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Jac arrived home from work to be greeted by loud music coming from her daughter's room yet again. She sighed and made her way upstairs. "Holly! Turn the music down!" Jac yelled knowing that the teenager wouldn't be able to here. She winced when the song run by Leona Lewis hit a particularly high part. "For crying out loud...Holly!" The red head consultant exclaimed as she knocked loudly on the girl's bedroom door. This time Jac knew Holly heard as the music was soon switched off and a girl with auburn coloured hair greeted her with a big grin on her face.

"Hi mum!" She said happily.

Jac folded her arms across her chest and shook her head disapprovingly. "How many times have I told you not to blare music out like that? It's even worse when the music's depressing." She said.

"Sorry mum." Holly replied looking down at her feet before returning her gaze to her mother. "How was work?" She asked curiously.

"Urgh, you know the day will go a lot quicker if there were no patients." Jac grunted returning her hands back down to her side. Holly laughed and shook her head.

"You wouldn't have a job if there were no patients." She pointed out.

Jac nodded and sighed before deciding to change the subject. "Enough about work, how was school?" She asked and Holly shrugged.

"It was ok I suppose...for a Monday anyway." She lied. If she was honest today was rubbish one of the popular kids, Sophie Wilder had started making jokes about how Holly had no soul because she had red hair, the whole class started laughing and for the rest of the day everyone kept calling her 'carrot top' or 'gingey' even her best friend had started with the ginger jokes! That resulted in her and Holly having a huge bust up and somehow she had been made to look like the bad guy in the whole situation!

"What did you want for dinner tonight? I don't know if I can be bothered to cook." Jac said oblivious as to how her daughters day had actually been.

"You could just order a Chinese." Holly suggested and Jac nodded.

"Good idea, come downstairs, I'm sure there are some menus in the kitchen draw." She said before making her way down stairs closely followed by her daughter.

"Mum?" Holly spoke as they were sat eating their Chinese. Jac was enjoying a special fried rice whilst Holly was just playing with a plate full of chicken fried rice, she didn't feel like eating. She knew that the events at school today was now going to become reoccurring thing, this had happened before with a girl who had freckles all over her face, she got so fed up with the taunting she ended up moving schools.

"Yeah?" Jac asked once she had swallowed the mouthful of rice she had in her mouth.

"Can I dye my hair? That's kind of the new trend now." The teenager replied and Jac frowned. Holly had never cared for trends, what was so different about this latest fad?

"Why? You're hair's perfect the way it is, you're perfect, don't change your appearance just because everyone else is doing it." She said and Holly sighed and looked down at her plate that was still practically full.

"I thought you would say that." She muttered sadly.

Jacs eyebrows knitted together in confusion and she reached out to lift her daughters head by hooking her finger under her chin. "What's the matter sweetheart?" She asked softly prompting her daughter to tear her gaze away from hers. She couldn't lie and look Jac in the eyes at the same time.

"Nothing, it's just everyone's dying their hair and I just feel a little left out." She tried to sound convincing and to her relief Jac actually believed her!

"Well why don't you be unique and leave your hair the way it is, at least it's not completely ginger like mine! Anyway, loads of people dye their hair the same colour as yours, you should be proud to be a red head!" Jac joked and Holly sighed and nodded in half agreement. It wasn't that she didn't like her hair colour it was just that she didn't want people teasing her about it.

"I'm not hungry anymore, can I go to my room?" She asked finally looking up at her mother who glanced down at her plate to see it still full of rice.

"You've hardly touched it, are you feeling alright?" She asked concerned as she reached out and attempted to put the back of her hand to her daughter's forehead. Holly stood u quickly and tucked her chair under the dining table.

"I'm fine. Stop fussing." She insisted. "So can I go to my room?" She added impatiently.

Jac studied her daughters face and couldn't help but feel there was something bothering her, whatever it was she would get to the bottom of it soon enough but right now she could tell Holly was about to lose her patients so she decided to allow her to go to her room. "Have you got lots of homework or something?" She asked and Holly nodded. "Alright go, I'll clear up here." She finally said dismissively. Holly thanked her and kissed her cheek before leaving the room.

P.S I know this chapters pretty short, I'll try to make the next one longer.