Here's the second part. Enjoy :)

Heiji and Conan observed the crime scene. Immediately, Conan was bored, as no one had died. Heiji, however, was gathering clues with full fervor.

"So, Professor Oak, you claim that you live here alone, with the exception of Tracey and Gary?" he asked.

"Why yes, of course." Oak responded.

"Do you know anyone that may have the motive to capture all of your Pokemon?" Heiji inquired. Conan sat on a sofa, playing with a ball he had found.

"No, not at all." Professor Oak responded. "Everyone in Pallet Town is on friendly terms with one another."

Then the thief must be an outsider, Heiji thought. Conan thought the same, and for a brief moment hoped that it would be Kaito Kid. He pushed a button on the Pokeball, and suddenly, a beam of red light flew out!

Conan stared, amazed, at the little blue turtle that just came out.

"Oh, it must be a Squirtle, one of the starter Pokemon," Professor Oak exclaimed. Squirtle nodded, adding a couple of "squirtle-squirt-squirt"s with it. "I suppose the thieves accidentally dropped it when they were running away."


Ran and Kazuha stopped at the side of the road, panting.

"Oh my, I hope that nothing of that sort appears again," Kazuha said. Suddenly, they heard some people talking, coming in around the corner.

"I'm so hungry~" A man with oddly colored hair complained.

"Me too," said a talking cat.

"Would you two just shut up!?" A woman yelled. "Hurry up and get a move on! We have to return these stolen pokemon to Boss soon!"

"Yes, Jesse," the man uttered with his head down.

At the sound of "stolen", Ran's ears picked up.

"What are you two doing?" She asked, standing in front of them, with Kazuha close behind.

Jesse smiled and cleared her throat. Suddenly, the trio began to break out in their motto, with

"Prepare for trouble!

And make it double!

To protect the world from devastation!

To unite all peoples within our nation!

To denounce the evils of truth and love!

To extend our reach to the stars above...huh?"

Ran and Kazuha were keenly peering into the bags that Team Rocket had dropped onto the ground.

"Whoa, what are these?" Ran asked, holding up a pokeball to the sunlight.

"HEY! Weren't you listening to our motto!?" Jesse yelled.

At that moment, Heiji, Conan, and Ash ran up the road.

"Team Rocket!" Ash yelled as he rounded the corner. "I knew it was you three that stole those pokeballs! Give them back!"

"Hahahahaha!" Jesse laughed giddily. "I don't think so," she laughed, running away.

"Can't touch me!" Meowth laughed, dashing away.

James smiled eerily at the two detectives before running after Jesse and Meowth.

"Don't let them get away!" Ash yelled. "Pikachu, let's go!"

Ran, Kazuha, Heiji and Conan stood there, amazed.