taught was interesting, yet the teacher didn't muster up much enthusiasm for the subject and it made the whole lecture lose its appeal.

It was a relief when the class ended, because it meant that Harry could leave.

"That was horrible!" Harry exclaimed as he and Elena walked out the class.

"Yeah, I know. Don't worry; the rest of the classes aren't like that," Elena assured him.

The rest of the day went by quickly, and with minimal trouble. Harry had believed the day would drag on, but Elena was such a nice and interesting person to be around that before he knew it, it was lunchtime.

"Come on." Elena dragged him over to a table that some people were already sitting at.

"Must be her friends," he thought.

Sitting at the table was a girl with long black hair who looked like she had an African ancestor, judging by her slightly darker skin tone. There was also a girl with curly blonde hair and wide, pretty eyes, and a tall pale boy with a frown, a noticeable brow line and brownish hair. Elena sat down next to the boy and Harry sat next to her.

"Guys, this is my new friend Harry," she said, introducing him. "Harry, these are my best friends Bonnie and Caroline, and my boyfriend Stefan." She pointed them out as she said the names.

"It's nice to meet you, Harry," Stefan said, a polite smile on his face.

"Nice to meet you too."

"So, how are you liking Mystic Falls so far?" Caroline asked. "You just moved here, right?"

"Yeah, yesterday, actually. I haven't seen a lot of it yet so I'm not sure," he answered. "Where do people hang out around here?"

Mystic Falls was rather small, and Harry had yet to notice any place muggles his age went to for fun.

"Everyone hangs out at the Grill. It's where you would find most people on a Friday night," Caroline said.

"That's nice," Harry said.

Stefan, who hadn't said anything until then, raised his voice to ask:

"So, Harry, do you have any siblings?"

"No. I wish I did, though. It's just me and my godfather. Do you?"

"Yeah, I have an older brother," Stefan said, a slight grimace on his face. Harry wondered what that was about but thought it better not to ask.

"What about you, Elena? Do you have any siblings?"

"I have a little brother. He's a freshman here," she replied.

"Talking about me?" a young-looking boy said, startling them. He'd come up behind Bonnie. His only physical resemblance to Elena was the dark brown hair. Otherwise, he looked quite different from her.

"I'm Jeremy," said the boy, looking at Harry.


Jeremy turned to look at Elena. "Elena, can I borrow the car tonight?"

She stared at him. "Jeremy, you're fourteen." Her incredulity came through clearly.

Jeremy scoffed. "Age is just a number."

Elena gave him a look and Jeremy put his hands up in surrender.

"Fine, be that way." He stood up and with a wave of goodbye walked away.

"Well, isn't he charming," Harry said nonchalantly, taking a bite of his lunch. That made Caroline smile, hiding it behind her hand to avoid offending Elena. Though Elena didn't seem that bothered by the small insult against her sibling.

When the bell rang, a bit later, they all rose from their seats. Harry was already feeling happier than he had been early in the morning. He had made some acquaintances, which was always good.

"Are they in our next class?" Harry asked Elena as he noticed the others walking with them.

She nodded. "Yeah."

Caroline was telling Bonnie about a new routine she'd thought up when the most expensive car she'd ever seen pulled up in the parking lot. A boy with messy raven black hair got out of the driver's place and she realized immediately that he was a new kid.

"He's cute," Caroline said to Bonnie, as the boy in question walked into the school.

"Very," Bonnie agreed.

"Do you think I should go find out his name?"

"Please don't."

"Fine." Caroline sighed. "Let's go to class, then."

When lunchtime finally came, Caroline had been disappointed to find that he wasn't in any of her classes.

"Why doesn't fate want me to have a boyfriend?!" she ranted to Bonnie, as they both sat down at a table.

Stefan was approaching from further away, probably intent on joining them for lunch.

"I don't know, Caroline."

"Have any of you seen Elena?" Stefan asked, having finally arrived next to them. He sat down, a frown of concern on his face.

"No," said Caroline.

Bonnie shrugged.

"I usually see her in the halls." Stefan seemed absentminded, looking around for her.

Caroline was the one who noticed Elena walking towards them. Surprisingly (or unsurprisingly, considering this was Elena, who attracted everyone to her like a magnet), she was with the new student.

"There she is aand she's bringing fresh meat," said Caroline.

Stefan's head snapped up, obviously misunderstanding what she'd said.

Elena smiled when she was close enough. "Guys, this is Harry. He's new."

They waved at him politely. The motion was a bit stilted, but he didn't seem to realize, thankfully.

"Harry, these are my best friends Bonnie and Caroline, and my boyfriend Stefan."

Mentally, Caroline rolled her eyes as Elena introduced them. Elena acted like they couldn't have done it themselves.

They discussed a bit, and Caroline managed to talk with Harry. He had a nice accent; British, but not too strong. Caroline had heard stories about British people, especially Scotts and the like, with accents that made their speech impossible to understand. Harry's was perfectly understandable, thank god, and even charming.

Caroline took the chance to examine him. He was small and a bit scrawny, as if he hadn't been fed enough during his childhood. It wasn't something easy to see, but she prided herself in knowing she had a good eye when it came to male bodies. Through his t-shirt she could see hints of abdominal muscle. Yum.

His hair was very messy but it seemed to suit him, instead of making him look like a slob. What Caroline liked most were his eyes; they were bright green and sparkled with life. They were the kind of eyes that looked good with an infectious smile, and happy laughter.

Caroline frowned when he looked elsewhere, making her lose sight of his eyes. He was rising from the table, as was everyone else. With a start, Caroline realized she'd missed the bell ringing.

"Let's go to class," said Bonnie. "Stop staring at him. Come on; let's go before we're late."

Caroline rolled her eyes and followed them to History.

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