A couple of hours later Holly woke up in ITU. She started to cough and splutter due to the uncomfortable tube that was lodged deep into her throat. She was then aware of a nurse coming to her aid and immediately recognised the nurse as Chrissie Levy. "Chrissie." She whispered her voice raspy.

"Shhh, here, drink this, it will help." Chrissie whispered raising a glass filled with water to the teen's dry lips. "Better?" She asked after returning the glass to the side.

Holly nodded but then frowned. "What...what happened? I...I remember running and then...nothing." She said confused.

"You got knocked down on Holby high street...Holly? Why were you running?" Chrissie asked sympathetically.

"Has my mum come to see me?" Holly asked wanting to change the subject.

Chrissie looked away from the young red head before looking back to her and shaking her head. "We've been trying to page her but she keeps saying she's busy in theatre." She said regretfully. She was angry, angry at Jac and her ice queen routine. If it was Daniel or even one of Sacha's daughters lying unconscious on a hospital bed she would want to be there by their side, she couldn't understand how Jac could avoid a situation like this involving her own daughter.

Holly looked away from Chrissie not liking the look she was receiving from the blonde nurse. "She doesn't care." She whispered more to herself than to Chrissie. She knew her mother had a cold nature but she didn't realise how low her mother would stoop until now, of course.

Chrissie looked at her shocked and shook her head quickly. "That's not true, your mum loves you." She insisted trying to reassure herself as well as Holly.

"If that's true then where is she? Why hasn't come to see me?" Holly asked in a dangerously low tone and Chrissie looked at her not knowing what to say.

Meanwhile up on Darwin, Jac was sat at the main desk staring into space, she knew she should be with her daughter but she couldn't bring herself to look at her baby girl hooked up to various types of machines so instead she had carried on working hoping that it would all go away but of course, it didn't, it wouldn't go away because Chrissie was paging her every hour reminding her that her daughter's life was hanging on by a thread. Suddenly, she was brought back to reality when a patient's monitor started to scream. Jac sprung to her feat and hurried through the ward in the direction of bay 3. Out of the corner of her eye she caught Tara and Ollie flirting. "St Trinnians! Valentine! Quit flirting and do your job!" She snapped before carrying on her path.

When she reached bay 3 she saw that it was Mr Sims monitor that was going off. She took the chest drain that was hanging by the bedside and looked at it shocked when she realised it was filled with blood! "Whose patient is this?!" She snapped looking up at Tara and Ollie.

"Mine." Tara said looking down ashamed.

"Look at this! He was meant to be on constant obs! You know, I don't even know how you got through your first year at medical school!" The fiery red head spat viciously.

"Ms Naylor!" A stern voice came from behind her.

Jac looked up shocked at Elliot who was stood in the doorway. "Mr Hope, don't take that tone with me, look at what this imbecile has caused! He's going to need some unnecessary surgery now thanks to her!" She said cutting her eyes at the F1.

"Go and wait in the office." Elliot ordered.

"Do you know what? Fine! I'll go to our office and let you deal with this mess she's caused." Jac seethed spitting out the word 'she' as she pointed a slender index finger at Tara and with that she stalked off in the direction of their shared office.

Less than five minutes later Elliot stepped into the office and marched over to Jac who was sat at her desk. "That was totally uncalled for! I think Tara deserves an apology." He chastised.

Jac scoffed and looked up at her colleague in disbelief. "She almost killed a patient!" She retorted defensively.

"That's a bit of an exaggeration, we got to him on time and I'm pretty sure you've made errors throughout your career. We learn from our mistakes and that's exactly why Dr Lo is here. To learn." Elliot lectured. Just then Jac's pager went off and she groaned as she quickly silenced it knowing it would be Chrissie for about the tenth time that night. Elliot looked between the pager and Jac confused. "You're being extremely snappy and distracted even for you and that thing has been going off all evening. Now tell me what's happened." The older surgeon demanded and was shocked when Jac looked up at him with tears pouring down her face.

"It's Holly, she had an accident...she's in ITU she's on a ventilator." She whispered and Elliot looked at her shocked.

"Then why-" He began to stutter but was swiftly interrupted.

"Because then it's not real, if I don't go and see her then it can't be real can it?" Jac explained and Elliot looked at her confused by her logic.

"Jac, just go, go and be with your daughter." He ordered gently and that was all it took. After changing out of her scrubs Jac was sprinting off the ward and down to ITU dreading having to come face to face with her daughter who she still believed to be on life support.

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