Chapter 1: first meeting

"You… Cut your hair."

She chuckled uneasily, obviously trying to diminish the damage that had been done to her body, trying to convince him she was doing fine, nothing to worry about, and hell some bullshit. A bruise after another covered her skin, scratches and deep wounds were clearly visible on her wrists, like she had scratched them for hours until the beating of her heart would finally stop. The long hair he used to remember her with that framed her face so flawlessly was shorter than his and had lost its shine, just like her eyes, those amazing blue eyes. One had lost the sparkle, one had lost the colour and had turned completely white, comparable to Toph's eyes. She was so impossibly skinny he began fearing she'd pass out or fall to pieces if he would hold her. In any case, he was willing to take that risk, for he hadn't seen her in so many days and needed to hold her. The tears that were coming weren't suppressible, he clinched onto her and held her tighter than ever, sobbed and shrieked when he at least discovered one feature that was still the same as the old days: her smell. However that lively feeling he used to get when he held her was nowhere to be found, when he embraced her she didn't hug him back nor did she smile or cry or whatever, she felt like dead weight, she felt broken.

"How... Is, everyone?" she barely managed to say and he could hit her for asking that but of course he didn't. Of course everyone was doing horrible, she had left all of them only to find her back in this condition, like they hadn't been worried enough.

"Fine," he stammered between the sobbing although that was a terrible lie. "We miss you." That wasn't a lie.

"Good," and she pretended a fake smile like she was trying to make him feel better, for she knew there was no need for him to cry. This was for the best, now she was finally able to live a free life without being cursed with the burden of the Warrior. She'd never get what she longed for the most though, and that was still the same vague impossible dream: Kenshin.

"Mulan." A woman stood at the very top of the building, looking down on both of them as they were hugging each other like a mother would hold her newborn. Her obnoxious grin was enough to convince Kenshin he didn't like her, she wasn't to be trusted and furthermore, this woman was probably the cause of Meisha's condition. He narrowed his eyes and clinched on to his sword, but she only smirked as in 'like you could beat me with that'. "You're coming or what?"

Without much hesitation she broke her connection with Kenshin and bended herself with an upward stream of water up, he tried to stop her but was too late. They glared at each other for few infinitesimal seconds until a sharp pain in the head enforced and passed him out. He caught one last glimpse of her broken eyes before a man blocked his view and smirked as the boy was struggling to keep his eyes open. Kenshin sure looked a lot like his nephew.

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