A message from the author;

Hello, lovelies. This is the shortest dam' thing you'll probably see from me - ain't so proud of that fact. But there's a few reasons to the madness. First, I feel horribly guilty for "disappearing" YET again (..I have a request. Would any of you members be kind and every once in a while send me a PM telling me to hurry up or not forget writing? I'd appreciate it, for my motivation has hit zero.. and I know I just need to get back into writing to get a good rythm). This fic has been lying about for a while, since April or so, and I recently read it through and fixed it up a bit. Admittedly, back in April it wasn't so much of a fanfic.. just random text - but ever since the first draft of it, I only had Shion stuck in my head, so. That works.

The second reason is that there were certain people who thought I should upload it. And so, I have. You know who you are. Enjoy.

Btw.. aren't you happy that Higurashi and Umineko are split up on FF now!? Ya can thank yours kindly! Okay ego moment over. Apologies.

The Brightest Darkness

Nothing.. nothing at all. Or maybe, a little bit of cold? Or perhaps, that was all in the past already.. the chill had already left my body. But it had been there, most certainly. Once. But even the question 'when' barely existed now.. it was too late. It seemed that that was all I knew now; that it was too late. What was it that was too late? Even that question.. it was too late to answer. There is nothing anymore.

I never even once thought "am I dying" or "what happened". No. Nothing. There was only darkness. That was everything that had filled my mind now. The dark. And that it was too late. I had already forgotten what happened before this. Already forgotten what it felt like when the cold engulfed me. It was too late anyway, right? Too late. I felt nothing now. Did I move my arm? Were my fingers flexing? Were my eyes open, or closed? What about my surroundings? Was it Summer? Was I inside, or outside? Was I alone? Were the birds chirping? Music playing? The cicadas crying?

One, tiny little prick of desperation rippled through me, enough for me to gain a slight bit of sight, my eyes opening instinctively. It was dark, but not completely. There was a little, tiny bit of light above me. The brightest darkness.. I wanted to reach out.. but then energy faded from my body again, it all turned dark once more. Nothingness. There was nothing.

It was kind of calming. Reassuring. Maybe this wasn't so bad after all. It was too late for everything, so now I didn't need to think of things I had to do.. right? No need to think of chores and homework, or the family.. friends.. love.. there was nothing now, nothing important I had to do, to remember, to care about. I was free. Utterly free and safe... wasn't I? Yet, maybe I wasn't so safe after all.. but even if I wasn't safe, it was too late to find a better place, right?

Peaceful, tranquil, a smile curved my almost frozen lips.. I never even knew I smiled.


Suddenly, air fills my lungs, a loud splashing reaches my ears, along with a horrible high-pitched tone. My chest is as if swelling with pain, my throat feeling raw as I cough violently. I hear voices, calling out.. 'Shion'. I feel drenched and cold, there's no strength in my body. The voices.. they call out, to me, defeaning the shrieking noise. I slowly recognize them, but I can't really put names on them.. I can't even put faces on them.. but they make me feel safe.. saved.. what happened?

"Shion, open your eyes!" A desperate plea.. I'm shaking, trembling, feeling weak.. I'd much rather just give in to this, the pain, the cold.. but reminded of the brightest darkness I saw, the small speck of hope in despair.. I open my eyes.

I'm alive.