So this is the end! I think I will start on a new fic when It gets calmer in school xD

Harry had never been so happy ever! Severus was still angry and grumpy but Harry knew he never meant what he said. Harry was lying in bed and he heard Severus walking around down in the kitchen. He stretched and then threw his legs over the edge of the bed. He dressed quickly, and then bounced down the stairs. When he came down, he stopped in the doorway to the kitchen and saw Severus making breakfast. Harry sneaked up behind him and put his arms around Severus. Severus jumped and dropped a knife on the floor.
"What are you doing, Potter?", Severus said and raised his eyebrows.
"Nothing!", Harry said, kissing Severus on the neck. Severus groaned and turned around. Severus smiled and kissed Harry tenderly.
"I have a little surprise for you today", Severus said, smiling a bit tricky.

Harry looked surprised at him and then smiled.
"Oh, what?", Harry said and smiled widely.
"You, will have to wait and see!", Severus said and turned around. Harry thought about tricking Snape in to telling him, but he decided that he liked being surprised. They eat breakfast and then Severus said that he he had to go out on an errand and that he would soon return. Harry felt restless and tried to find new things in the house. He looked around the kitchen and found a burned spot on the table that he had not seen before.

In the living room, he had already found all things. When he went up to the bedroom, he saw something he had not seen before. In the ceiling was a hatch that he had never seen. Harry opened the hatch and climbed up slowly. When he got up and looked around his mouth dropped opened. The whole room was dressed with velvet red walls and there were a huge amount of bookshelves filling the walls. In the middle of the room there was a large bed and in the right corner was an ivory white piano.

Harry walked towards the piano and lifted the lid. Harry jumped with shock when the piano started playing by itself. It played a quiet melody that made the hair on Harry's arms rise. Harry lied down on the bed and looked up at the ceiling. Harry was thinking about everything that had happened since he and Snape moved into this house. He had never in his wildest dreams thought he would love Severus as much as he did.
"Are you comfortable?", a voice said. Harry jumped and and got up quickly. Severus was standing some distance from Harry and smiled at him.
"Come on know, we are going leaving", Severus said, and went down through the hatch. Harry went to the piano and closed the lid. The music stopped immediately and Harry went down through the hatch after Severus.

Severus told Harry to dress warmly. Severus then grabbed Harry's arm and transfered them away. They were sucked into a whirlwind and then they landed on a snowy hill. Harry breathed out shocked and then smiled at Severus. On the hill there was a large blue blanket with a lot of food on it. Harry threw himself around Severus neck and kissed him hard. Severus laughed and carried him to the blanket. They sat next to each other and helped themselves to the food. They talked about everything, and Harry got warm inside every time he heard Severus laugh. After a while, Severus became serious.
"Um, Harry, you know I love you, right?", Severus said, and looked at him, "and I do not think I could live without you."

Harry looked at him and wondered what he was trying to say. Severus got up and went down on his knees. He picked up a gold ring from his pocket and watched Harryin the eyes.
"Will you marry me?", Severus said, and smiled a little nervously. Harry looked shocked at him, while breathing heavily. Harry laughed and throws himself around the neck of Severus and kissed him hard and fiery.
"Yes!", Harry whispered in his ear. Severus breathed out with ease and held Harry hard. Severus and Harry got married later that year, and although they still have their fights they still love each other as as much as before!