Chapter 1

"Wake up sleepyhead", said a voice.
Harry Potter grunts loudly and opens his eyes tiredly. Ron Weasley stands next to him dressed and ready.
"You have about fifteen minutes to get ready. You don't want to be late for the Defense Against the Dark Arts lesson on the first day, do you? ", Ron said with a smile.
Harry sat down on the side of the bed and put on his glasses. He dressed quickly, and followed Ron down to the common room. Hermione is already standing in front off the portrait and gives both boys a stern look.
"Come on, we're gonna be late if you do not hurry", said Hermione and rushes out through the portrait. Ron gives Harry a quick smile before they follow Hermione to class.

It was a new year at Hogwarts and very little had changed, but as every year there was a new teacher in Defense Against the Dark Arts. This year there was a teacher named Samwart Xavier. By the little they saw of him during dinner yesterday he seemed to be nice. When they came to class, the rest of the Gryffindor students was standing there with Slytherin. Professor Xavier came quickly rushing towards them.
"Sorry I'm a little late but I got a little held up", he said with a smile.

He opens the door and the students follows him in to the classroom.
"So, I have read everything you have done in class and it has become a bit jumpy because you had to change teachers so much", said Professor Xavier looking out over the class, "but before the end of the lesson I want you all to submit a note about what you would like to learn this year. But today I think we start with a lesson on Daffikers. Daffikers are small animals that live in the mountains and has a special ability ... "

The lesson was very good. Professor Xavier had the ability to capture the listener's attention and it was very easy to like him.
"Wow Professor Xavier is a great teacher", said Hermione with sparkling voice.
"Yeah he was alright", Ron said sulkily. Harry pulls a hand through his black, tousled hair. Severus Snape passes them with his cloak fllying behind him. He seems to be in a hurry, but he still has time to give Harry a venomous look.
"Well, Snape hasn't changed, thats for sure", Ron said.
"Not a bit", Harry sighed. Harry was getting tired of all the hatred.
"Come on now so we can change books before Care of magical creatures", Hermione said.

The three friends rushed over the school area to the entrance of the Forbidden Forest. "Hey Harry", Hagrid said as he approached.
"Hello Hagrid!" Harry smiles. The lesson continues with no major injuries.
"Oh finally dinner", said Ron.
"Do you think of any thing other than food?" Hermione snorts. They walk up to the castle and into the great hall. As usual, it was full of movement and the tables were full of food. Ron grabbed a piece of the chicken directly. Harry looked up at the teacher's table and sees Dumbledore sitting in the middle of a conversation with Professor Xavier.

Harry looks further to the left and sees that Professor Snape looks more angry than usual. "What is it with Snape today?" Harry asked.
"Urhum" said a voice behind Harry. Harry turns around and sees Lee Jordan standing behind him.
"Hey Lee!" Harry said.
"Hi Harry, I was just going to say that Dumbledore wants you to come up to his office after dinner", Lee said.
"Um okay", Harry said with a confused look. Lee went back to his seat and continued the dinner.
"Whearth vdows Doumbwledore wtant yuwo", Ron said, with a mouth full of food.
"No idea", said Harry with a wondering look.

After dinner Harry goes up to Dumbledore's office and knocks on the door.
"Come in!", said Dumbledore. Harry opens the door and steps into Dumbledore's office. He walks towards Dumbledore and pats Fawkes before he sits down in the chair in front of Dumbledore. Dumbledore writes down a few more lines on a parchment before he puts down the pen and looks at Harry.
"So Harry how did your first day go?", said Dumbledore.
"Good, so far", Harry said with a nervous smile. Dumbledore squirms a bit before he takes a deep breath.
"Harry, ther is something I need to tell you!", Dumbledore said.