That was the dismissal bell for the last day of school at White Chapel High. It was the happiest day of most peoples' lives. But
it was a sad day for 5 particular White Chapel students. Ethan Morgan was at his locker, getting the remainder of his things.
"Hey," Sarah said, walking up to him.
"Hey, Sarah," Ethan said, as happily as he could.
"I can't beleive it. I'm officially graduated. I remember walking in her my first day of fresh-men year. I remember thinking
I couldn't wait for this moment. Thinking back, I really didn't want this day to happen," she explained.
"Ya, it's going to be lonley here next year, without you and Erica," he said, and truly meant it.
"Ya. I forgot to tell you. I got into Smithinsdale," she infromed.
"Really, cool!" Ethan said.
"Ya, there's only one problem," she said.
"What?" he asked.
"It's in the UK," she said, sadly.
"Oh," he said, shortly.
"Ya, I really want to go to Smithinsdale, but I don't want to leave you... and Benny, and Jane," Sarah said. "What do you
think I should do?" she continued. At this point, Ethan was speechless. He was torn. Does he tell the girl he loves to go to her
dream college, or stay here and go to a communtity college? Does he tell her to go for her, or stay for him.
"If you want my honest opinion, I think you should... I think you should go to Smithinsdale," Ethan said, about ready to cry.
Even though it hurts him, ke knows he's made the right choice.
"Ok, thanks," Sarah said, hugging him, then walking home.
*At Ethan's*
"Benny, I can't beleive she asked me to choose what college she went to!" Ethan said, falling onto his bed.
"What did you tell her to do, E?" Benny asked.
"I told her to go to Smithinsdale," Ethan confessed.
"Why?" Benny yelled.
"Because, it would've been selfish to tell her to stay," he replied.
"Selfish, Mellfish," Benny muttered. Then, the doorbell rang, and Ethan ran to get it. He opened the door and it was Sarah.
"Hey, Sarah, come in," Ethan invited.
"Hey, Ethan," Sarah greeted, stepping in the door.
"Come on, Benny's up in my room," Ethan said, leading Sarah upstairs. Ethan and Sarah walked in his room. Sarah sat on his
"Hey, Sarah," Benny said.
"Hi, Benny," she replied. "Well, Ethan, I did what you said. I told Smithinsdale I accepted the scolership," she continued.
"Good," was all he could say.
"I leave on Saturday," she added.
"What! It's Thurdsay! We only have 2 days left with you?" Benny exclaimed.
"I know," she replied.
"Where's Erica going?" Benny asked.
"She's going to a commintity college," she informed.
"I still can't beleive you're leaving," Benny muttered.
"It's ok, I got tonight and tomorow schelduled for you 2, Rory, and Erica," she tried to leighten the mood.
"Ok," Benny said, still mad.
"Tonight, we have a hangout night. Tomorow there's a beginning of summer party," she explained.
"Ok. Let's get Rory and Erica over here and begin our hangout night," Ethan said, trying not to burst into tears.
*Friday At Ethan's*
"Ethan, Sarah's here to pick you, Rory, and Benny up," called up.
"Coming," Ethan yelled, running down the stairs.
"You ready to go?" Sarah asked.
"Yep," all 3 boys said.
"Let's go," Sarah said, walking out the door.
*At The Party*
Ethan, Benny, Sarah, and Rory are standing, and listening to music. Something in the Air by Eddie Duran came on. "Oh my
gosh! I love this song. Come dance with me, Ethan," Sarah said, dragging Ethan out onto the dance floor. They were dancing
for a long time. After Something in the Air, First of the Year by Skrillix came on. Followed by about 2 more fast songs. Then,
finaly, a slow song comes on. Fix You by Coldplay came on. Ethan and Sarah and a bunch of other couples (one being Erica
and Rory) started slow dancing. About an hour after that, Sarah, Ethan, Benny, Rory, and Erica left.
*Saturday At The Air Port*
Sarah and her friends were standing there, saying their goodbyes. Sarah hugged Benny and Rory at the same time. She
hugged Erica, and they did air kisses. "Flight 928 to United Kingdom," the loud speaker said. Sarah went over the Ethan.
She hugged him, and whispered, "I love you," into his ear. Then she kissed him, on the lips for 15 seconds. When they pulled
back, she said bye one more time. Then, she got on the plane. Then, they all burst into tears. Ethan knows he made the right
decision, he knows he did.