When the Pokemon at Professor Oak's lab is stolen, no one knows what to make of it. Luckily, a couple of great detectives are traveling through, and are willing to help our heroes!

Note: This is based off of early Pokemon versions (when Ash was still with Misty).

Note: I'm broke, I don't own either Pokemon nor do I own Detective Conan

Chapter One


Conan Edogawa's stomach growled. When Heiji decided he wanted to visit the Kanto region, he brought along Kazuha, Ran and Conan. And, like most other visits, they got lost.

"Aw, great," Conan complained. "This isn't any better than the Johto region, which was exactly like Osaka!"

Heiji glared. "Well, if you think you're so smart, why don't you show us the way to Cerulean City?"

They foursome trudged along the forest path, waiting for signs of life. Suddenly, a clearing appeared, revealing hundreds of small wurmples, caterpies, venonats, and spinarks.

"GAAAAAHHHHHHHH!" Ran and Kazuha cried in unison. They turned the other way and ran as fast as they could, leaving a large, billowing cloud of dust.


Misty and Brock were going towards Pallet Town to visit Ash when they saw a billowing cloud of dust. They stared, eyes wide open, as two young girls dashed past them, running over a sign indicating that Pallet Town was one foot ahead. They disappeared into the depth of the small town.

"Well, that was something," Misty commented serenely. Her Togepi uttered some "togi togi"'s in agreement.

While they walked the streets of the happy town, they noticed something was wrong. Normally, there would be people outside, riding bikes, tending to gardens, and playing around. Additionally, they would normally see Ash on the streets or in the grass doing something crazy again. But today, all was eerily quite. Then, a teenage boy walked up to them. He looked like Brock, except his eyes were open, and he was wearing a hat. With him was a young boy in glasses, strangely wearing a blue suite.

"Hello," the boy greeted. "Um...er, sorry to disturb you but, ah, did you happen to see two girls running, with a large could of dust billowing behind them?"

"Why, yes," Brock said, unhappy that a young lady wasn't talking to him. "They were running in that direction." He pointed at Professor Oak's laboratory. Suddenly, Ash came running from that direction, so fast that he collided with Brock's finger.

"ASH!" Misty exclaimed. "We were looking for you!"

Ash completely ignored her. "This is bad, guys!" he said. "All the Pokemon at Professor Oak's lab disappeared!"

Quick note: Going with the overall feel of Pokemon, I'm making this a relaxed, fun crossover, unlike the other one I wrote (Black and Blue).